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Found 184 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm working on a Tate build with Hyperspin for candy 15khz cab. I made it for used with jammAsd or ipac2 or something who use a keyboard encoder. I was thinking to find solution for people who will used it with a 1player panel with 3buttons and start. Usually the keybinding is Start p1 . 1 Button 1 . Lctrl Button 2 . Lalt Button 3. Space Button 4 . Shift My trouble is hyperhq don't recognize the alt key. My thought was to ask rocketlauncher to use an AHK script to change lalt::k No problem, it works. If I start it manually, Hyperspin recognize my button2 (lalt) as a k. I change few thing in rocketlauncher asking it to use AHK I made under RL Hyperspin.ahk. I select external in settings, etc. But its not working, I didn't see the script in my task bar 😶 As I used a lot of ahk keymapper for pc Games in this build I don't want to start it with hyperhq at the start of Hyperspin, maybe it will be the mess. If you have any Idea, thanks guys 🙂 If you want to have a look to the build
  2. This is my ICade mod using USB encoder for the joystick and buttons with a Dell micro PC in the back end with USB volume knob. Powered by Windows 10, Hyper-Spin, and Rocket-Launcher with Atari 2600, MAME, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Genesis emulators and roms set up. The display is a 4:3 8 inch Neewar monitor which I purchased off of Amazon. I have acrylic glass behind my wooden bezel which I drilled out holes for monitor buttons in both the bezel and glass. All artwork was created by me in Photoshop and printed on adhesive vinyl. The marquee was made with the same acrylic glass and has an 8 inch LED glass enclosure with remote made for small fish aquariums I purchased off of Amazon as well. All wood paneling is MDF material and was cut and drilled via a Black and Decker drill with spade bits and a small Dremel band saw. I mostly used gorilla glue to piece everything together. I used Behr Marquee 2 in 1 primer and paint to paint the MDF material. The Hyper-Spin intro video was created by me using open source and free program Open Shot Video Editing. It took me roughly 2 months to complete from start to finish in between work and my family lol. I am so glad I did it though I am so pleased and happy with the outcome. A match made in Heaven! MY favorite band KISS (original members) and my favorite hobby retro arcade. I absolutely love it! Link to Videos KISS Arcade Boot UP (Short) KISS Arcade Boot Up (Long) KISS Arcade In Action (Wrestle-Fest by Technos)
  3. Hi everyone, my Hyperspin Setup works great with one xbox 360 Controller - thanks for so many advice from the hyperspin and hyperlaunch community. After a few months I start thinking of making my HTPC ready for 2-Player Games just because the good old Beat'em Ups needs player vs player sessions. First of all - it should not be as easy as it may read like with buying a seconds xbox360 wireless controller and setting it up in hyperlaunch via xpadder. there are many problems I couldn't solve yet. Hopefully the community has some more advice for me. I did read https://sites.google.com/site/hyperlaunch2/home/features/keymapper but this didn't helped me. Problem No1: how can I set up the controller to assign that Controller 1 is always and the other would always be controller 2. the newer controller always get the First Controller Spot while I am booting up system - and I have no idea why or how to chance it No2: I understand that one controller spot is number 1, then there are 4 controller spots for the mayflash dolphin bar and then the Spot 6 is for the second controller. In those case I have to configure in xpadder a p1 (= controller 1) and a p6 (= controller 2) profile, haven't I? Hyperlaunch only load one profile in xpadder and leave the other one (controller 1) blank. I could not find any yt videos or other threads here... that helped in those case of problems. how did you guys set up two xbox 360 controllers on your hyperspins????
  4. Hi all. very new to this, but a bit handy when it comes to building stuff. A good friend of mine showed me his bartop machin that he was in the process of buillding and after looking at some of the games etc (running on pi) i was wowed. decided to have a go myself as I was off work over xmas.....so it begins... Had a look around the web for the kind of machine I wanted to build but nithing really caught my eye so went with a standard kind of cabinet - no sizes or plans, just a little sketch on the back of a used envelope and away we go - only consideration I had to make was the screen size. Popped to my local currys/pc world - had a look, wanted to have 4k - but whch size? once its bought you cant go any bigger so I figured its all or nothing so picked up a 43" 4k LG smart tv. Everything was build around it, so I only had to make sure the inside dimension of the cabinet was 40" had it all built and working in about 3 days - took another 5 days or so adding bits here and there...speakers and subwoofer, foot rail, hidden draw for keyboard /mouse etc. all worked out great - still learning config of hyperspin but will get there in the end Cant wait to build the MK2 now.... video below - compiled from pictures i took while maing the cabinet - all put together by apple iphone lol. Jevs Arcade - youtube Taken this morning after fitting the footrail. pretty much finished now hope you like!
  5. I will try to keep this guide up to date with the latest versions of HyperSpin and RocketLauncher. Also I'm adverse to making videos, because I don't want to make a new video every time something is updated, I find it easier just to edit a pic and text guide then recording a new video and editing links. All guides will assume you know how to navigate files and folders in windows. Translations Español - Admoroux This is for a new install. I'm assuming you know your way around folders and files in windows To download HyperSpin first you need to get the necessary support files from version 1.3.3 http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/5599-hyperspin-133-full-install/ and then overwrite with the contents from the beta http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7500-hyperspin-14/ I'm gonna use the C drive in the examples. Any drive letter is ok Now extract the contents of the download to a HyperSpin folder on the root of your drive. Example: C:\HyperSpin The path to your HyperSpin.exe should now be C:\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe Now you need to get RocketLauncher which is a fork of HyperLaunch, but with more active development. Download it here. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=1. The archive (zip) password is www.rlauncher.com Extract Rocketlauncher into a RocketLauncher folder on the root of your drive (C:\RocketLauncher) and make sure the path to RocketLauncher.exe is C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe and NOT C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Get back in your HyperSpin folder. This time we are gonna do some manual ini editing . Open your Settings folder in your HyperSpin folder C:\HyperSpin\Settings. Find the file named Settings.ini, open it in notepad. You should see at the top a line that reads [Main]. Right up under the [Main] line add Hyperlaunch_Path= C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe. If you are having trouble opening RocketLauncherUI and you get some message about failing to initialize, you will need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to get RocketLauncherUI to work. You will be greeted with a prompt asking you to update. Choose yes. Choose 'Latest' in the dropdown. Click on Check Updates at the bottom of the window. Wait for it to finish and then click Apply Updates. Close the update window. You can update in the future using the update button in the RocketLauncherUI tab (the update button looks like a globe with arrows.) You're thinking wow, so many settings this is too complicated. Well that's your fault for wanting lots of customization . RocketLauncherUI will probably restart wait for RocketLauncherUI to restart and then close RocketLauncherUI. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the Settings folder, open it and then rename Global Emulators (example).ini to Global Emulators.ini (Make sure you can see the extension: Known Extensions Are Set to Show) If there is already a file called Global Emulators.ini replace it with the example one. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe Look for the big tab on the right with the RocketLauncherUI image and click on it. Now look for a smaller tab called "Frontends" beneath the row of big tabs and click on it Click the green + under the small tabs and add a new frontend (here you can add different frontends like gamex or kodi). In the popup window titled Add Frontend:for the first blank, set the name to HyperSpin for the second blank, Click the Magnifying glass to the right and locate your HyperSpin.exe application. (C:\HyperSpin\Hyperspin.exe which should look like ..\..\HyperSpin.exe if you are following the guide) for the RocketLauncherUI plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. for the RocketLauncher plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. click on the button that looks like a blue floppy disk to save, if the button is not available just click the red x button to close and save the window. Highlight the HyperSpin frontend item in the list you just added and:click on the button that looks like a folder with a thumbtack (bulletin board pin) to set HyperSpin as your default frontend. (default frontend means RocketLauncherUI will always start up with this frontend) click on the button that looks like a robot terminator red eye to set HyperSpin as the active frontend. (active frontend means the frontend that you are currently working on in RocketLauncherUI) Look in the left near the top of the RocketLauncherUI main window for the words "Select a System" under it you should see a button that looks like two green arrows making a circle. Click on the circular green arrows button to refresh the systems list to match the active frontend. You can now close RocketLauncherUI or leave it open (you will need to open it later in this guide). Now to make full use of RocketLauncher we want to download the media pack. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=2 Extract the contents of the media pack into your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher). Congrats you have now installed HyperSpin + RocketLauncher! You think you're done don't you, but you're wrong. There is still more to go. Gasp. We don't have any emulators yet. Ok then let's try to set one up, how about we do the most popular one. MAME Download the binary unless you plan on compiling your own version. (there are some benefits to compiling, hiscores and nonag being the most popular) Now let's create a new folder on your root drive called Emulators. C:\Emulators -this is not required but it is recommended Now inside this folder create a new folder named after the emulator called MAME. C:\Emulators\MAME Now inside your emulator folder install MAME. So the path to your mame.exe or mame64.exe should be C:\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe Congrats you have installed an emulator. Now to get it working with RocketLauncher and ultimately HyperSpin. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe On the left hand side in RocketLauncherUI you will see a list of all our systems and at the top is a system called Global (not actually a system in HyperSpin). Changing settings in Global affects all of your settings in every system. Consider this the default settings. Ok now highlight the Global System and click on the big tab Emulators. If you installed correctly (didn't skip steps like step 9) you will be greeted with a long list of emulator names. Scroll down this list until you find MAME. Double click on it. A new window will appear. Fill in the path value by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the path entry and find your MAME emulator. Close this window if the values for module and rom extensions are already filled. Now highlight the MAME system in the systems list. and click on the big tab Emulators. Add the path to your MAME roms in the rom paths field by clicking on the green plus button. For most mame installations it's in the same folder as mame.exe in a folder called roms. C:\Emulators\MAME\roms For other systems, I personally put roms in a folder separate from hyperspin and the emulator folder, something like C:\Games\systemName\gameName.extension ROMS are not included with MAME or HyperSpin or RocketLauncher. Do not ask for roms on this forum, it will get you banned. Google is your friend for this. Now back in RocketLauncherUI choose your default emulator by clicking on the Magnifying glass. Choose MAME [global] from the list that appears. Congrats! you have now setup MAME within RocketLauncher. Now to setup MAME for use with HyperSpin. First get the latest MAME xml from HyperList http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Drop the xml you downloaded into C:\HyperSpin\Databases\MAME\ and rename it to MAME.xml. If it asks you to overwrite, choose yes. XML management can be a pain and so can renaming all those roms that you legally copied from your personal collection of actual games that you legally acquired through legal purchases. For emulators other than MAME or MESS you will need to make sure that the file names for your roms match the names for the games found in your xml. For the best hyperspin xml management and renaming applications use Don's HyperSpin Tools or check out the beta version of HyperTools.zip (thanks, emb). I think that's it for a basic installation. It will be hard and time consuming to get artwork and videos until you subscribe to emumovies and receive platinum status here by donating. Oh wait I almost forgot, whenever any one says edit your module settings they usually mean open RocketLauncherUI click on your system, click on the big modules tab, highlight the module you are using, and then click on the Edit Global Settings button. A little bit more info can be found here & here. If you liked this guide and want to say thank you, hit the like button at the bottom of this post. Hyperspin and RocketLauncher Compatibility Fix.zip
  6. I use rocketlauncher to start mame64 games in hyperspin but the first game on a fresh windows startup takes 20 seconds to start. After closing this game the next game will open almost immediately. I know others have asked this question but I can’t find a solution. I have no anti-virus running, no windows defender, no rocketlauncher fades or bezels. I updated the mame64 version to the 209 no nag from 197 no nag with no change. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated!!
  7. Hola como estan? estoy teniendo un problema con menu, baje un pack de n64 y cuando lo instalo el dibujo de anterior/siguiente juego no aparece abajo en el medio sino que esta en todo el centro de la pantalla y no se como acomodarlo (Adjunto imagen del menu al que me refiero) El otro problema que tengo es que cuando instalo los juegos del pack famicon de 550 juegos solo me reconoce 79, es la primera vez que me pasa, rehago la database y solo reconoce 79. Muchas gracias por su ayuda
  8. Version 1.0


    This package contains two files to be placed with HyperSpin.exe You can select to start them instead of HyperSpin.exe. HyperSpinFullScreen.exe = Starts HyperSpin in fullscreen mode. HyperSpinNotFullScreen.exe = Starts HyperSpin in windowed mode. I do not expect a lot of people to use this, but I have my HyperSpin setup on the network for multiple machines. On my work computer, where I set everything up, I do not want to start HS in fullscreen. On my arcade machines, I do want to start it fullscreen. I always forgot to change manually so it always opens the "wrong" way. Running HyperSpinNotFullScreen.exe on my work computer and HyperSpinFullScreen.exe on my arcade machines makes sure they always start HS in the correct way. All it really does it change the FullScreen value in Settings.ini to either true or false before launching "HyperSpin.exe". Sources are included...
  9. Hello , i don't know if this is the correct place to post this , but i have a problem for a while that i have never figured out whats cause it , and is the fact of that in the transitions , from start to end, it appear this horizontal lines all over the screen , and it's bit annoying , i have done everything to trying to resolve this issue (update drivers , windows , download hyperspin again etc) and it still there , what could be? (sorry if my english is bad)
  10. Hi everyone, I am new in this forum, sorry for my broken english. Well, my problem is this: I are trying to Download Hyperspin from Downloads -> HyperSpin -> HyperSpin(Windows) -> HyperSpin 1.5.1 (Full Package). My antivirus (AVG) says " We has annulated the conection with hyperspin-fe.com in a secure form because it was infected with URL:Mal " I tried to access via Chrome and Firefox and I have the same problem. This happened on my Desktop PC and my Laptop. What is happening ?
  11. Hi everyone, I purchased HyperSpin platinum, donated to Emumovies for a yearly membership but when I try to run HyperSync Cloud.exe I get an error message: HyperSync encountered an error and needs to close, please see DEBUG.LOG for more details. If I open DEBUG.LOG I get the following details: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154): Clase no registrada (Excepción de HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)) en System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.CoCreateInstance(Guid& clsid, Object punkOuter, Int32 context, Guid& iid) en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.CreateWithLicense(String license, Guid clsid) en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.CreateInstanceCore(Guid clsid) en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.CreateInstance() en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.GetOcxCreate() en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.TransitionUpTo(Int32 state) en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.CreateHandle() en System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible) en System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible) en System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.EndInit() en HyperSync.Forms.Secondary.Subscribe.InitializeComponent() en HyperSync.Forms.Secondary.Subscribe..ctor() en HyperSync.Forms.Primary.MainWindow..ctor() en HyperSync.Program.Main() Thank you for your help guys
  12. Newb here, It seems that every time I launch a game in my hyperspin setup the log file pops up. It's quite annoying and for the life of me I can't figure out how to disable it. When I close hypserspin there are like 20 instances of TextPad opened that I have to close. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. We are trying to get hyperspin running with 4 Brook Universal Fighting boards and having trouble getting the joystick/button mapping to work both in games and in hyperspin. Can anyone lend a hand where I could get more information on how to do this? The Brook Accessory: http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/06960737/
  14. Version 1.4


    Some of stuff you can do create hyperspin or nointro dat from rom folder create mamlist.xml from rom folder copy roms listed in nointro or any supported xml\dat\xml format to desired rom folder rename your roms from any supported xml\dat\txt file and copy them to desired folder merge two supported xml\dat\txt file even info will be merged copy rom media file with game list from compatible xml\dat\txt much more compatible format are nonintrodat.dat (parent\clone xml) or standard gamelist.xml hyperspin.xml(there is custom one,you can generate one as hyperspin_retrofe.xml) retrofe_include.txt (simple txt file with rom names) mameinfo.dat (only works in extract function) mamehistory.dat (only works in extract function) mamelist.xml So What is this? convert from compatible xml\txt\dat game database format to xml\txt\dat game database, extract story files from gamelist.xml mamhistory.dat or mameinfo.dat combine or merge two compatible xml\txt\dat and get one file with updated games and info copy rom listed in compatible xml\dat\txt from source rom folder to desired folder\rename and crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files scan and create xml\dat\txt from your roms folder,crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files Requirement: Tested on windows 10 x64,should run on any windows +7 os (might run on win xp but not tested) you 'll need at least one xml\txt\dat compatible file,check below in Note section How to use Simply choose the function from drop menu,click on input\output buttons,choose file type from filter drop menu in openfiledialog window,remember always provide the right file type,hyperspin need hyperspin file,nointro.dat need nointro dat file ....... click doi it combine function explained: this tool is created to merge info from compatible xml dat xml database format.xml based on name or crc tag,the result is xml\txt\dat file with updated info added roms name and info from both file Associate function explained: associate function,input1 button should be any compatible xml\txt\dat,mediaroot should be the root folder of your rom media,example: nes media folder contain folders like snaps,title,manual,video snaps ... etc,this function will copy these media according to the name(or crc) in input1 source file Some Tips: Combine Nointro.dat+gamelist.xml=>resultfile saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml combine resultfile.xml+hyperspin.xml with rating tag=>final_result.xml saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml put the final_result.xml in RetroFE\meta\hyperlist rename it to your prefered system,make sure the name is matching the collection name in retrofe collectio dir delete meta.db from retrofe dir launch retrofe and have fun ]NOTE: Important don't choose the wrong file always feed the right one check compatible file format above for more info the combine function priorties the info from input1 button when using crc as comparation,that means if you have the same game but the name in the first is different from the second input file,the first will be considered how to get gamelist.xml use scraper to get gamelist.xml for your prefered system(mame,sega,snes...) can be found https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/scraper put scraper inside your roms folder,ru cmd or use bat(recommended) put these commands: scraper.exe -add_not_found -console_src="gdb" -use_filename=true -download_images=false -no_thumb PAUSE now copy the generated gamelist.xml file from your rom folder to the program folder Contacts: http://emulator-organizer-f.forumotion.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Emulators-Organizer/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6F9RyhFdg done enjoy Best regard Croser
  15. Hi, I am running Windows 10 Enterprise, Mac Mini (late 2012, specs listed below) via Bootstrap. Everything runs great so far, except HyperSpin. I have only synced two systems, NES and SNES. But it has become really laggy, and freezes up when I first launch it. Right after the intro video. The wheel pops up, but no other graphics appear for 5-10 seconds. Then when I enter the wheel, it pauses for a couple of seconds again before loading the content. I have run earlier versions of HyperSpin on the same hardware without problems. The HyperSpin is such a beautiful and crucial part of the setup I want, so I am asking the community if you know whats going on? Software specs Windows 10 Enterprise HyperSpin 1.4 (newest) Hardware specs Processor: 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  16. vortos

    Bug Atari Lynx

    Bonjour, j'ai installé la Atari lynx avec Rocket Launcher. Tout fonctionne nickel. Les roms fonctionnent lorsque je les démarre manuellement avec l'émulateur Handy. Mais dès que je passe par Rocket Launcher ou par Hyperspin j'ai un premier message d'erreur "Capture.png". Si je clique sur "OK" il vas lancé l'émulateur à coté "Capture 3". En plus de ce message, un autre message d'erreur s'affiche au bout de 30 secondes (celui de Hyperspin) "Capture 2.png". J'ai Hyperspin, Handy et je suis sur Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Les roms ne sont pas dans des zip. J'ai essayé de les mettrent dans des zip mais l'émulateur Handy ne le supporte pas. Le problème ne peux pas venir de l'installation de RocketLauncher car j'ai déjà installé avec la Atari 5200 / la Capcom Play System I, II et III / la NES et la SNES ainsi que la N64. Je pense que le problème viens du Module installé sur RocketLauncher "Handy.ahk" pour la v0.95 hack. Le problème c'est que je ne sais pas comment ajouter des modules sur RocketLauncher. Et je ne sais pas ou trouver un autre module Handy.ahk. J'ai essayé ces solutions sans succés: - http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-4516.html - https://insertmorecoins.es/foro/mess/there-was-an-error-waiting-for-the-windows-'ahk_class-mame'/ Du coup voici mes logs : RocketLauncher.log > 11:51:59:207 | RL | INFO | +N/A | Main - RocketLauncher v1.2.0.1 (www.rlauncher.com) 11:51:59:352 | RL | INFO | +156 | Main - System Specs: RocketLauncher Dir: C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher RocketLauncher is: 32-bit OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Édition Familiale Premium SKU: Home Premium Total Memory: 8131.71 MB Free Memory: 5487.40 MB Used Memory: 2644.309 MB SystemType: 64-bit Physical Processors: 1 Logical Processors: 4 GPU 1 Name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti GPU 1 RAM: 1024.00 MB GPU 1 Driver Version: Sound 1 Device: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Sound 1 Status: Enabled Sound 2 Device: Realtek High Definition Audio Sound 2 Status: Enabled Sound 3 Device: Périphérique audio USB Sound 3 Status: Enabled Sound 4 Device: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Sound 4 Status: Enabled Sound 5 Device: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Sound 5 Status: Enabled Sound 6 Device: NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) Sound 6 Status: Enabled Sound 7 Device: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Sound 7 Status: Enabled OS Language: French_Standard System Locale: fr-FR Formats Locale: fr-FR Windows UI Language: fr-FR Text Encoding: Windows-1252 OS Admin Status: Yes RL Compatibility Flags: Latest .Net Version: v4.0.30319 Monitor #1 (\\.\DISPLAY1): 1600x900 (1600x900 work) [32bit] [60hz] [Landscape] (Primary) Current AHK Desktop Width: 1600 Current AHK Desktop Height: 900 Monitor #1 DPI: 100 ErrorMode: 0 AutoHotkey Path: AHK Version: Unicode: No 11:51:59:352 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe exists 11:51:59:353 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Raw CLI received: "-s Atari Lynx -r Awesome Golf (USA, Europe) -f C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\HyperSpin.exe -p HyperSpin -c 1 -o 1" 11:51:59:353 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Loading Front End Plugin: "HyperSpin" 11:51:59:354 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - RocketLauncher received "Atari Lynx" and "Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)" 11:51:59:362 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Did not find a "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Settings\Atari Lynx\Game Options.ini" file, skipping any game-specific options. 11:51:59:362 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Awesome Golf (USA, Europe) is using the default emulator: mess 11:51:59:362 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Checking for a [mess] section in C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Settings\Atari Lynx\Emulators.ini 11:51:59:362 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Found [mess] in C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Settings\Atari Lynx\Emulators.ini 11:51:59:362 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Modules\Handy\Handy.ahk exists 11:51:59:367 | RL | INFO | +16 | Main - CRC Check - CRC matches, this is an official unedited module. 11:51:59:367 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Awesome Golf (USA, Europe) will use module: C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Modules\Handy\Handy.ahk 11:51:59:384 | RL | INFO | +15 | Main - Using standard method with "Rom Extension" SkipChecks or without any SkipChecks. 11:51:59:387 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx\handy.exe exists 11:51:59:387 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - INI Keys read 11:51:59:388 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.exe exists 11:51:59:388 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.dll exists 11:51:59:391 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - "Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)" does not qualify for MultiGame. Only roms with any of these strings in their name are acceptable: \(Disc|\(Disk|\(Cart|\(Tape|\(Cassette|\(Part|\(Side 11:51:59:391 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Started 11:51:59:391 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Looking for rom: C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx\roms\Awesome Golf (USA, Europe).zip 11:51:59:391 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Found rom: C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx\roms\Awesome Golf (USA, Europe).zip 11:51:59:391 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Ended 11:51:59:392 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - User Variables: ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; INJECTED VARIABLES ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #NoTrayIcon #InstallKeybdHook MiscUtils.DetectHiddenWindows("On") SetTitleMatchMode, 2 SendMode, Event Global RLLog Global RLObject 0 := "12" rlPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher" pluginPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Plugins" pluginName := "HyperSpin" pluginExt := ".plugin" contextOnExit := "1" rlMode := "" rlTitle := "RocketLauncher" rlVersion := "" rlAuthor := "djvj" rlURL := "www.rlauncher.com" langFile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Data\Language\Localization.ini" primMonitor := "1" frontendPID := "" frontendPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop" frontendExe := "HyperSpin.exe" frontendExt := "exe" frontendName := "HyperSpin" frontendDrive := "C" exitEmulatorKey := "~Esc" restoreFE := "false" exitScriptKey := "~q & ~s" toggleCursorKey := "~e & ~t" emuFullPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx\handy.exe" emuPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx" emuName := "mess" emuExt := "exe" baseRomPath := "" romPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx\roms" romPathFromIni := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Emulators\Atari Lynx\roms" romExtension := ".zip" romExtensionOrig := ".zip" romExtensions := "zip|rar|lnx" executable := "handy.exe" systemDbName := "Atari Lynx" systemName := "Atari Lynx" dbPath := "" dbName := "Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)" dbExt := "" romFoundByExt := "" romName := "Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)" romMapPath := "" romMappingEnabled := "false" romMappingLaunchMenuEnabled := "false" romMappingFirstMatchingExt := "false" romMappingShowAllRomsInArchive := "true" romMappingNumberOfGamesByScreen := "7" romMappingHideParent := "false" romMappingMenuWidth := "400" romMappingMenuMargin := "65" romMappingTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s60 Bold" romMappingDisabledTextColor := "ff888888" romMappingTextSizeDifference := "7" romMappingTextMargin := "15" romMappingTitleTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingTitleTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s90 Bold" romMappingTitle2TextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingTitle2TextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s22 Bold" romMappingGameInfoTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingGameInfoTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s22 Regular" romMappingGameNameTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingGameNameTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s40 Regular" romMappingBackgroundBrush := "aa000000" romMappingColumnBrush := "33000000" romMappingButtonBrush1 := "6f000000" romMappingButtonBrush2 := "33000000" romMappingBackgroundAlign := "Stretch and Lose Aspect" romMappingMenuFlagWidth := "55" romMappingMenuFlagSeparation := "7" romMappingDefaultMenuList := "FullList" romMappingSingleFilteredRomAutomaticLaunch := "false" altArchiveNameOnly := "" altRomNameOnly := "" altArchiveAndRomName := "" altArchiveAndManyRomNames := "" altRomNamesOnly := "" romMapScenario := "" skipchecks := "false" romMatchExt := "false" blockInputTime := "0" blockInputFile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\BlockInput.exe" errorLevelReporting := "false" lockLaunch := "false" lockLaunchGame := "" screenRotationAngle := "0" screenRotationAngleGame := "" setResolution := "" logFile := "" logLabel := [" INFO"," WARNING"," ERROR"," DEBUG"," TRACE"] logLevel := "3" logShowDebugConsole := "false" logShowCommandWindow := "false" logCommandWindow := "false" logIncludeModule := "true" logIncludeFileProperties := "true" logIncludeDLLLogs := "false" errorSounds := "true" rlDebugConsoleStdout := "" sysLang := "French_Standard" sysType := "64-bit" broadcastWindowTitle := "" navUpKey := "Up" navDownKey := "Down" navLeftKey := "Left" navRightKey := "Right" navSelectKey := "Enter" navP2UpKey := "Numpad8" navP2DownKey := "Numpad2" navP2LeftKey := "Numpad4" navP2RightKey := "Numpad6" navP2SelectKey := "NumpadEnter" originalWidth := "1600" originalHeight := "900" vdEnabled := "false" vdFullPath := "" vdUseSCSI := "true" vdDriveLetter := "" vdDriveLetterScsi := "" vdAddDrive := "true" demulShooterPath := "" servoStikEnabled := "false" servoStikExitMode := "false" ledblinkyEnabled := "false" ledblinkySystemName := "" ledblinkyFullPath := "" ledblinkyProfilePath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\LEDBlinky" ledblinkyRLProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\LEDBlinky\RocketLauncher" winIPACFullPath := "" ultraMapEnabled := "false" ultraMapFullPath := "" emuIdleShutdown := "0" launchPasswordHash := "UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRight" cursorSize := "" hideCursor := "false" hideEmu := "false" hideFE := "false" suspendFE := "false" fadeIn := "false" fadeInDuration := "500" fadeInTransitionAnimation := "DefaultAnimateFadeIn" fadeInDelay := "0" fadeInExitDelay := "0" fadeOutExitDelay := "0" fadeOut := "false" fadeOutExtraScreen := "false" fadeOutDuration := "500" fadeOutTransitionAnimation := "DefaultAnimateFadeOut" fadeOutDelay := "0" fadeLyrInterpolation := "7" fadeMuteEmulator := "false" fadeUseBackgrounds := "false" fadeClickThrough := "false" fadeSounds := "true" fade7zProgressMode := "extraction" fadeWidthBaseRes := "1920" fadeHeightBaseRes := "1080" fadeLyr1Color := "FF000000" fadeLyr1AlignImage := "Stretch and Lose Aspect" fadeLyr2Pos := "Stretch and Lose Aspect" fadeLyr2X := "0" fadeLyr2Y := "0" fadeLyr2W := "" fadeLyr2H := "" fadeLyr2Adjust := "1" fadeLyr2PicPad := "0" fadeLyr2Prefix := "Extra Layer 1 - Console" fadeLyr3Pos := "Center" fadeLyr3X := "450" fadeLyr3Y := "450" fadeLyr3W := "" fadeLyr3H := "" fadeLyr3Adjust := "1" fadeLyr3PicPad := "0" fadeLyr3Speed := "750" fadeLyr3Animation := "DefaultFadeAnimation" fadeLyr37zAnimation := "DefaultFadeAnimation" fadeLyr3Type := "imageandbar" fadeLyr3ImgFollow7zProgress := "true" fadeLyr3Repeat := "1" fadeLyr3BackImageTransparency := "30" fadeLyr3StaticPos := "No Alignment" fadeLyr3StaticX := "0" fadeLyr3StaticY := "870|1575" fadeLyr3StaticW := "" fadeLyr3StaticH := "" fadeLyr3StaticAdjust := "1" fadeLyr3StaticPicPad := "0" fadeLyr3StaticPrefix := "Info Bar" fadeLyr4Adjust := "1" fadeLyr4X := "1792|952" fadeLyr4Y := "891|1596" fadeLyr4W := "128" fadeLyr4H := "" fadeLyr4Pos := "No Alignment" fadeLyr4FPS := "50" fadeLyr4PicPad := "0" fadeTranspGifColor := "FFFFFF" fadeBarWindow := "Image" fadeBarWindowX := "" fadeBarWindowY := "" fadeBarWindowW := "900" fadeBarWindowH := "" fadeBarWindowR := "30" fadeBarWindowM := "30" fadeBarWindowHatchStyle := "8" fadeBar := "7zOnly" fadeProgressDuration := "0" fadeBarBack := "true" fadeBarBackColor := "FF555555" fadeBarH := "30" fadeBarR := "10" fadeBarColor := "DD00BFFF" fadeBarHatchStyle := "8" fadeBarPercentageText := "true" fadeBarInfoText := "true" fadeBarXOffset := "0" fadeBarYOffset := "150" fadeRomInfoDescription := "filtered text" fadeRomInfoSystemName := "image" fadeRomInfoYear := "text with label" fadeRomInfoDeveloper := "disabled" fadeRomInfoPublisher := "disabled" fadeRomInfoGenre := "disabled" fadeRomInfoRating := "image" fadeRomInfoOrder := "Description|SystemName|Year|Developer|Genre|Rating|Publisher" fadeRomInfoTextPlacement := "User Defined" fadeRomInfoTextMargin := "7" fadeRomInfoText1Options := "w1600|787 h90 x165 y870|1575 cFFE1E1E1 r4 s90 Left Regular" fadeRomInfoText2Options := "w400 x8 y15 cFF555555 r4 s60 Bold" fadeRomInfoText3Options := "w310 x165 y960|1665 cFFE1E1E1 r4 s66 Left Regular" fadeRomInfoText4Options := "w1305|492 h66 x460 y960|1665 cFFE1E1E1 r4 s66 Left Regular" fadeRomInfoText5Options := "cFF555555 r4 s42 Bold" fadeRomInfoText6Options := "h135 x15 y885|1590 cFFCFCFCA r4 s120 Regular" fadeRomInfoText7Options := "h135 x15 y885|1590 cFFCFCFCA r4 s120 Regular" fadeStats_Number_of_Times_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_Last_Time_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_Average_Time_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_Total_Time_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_System_Total_Played_Time := "text with label" fadeStats_Total_Global_Played_Time := "text with label" fadeStatsInfoOrder := "Number_of_Times_Played|Last_Time_Played|Average_Time_Played|Total_Time_Played|System_Total_Played_Time|Total_Global_Played_Time" fadeStatsInfoTextPlacement := "topRight" fadeStatsInfoTextMargin := "7" fadeStatsInfoText1Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText2Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText3Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText4Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText5Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText6Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeText1X := "0" fadeText1Y := "0" fadeText1Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s30 Right Bold" fadeText1 := "Loading Game" fadeText2X := "0" fadeText2Y := "0" fadeText2Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s30 Right Bold" fadeText2 := "Extraction Complete, Ready" fadeText3 := "Loading Game" fadeText4 := "Loading Complete" fadeFont := "Bebas Neue" fadeSystemAndRomLayersOnly := "false" fadeExtractionTime := "disabled" fadeExtractionTimeTextX := "0" fadeExtractionTimeTextY := "0" fadeExtractionTimeTextOptions := "cFF555555 r4 s20 Bold" fadeInterruptKey := "" detectFadeErrorEnabled := "true" fadeImgPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Media\Fade" RLDataPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Data" RLMediaPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Media" RLErrSoundPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Media\Sounds\Error" modulesPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Modules" moduleFullName := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Modules\Handy\Handy.ahk" moduleName := "Handy" modulePath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Modules\Handy" moduleExtension := "ahk" moduleExtensionsPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions" libPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Lib" sevenZEnabled := "false" sevenZPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.exe" sevenZDllPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.dll" sevenZExtractPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Temps" sevenZExtractPathOrig := "" sevenZAttachSystemName := "false" sevenZDelTemp := "false" sevenZFormats := ".zip" sevenZFormatsNoP := "zip" sevenZFormatsRegEx := "\.zip" sevenZGamesToKeep := "" sevenZDeletePerSystem := "false" sevenZExtensions := "zip" 7zExtractPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Temps" mgEnabled := "false" mgKey := "~NumpadSub" mgBackgroundColor := "FF000000" mgSidePadding := "0.2" mgWidthBaseRes := "1920" mgHeightBaseRes := "1080" mgYOffset := "500|800" mgFont := "Arial" mgText1Options := "x10p y250|500 w80p Center cBBFFFFFF r4 s100 BoldItalic" mgText1Text := "Please select a game" mgText2Options := "w96p cFFFFFFFF r4 s50 Center BoldItalic" mgText2Offset := "100" mgUseSound := "true" mgSoundfreq := "300" mgExitEffect := "none" mgSelectedEffect := "rotate" mgUseGameArt := "false" mgCandidate := "" mgValidTypes := "\(Disc|\(Disk|\(Cart|\(Tape|\(Cassette|\(Part|\(Side" mgOnLaunch := "false" pauseEnabled := "false" pauseKey := "~NumpadAdd" pauseBackToMenuBarKey := "X" pauseZoomInKey := "C" pauseZoomOutKey := "V" pauseScreenshotKey := "~PrintScreen" pauseHiToTextPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\HiToText.exe" pauseSaveStateKeyCodes := "" pauseLoadStateKeyCodes := "" keyboardEncoder := "" keyboardEncoderEnabled := "false" keymapperEnabled := "false" keymapperAHKMethod := "false" keymapper := "xpadder" xpadderFullPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Utilities\Xpadder\xpadder.exe" joyToKeyFullPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\Utilities\JoyToKey\JoyToKey.exe" profilePath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles" keymapperProfilePath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder" keymapperFrontEndProfileName := "RocketLauncherUI" keymapperFrontEndProfile := "false" keymapperRocketLauncherProfileEnabled := "false" joyIDsEnabled := "false" joyIDsPreferredControllersGlobal := "" joyIDsPreferredControllersSystem := "use_global" joyIDsPreferredControllersOnExit := "" CustomJoyNamesEnabled := "false" CustomJoyNames := "" rotateMethod := "false" FEProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\RocketLauncherUI" defaultProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\_Default" systemProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\Atari Lynx" xPadderSystemProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\Atari Lynx\_Default" emuProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\Atari Lynx\mess" romProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\Atari Lynx\Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)" RocketLauncherProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\RocketLauncher" blankProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\xpadder\_Default\blank" ahkFEProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\RocketLauncherUI" ahkDefaultProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\_Default" ahkSystemProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Atari Lynx" ahkEmuProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Atari Lynx\mess" ahkRomProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Atari Lynx\Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)" ahkRocketLauncherProfile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\RocketLauncher" bezelEnabled := "false" bezelICEnabled := "false" shaderName := "false" shaderColor := "" shaderTransparency := "" statisticsEnabled := "true" pressDuration := "-1" emuVolume := "1" dxwndIni := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\dxwnd\dxwnd.ini" dxwndFullPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\dxwnd\dxwnd.exe" qResFullPath := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\QRes.exe" mon1O := "" pacDrivedllFile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\PacDrive32.dll" userFadeAnimIniFile := "C:\Users\Cloridan\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Lib\User Fade Animations.ini" testFile := "" testDuration := "" initialErrorMode := "0" 11:51:59:393 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Loaded XHotkey Init.ahk scripts 11:51:59:393 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Loaded Statistics Init.ahk scripts 11:51:59:393 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Validating module 11:51:59:393 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Validation complete 11:51:59:393 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Module: MEmu := "Handy" MEmuV := "v0.95 hack" MURL := ["http://handy.sourceforge.net/"] MAuthor := ["djvj"] MVersion := "2.0.2" MCRC := "ADDC69E9" iCRC := "1BCEE76A" MID := "635038268897588652" MSystem := ["Atari Lynx"] ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Notes: ; This module is for the Hacked version of the emu, NOT the normal release as it will not work. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=5 ; Make sure lynxboot.img is in the dir with the emu. ; ; Set the variables in RocketLauncherUI to your liking ; Command Line Options for Hacked version: ; Screen options: ; -d=1 .....Normal Mode (Windowed) ; -d=2 .....Normal Mode (Full Screen) ; -d=3 .....Lynx LCD (Windowed) ; -d=4 .....Lynx LCD (Full Screen) ; -d=5 .....Eagle (Windowed) ; -d=6 .....Eagle (Full Screen) ; -d=7 .....GDI Mode (Windowed) ; ; Zoom options: ; -z=1 .....zoom in 1X ; -z=2 .....zoom in 2X ; -z=3 .....zoom in 3X ; -z=4 .....zoom in 4X ; ; Rotate options: ; -r=0 .....No rotation, normal ; -r=1 .....Rotate Left ; -r=2 .....Rotate Right ; ; Settings are stored in the registry @ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Irwell Expert Systems\handy\Version 1.0 ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- StartModule() BezelGUI() FadeInStart() hideEmuObj := Object("ahk_class AfxFrameOrView100sd",1) ; Hide_Emu will hide these windows. 0 = will never unhide, 1 = will unhide later 7z(romPath, romName, romExtension, 7zExtractPath) settingsFile := modulePath . "\" . moduleName . ".ini" ScreenMode := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "ScreenMode","2",,1) ZoomLevel := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "ZoomLevel","4",,1) bezelTopOffset := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "bezelTopOffset","29",,1) bezelBottomOffset := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "bezelBottomOffset","30",,1) bezelLeftOffset := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "bezelLeftOffset","10",,1) bezelRightOffset := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "bezelRightOffset","10",,1) rotateScreen := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, romName, "RotateScreen",A_Space,,1) ; Options are Left, Right, or not defined (per-game option) rotateScreen := If rotateScreen = "Left" ? 1 : rotateScreen = "Right" ? 2 : 0 BezelStart("fixResMode",,(If rotateScreen ? 1:"")) If bezelPath ScreenMode = 3 CheckFile(emuPath . "\lynxboot.img") HideEmuStart() Run(executable . " -r=" . rotateScreen . " -d=" . ScreenMode . " -z=" . zoomLevel . " ""-g=" romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . 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  17. My question is can i install bezels to games on the Nvidea Shield. thank you
  18. Bom dia galera. Inicialmente não concordo com a criação deste tópico, porém na procura que fiz não achei o que queria... e apesar de recomendar e provavelmente "escutar" para procurar nos outros tópicos, acho que a ideia é tentar otimizar o processo.. Sendo assim gostaria da ajuda de vocês para criar um novo tutorial de configuração do hyperspin... inicialmente para que eu consiga montar o meu... e posteriormente ajudar quem precisa... Já tentei montar o sistema com os posts anteriores, porém vi que teve algumas alterações no sistema, o ultimo (mais recente) vídeo que vi... vi que não se usa mais o hyperlaunch nem o HQ... utilizando somente o rocketlaunch... entao gostaria de poder contar com a ajuda de voces... pois de cara tive varios problemas... caso.. achem desnecessario o post... apenas informar que deleto ele.. valew galera.
  19. 35 downloads

  20. I recently started my second build project and decided to do a much better job of documenting it throughout the process. My first build was a standard 4-player MAME cabinet (Ultimate Arcade Blueprint with a gutted CRT) which was banished to the basement by the wife. She was patient with it basically in our living room for the last several years so I can’t complain. But, as in all great marriages, we found compromise. So I started out on a build that will look a bit more like a piece of furniture and less like a giant toy. I like the viewlix arcade side profile, but with less of a footprint, so started searching for inspiration when I came across a YouTube video by locoZ31, which had basically exactly what I was looking for. He shares plans as well, so it’s a great starting point. I took a slightly different approach with a larger TV and used ¾” sanded birch which I stained to make it blend into our home a little better. I’ll mostly share pictures with commentary here and there on the key parts of the build. I’m happy to share any tips, specs, or anything you might want related to the build. These forums are just such a huge help to me so I wanted to share what I did in case it can help someone else down the road. I started by designing the cabinet in Google SketchUp. I definitely recommend this if you’re building your own from scratch. It made it much easier to setup cuts and visualize the process. Here’s what the final product should basically look like. I ended up using 3 sheets of ¾” sanded birch plywood. This is soft enough to work with, but still relatively durable and will provide a decent finish once the stain is applied. I took it a piece at a time and put down 1 coat of wood conditioner, 3 coats of stain, and 3 coats of shellac to protect the finish. Next I started putting things together. I built a base out of 2x4’s and used 2 swiveling and 2 stationary castors. This was to all ow me to roll it around freely, but having the stationary units will help keep the cabinet more stable when playing under normal conditions since I don’t have it setup to drop completely to the ground. I wish I would’ve purchased some longer clamps for this project since the overall width is just over 44”. It would have made handling everything much simpler. I used a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig System for all of the fasteners. This makes for a very strong hold, but completely hides all of the fasteners and allows for disassembly or removal of pieces if necessary. I used this project to justify purchasing a drill press, which saved a lot of headache when drilling for the speakers and control panel. That, along with an adjustable circle cutter, allowed me to make custom size cuts with perfect fits. I used a 1 1/8” Forstner bit for the button holes. I went with single-color, white LED’s for the marquee back light. I put down a layer of reflective tape to make sure I was getting enough light behind it. Only the lower, rear portion of the back of the cabinet will fold down for access to the CPU, Power Supplies, etc. I used magnetic backstops that are spring-loaded to eliminate the need for a handle or knob on the outside of the cabinet. I used a 2x10 for mounting the 42” Flatscreen TV and got my control panel ready. At this point, the cabinet is basically assembled, so now for the nitty-gritty. I purchased the translucent IL-Lumination pushbuttons with black centers from Paradise Arcade Shop. I had planned to use their 5V RGB LED adapters to light them up, but they’ve been out of stock for well over a month with no replenishment in sight. Instead, I came across the Helio9 RGB Lighting Modules through Groovy Game Gear. These didn’t come cheap, but they’ve got 9 elements that put out a ton of light, and I’m impatient, so I was willing to spend the extra cash to get this project back on track. They’re specifically designed for a different button, but worked perfectly in my pushbuttons. The staff at Groovy Game Gear was awesome with a quick turn-around considering that they hand test every unit before shipping. I had to drill into the buttons in a couple of spots, but it was very quick and painless. Thanks to ChanceKJ over at Arcade Controls for the tutorial. I fully admit, I am no master-wirer. I kept them relatively neat, but I know it’s still a bird’s nest under there. I used the Ultimarc Ultimate I/O and also purchased their Trackball, spinner, and 2 Servo Joysticks. I’m an enginerd, so having servo-driven joysticks makes my heart flutter. I had considered a few different options for the control panel, but ended up just going stain and varnish to maintain the look I was going for. My wife is a freelance artist (Liana Kangas Designs) with all sorts of gadgets and graphic design skills so she made some awesome button decals for my back, pause, enter, coin, L/R mouse click, and volume buttons. Lastly, I installed cup holders to keep the beers at bay. My wife designed the marquee, which turned out great (inspired by Thor: Ragnarok). I had it and a vinyl bezel made by Game On Grafix. I had slotted the top piece of the cabinet and the lower support so that the marquee is embedded into the wood frame, which kept it very clean. I programmed the LED’s through LED Blinky, which can be seen in the second picture. So that’s about it! I’ll spare you all of the details on the power supply, pushbutton switches, etc. But I’m very happy with the way it turned out. And it made it into the main level of the house, so I’m happy! (and so far no regrets from the wife) It definitely doesn’t meet the standards of true retro-gamers out there, but there’s something to be said for the widescreen setup and more modern look. I’ve got this setup to play movies, Netflix, Xbox One (Play Anywhere), and Sling. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, details, or specs. Like I said, these forums have been a huge help and I love how much the community contributes so I’m happy to share whatever I can.
  21. Hello. Since the latest Hyperspin update, I got some wheels which are shifted to the right and I can`t figure out the reason. Any ideas? In the picture it is FIX IT FELIX but I got a lot more :/
  22. Olá pessoal! Há algum problema com o HS, pois não funciona no windows 10 quando atualizado nova Build. Anteriormente funcionava, após duas atualizações sem jogar, não consegue mais iniciar. Evidências: Ao clicar no executável, padrão ou já configurado com vários jogos, percebe-se nível de processos da CPU aumentar e após parar. Parece que tenta executar e algo o bloqueia e não permite seu início. O que poderia ser? Algiém com este problema e resolveu no windows 10? Obrigado
  23. I'm setting up a PSP theme to look as close to the actual PSP XMB as possible (Just like loading a game from the PSP memory stick) The problem I'm having is the position of the wheel I need to move the wheel more to the left, and if possible stop with the main game a little more closer to the top (where the arrow is) Anyone have any idea how to go about doing this? Here's the mockup I made in Photoshop And here is how it is now so you can see where I have to move it from. (I know how to resize the wheel images and change the text location. I just haven't gotten around to it.)
  24. Hallo Leute, Ich hoffe ich stelle keine schon gefragten Fragen. Ich versuche gerade verzweifelt Hyperspin mit Rockelauncher mit einem Joystick zu installieren. Leider klappt die Steuerung überhaupt nicht, weder Tastatur noch Joystick mit JoyToKey. Ich bin nach folgender Anleitung https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/ und https://gameroomsolutions.com/hyperspin-controller-setup-with-joytokey-and-gamepad/ gegangen leider bekomme ich es überhaupt nicht hin. Ich führe die Programme auch als Administrator unter Win10 aus. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Irgendwas in der Englischen Anleitung übersehe ich oder verstehe es nicht. Natürlich benötigt Ihr dazu weitere Infos aber wegen der Komplexität mache ich noch keine Screenshots von sämtlichen Konfigs hier rein. Sagt mir einfach was Ihr wissen müsst um mir helfen zu können. Auch ein Aufschalten per Teamviewer wäre möglich. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen. Schöne Grüße aus der Klingenstadt
  25. Hi Hyperspin community, I've been a Hyperspin member for a while now and this will be my first post. I spent the past couple of days writing my project down from start to almost finished.. I have yet to write down the section about software/configurations/tips/tweaks, hoping I can provide that in an update shortly. Just wanted to say a special thanks to my friends that helped me with this project as well as the others in this awesome community that didn't know it, but your questions & answers helped me get through it all.. Sorry it's pretty lengthy.. Machine name : Pac-Cade Started on the build 11/2017 Finished (well its about 98% done) Here is my couple of month’s life story of my first MAME cabinet build. Please, feel free to read for your enjoyment or skip through and look at the pretty pictures. I’m just hoping that what I went through helps others out with their build. I’ve been wanting to build a Mame Cabinet for years and just never pulled the trigger. A friend of mine surprised me with blueprints of a cabinet, I just needed to buy the wood, find the spare time and get off my lazy arse and get it started. Then another friend found a Target Toss Pro Bags cabinet for $50 on ebay. FIFTY Bucks how in the heck could I pass this deal up. As you can see from the photos below, it’s basically a Golden Tee cabinet. After I pulled the trigger, drove up with a friend, put it on his flat bed I got the beast cabinet into my garage, I just stared in awww of all the cool things I want to do with this thing. The cabinet came with the bezel, front glass, 4 buttons, marquee clear plastic, coin slots (BONUS) and a lot of dust. It was pretty much gutted but exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an extra wide cabinet so I can have some room for a 2 player setup. Right below the marquee is a wooden board with a nice size open hole that had a metal plate where the speakers go and small rectangle tinted glass which you can see it still in the above photos. With 12 screws around the edge of the control panel, I took off the lexan (similar) top layer and thankfully it was not glued down so I can use the control board. It was nice to see the metal plate for the track ball, but it just added more questions on how I’m really going to lay all this out. Still not really sure how I’m going to layout the control panel at this time, but I do know I want two player (I considered 4 player), trackball, spinner and pinball buttons. So measuring the opening where all the buttons and joystick will go, I found my area to work with. This part took the longest out of all the other projects and trying to figure out the layout was killing me slowly. I thought about laying it all out myself with button templates and looking up some cool graphics. I just couldn’t find anything I really liked and just couldn’t visualize it. Then I finally found a layout which was actually based off the Golden Tee control panel and oh my, I was sold. I can’t take credit for this so thanks goes to dmatanski at Deviant Art (hxxps://dmatanski.deviantart.com/art/MAME-large-control-panel-48650519). I found a couple of reasons why this layout is awesome. It’s based off my arcade control panel for one so I don’t have to retro-fit it, but something I never really realized…. 8 way joysticks suck for Pac Man!! So this layout has a third 4-way joystick at the top “classic setup”. Yes, this layout has lots of buttons!!!!! After I printed the layout, I purchased some Forstner bits and made a practice control panel out of MDF so I can have a feel for how it’s laid out, practice drilling and get to use the buttons/joysticks I bought. I had my control panel upstairs hooked to what I was going to use; a Pi3 with retropi installed, using an external 500gig HD, attract mode, themes, video previews installed. Retropi is very slick, easy to setup and pretty darn cool and I think it work well in a cabinet. Stuff I bought at this time- Trackball – 90 bucks off Amazon 2 player buttons and 8-way joystick.. Here is where I think some will say I went cheap, and yes I slightly agree. But I do like them and maybe at a later date I’ll upgrade. Called Easyget LED illuminated 2 player, $67 off Amazon. 3.5 inch circle speaker covers Light bar from Home Depot for the marquee I happened to have an old CRT and my old speakers with subwoofer, so I temporary put them in place. I also removed the upper black wooded border so I can make room for a 2nd monitor idea frame out of MDF. And yeah the previous wood was glued to the marquee bottom board and it broke off.. eh, no biggie. While playing on the Pi3, I just found that some mame roms were not work and customizing it was tedious. So, I bailed on the Pi3 and bought a 2.8ghz quad core mobo, 8 gigs ram from a friend and I had some extra parts laying around - 256gig SSD, sata 500gig, nvidia video card. So, now I’m using Hyperspin/rocketlauncher which I’ll go in more setup detail later in this brain dump of mine. I had a lot of friends to bounce ideas off and one of them gave me a 28” TV, which I considered to use for that retro look, so I bought a VGA to HDMI adapter from Amazon. I had some trouble with my PC recognizing it adapter and I could never get the TV to display. So, I bailed on it and started pricing out LCDs. I can still use this TV for my old consoles which I collect, so it’s a win win for me. I had a quote for a sign shop to have them print my control panel on polycarbonate but it was too expensive for me. I reached out to my friends again and found one that knew a guy that had a full size plotter and once I gave him the dimensions of the control panel he printed me out 4 copies on sticky back vinyl, just in case I screwed up. So, onto the secondary monitor thoughts and plans. My first thought was to buy a LCD screen as my marquee and have it just scroll through the game marquees when one is selected, but that area is fairly skinny and the LCDs are VERY expensive. I thought about designing my own marquee and using the space right below it for a laptop LCD. So this open area right below the marquee area would be a perfect place to put in a 15” laptop LCD. I did some research about scrolling marquees and found an awesome thread about Hyper Marquee and (EDS) Event Dispatch System. And thanks to Mamefan for his youtube channel for setting up Hyper Marquee and EDS which helped me TONS! (hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbcUzyfMtPc) I had an old laptop that was dead but the screen still worked so I ripped it out and found the model number and looked on ebay for a LCD controller board. Bingo! clicked on buy now and it arrived in a couple of days! So with Hyperspin loaded with HyerMarquee and EDS, I was able to display the rom marquee and its flyer. Learning those two new programs did take some getting used to, but once you work on it for a while it’s pretty darn easy. If the marquee isn’t available it uses hyperspins wheel image and if a flyer isn’t available it just displays a default picture (ready player one). Going portrait mode on the 2nd screen really makes sense and awesome looking. I’m able to easily add both graphics since most of the flyers are basically portrait. Below is my two screen temporary layout held up with some duct tape. The one issue I did notice with this setup, if I power off the LCD controller board it doesn’t turn back on without physically pressing the power button. I thought that HDMI when the source is powered on it will turn on the monitor, but no matter what I did or how long I waited it would never turn on the 2nd screen. So, screw it! I fixed this issue by shorting out the power on/off button on the smaller pcb board that plugs into the LCD controller board. When the PC turns off or by the power strip and then turned back on, the LCD board comes to life and I have video. The 2nd screen even goes into powersaving mode and it will turn off when I turn off the PC. Onto the 2nd LCD frame. I took measurements and even cut a groove for the screen to set in. My wood working skills are not the best at all and I normally have to measure 5 times and then cut/screw-up/buy new piece, measure two more times and then maybe I’ll hit my mark. Luckily enough the piece I bought was big enough for that 2nd try I needed! You can see on the upper right of the picture the original frame I ripped out. I thought it turned out pretty nice after semi-gloss black paint job and screwed in place. Another couple picture showing the mounting of the LCD controller board and 2nd monitor frame. So, what to do about the actual marquee area, I thought? I’m a huge Pac Man fan and was thinking an actual Pac Man marquee but I decided to just design one up myself and come up with a name of my cabinet, Pac Cade how original…. right? Some picture googling and paint.net skills I made this up and had it printed at Staples on what they called vinyl for only 6 bucks! What a deal.. slapped it on the plastic and there ya go! I just need to figure out what to do with the side-art. I do have light poking through the edges which I’m not a fan about, so I need to figure out what to do there. I think I’m making good progress on it. But what I’m dreading the most, you might ask? Well it’s drilling the control panel holes through the wood/plexi/vinyl.. HOW will I pull this off! I kept prolonging that day when I had to start drilling. It made me nervous just thinking about it. But that will be a later day, time for me to fix this horrible CRT area. I found a 30” TV at my local computer shop for real cheap and all I would need to do is route/sand the sides on the cabinet down about ¼”. But when I got there my main question was, when I turn on/off my PC what will the TV do and we never got a straight answer from the techs. Looked online and the specs said auto on with HDMI power, but I just didn’t get the warm and fuzzies. So I ended up going with a Dell 28” monitor. It fit without any issues at all, I was very pleased with the results. With some scrap wood I made bracers on the back and bottoms of the LCD screen to keep it in place. Boy It sure did take me a long time to measure and make sure each side of the screen was at the same height. Once that was all in place. I had another anxiety attack since I had to now measure and cut another frame for the monitor. This time it only took me one attempt and look at how nice that fits. There is hope for me after all! Spray painted it black and onto the next grueling task.. the dreaded control panel. Sorry, going to go in more detail on this as this section was slightly stressful. At this point I didn’t really research into what I should use. At my house (we just moved) the previous owner used plexiglass for an additional layer on our windows. I thought, score I can spare a couple for my cabinet and save some space. I looked up what to use to cut plexiglass and found that using a Stepping Bit is a good way to go, so off to the local hardware store! I needed to figure out a way to mark my buttons and joysticks on the vinyl and board. I used a drafting compass draw a 30mm and 24mm circle on cardboard and with a hole poked through the middle, booya I had my center. I then laid the cardboard circle on the vinyl and marked the center with a marker. Then used point of the compass to poke a hole through the vinyl. This part wasn’t so bad since I had 3 other vinyl sheets on the ready. I then used a utility knife to cut the lines into it. Geez, this part was a little unnerving. Once all the holes were done in the vinyl I laid that on top of the control board and just marked my pilot holes. I also bought a dowel rod and plug the original 4 holes of the control panel. Used my Forstners bit and a hand drill. There are two sizes holes here – 30MM and 24MM. Mainly because the Easyget buttons came with 8 30mm and 4 24mm size buttons. It’s heartbreak and stress time. It didn’t take long to figure out plexiglass will not work, at least what I had in my basement. It might be too brittle or sun damaged etc.. The sound this stepping bit had on the plexiglass was horrific! As you can see from the right pic that cracks & chips were very visible. WHAT TO DO!! My local hardware store had lexan polycarbonate and WOW what a HUGE difference that made. The sheet was expensive but well worth it. The stepping bit drilled into this stuff like a hot knife in butter. But this part was very stressful and it took a while because I didn’t want to screw up. After many practice runs with a circle cutter bit on scrap lexan, I made my final 3” hole. Here is the end result of my control panel finally all drilled and assembled. As well as adding what I have for joysticks/buttons and trackball. Looking pretty good so far. Just need to order the other 4-way joystick/buttons and the spinner. I ordered the other set of buttons and joystick and then decided to spin up Paint.Net for one ugly looking wiring schematics. This did really help figure out where everything is going. The two purple buttons on the right and left of the panel are the pinball buttons that I’ll drill on the side of the control panel box. After doing some troubleshooting, I had to route my pinball buttons on my first button controller board. Splitting them up between two controller boards seemed to cause some confusion even with JoytoKey installed. Here are a couple of screenshots of the pinball holes I drilled out as well as I hooked up the LED switch to my coin slot buttons. SO cool! Turns out Christmas LED bulbs work great for replacement bulbs for the coin buttons. After some time I did finally pulled the trigger on getting the rest of the buttons and my 4-way joystick. I ended up with white player/coin buttons and the rest blue and I think it came out pretty nice. Not sure why in this picture my red buttons look more yellowish. Still holding off on the spinner, they are not cheap. After I got my 4-way joystick I read its small paper doc and it showed me how to make it an 8-way and shockingly enough I looked at my other two 8-way joysticks and they are also convertible.. Go figure.. here I was dying to play Pac Man during this build and I could have if I would have just converted a joystick! And the 98% final results. With 4 added quarters from 1980 - 1984 on the glass... Some high level software and info- Win10 Hyperspin HyperSpin Start up script RocketLauncher HyperMarquee EDS registered Joytokey Mame (w/ high score save) crap ton of system emulators I figured out a neat way to make a Main menu item for a second MAME selection for multiplayer that I created a database for. PinballFX 2 and 3 (still trying to get 3 to work) JukeBox Made most of my own themes I know I'm forgetting something... =) I would be more than happy to answer any questions or share my config settings. If you want to see a video, I can post one.
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