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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I'm a bit of a HS newbe but I have installed Hyperspin and a couple of systems with roms up and working (with correct names). I have also manually added some artworks and videos, but I finally decided to tryout HyperSync. I donated to the great people at hyperspin and emumovies so now I'm a Platinum member at Hyperspin and Lifetime member at EmuMovies. But when I run HyperSync it seems not to be able to connect to any of the servers. I get the followin errors: "Could not verify EmuMovies membership, check your credentials and try again" "Could not verify HyperSpin membership, check your credentials and try again" When I try to update I get: "Failed to check for updates" The news feed is unable to load with error "Error Loading News: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." I'm running Win 8.1 Enterprise x64. So I cannot follow the common suggestion on the forum to install the recommended .NET framework 4.0. I have tried disabling my Antivirus and Firewall. I'm running the latest HyperSync ver I have also tried without sucess. I would be greatful for any help!
  2. Hi all! I have been using hypersync without fault to update most of my themes and vids etc for quite some time. I noticed that when ever anyone shows off the Taito Type X system or the Type X2 system on Hyperspin their videos are always there. I cant seem to download any at all. I have also had a look on the ftp to see if i could find anything but no luck there either. Where is everyone getting their Taito videos from including the main menu preview?
  3. HyperSync WILL NOT recognize my HyperSpin login...WHY? It logs into my "Emumovies" account just fine. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!
  4. Hi I have and Hyperspin install on mounted network drive. HyperSync was working fine until I installed Windows 10 April 2108 update. I tried it on two PCs. It stops working after windows update. Any ideas? HyperSpin shows no internet connection available which is not the case
  5. I have just purchased the HyperSpin platinum account and the EmuMovie account. I can log in both in the HyperSync. However, when I click "individual system settings" icon, it fails and shows the message below: "Sling 2: there was an error connecting to HyperBase, please try again later" What should I do now?
  6. Hi guys this is where ill be listing a full database chart of what content is available for hyper sync and which content is not there but could be added in. I know its been ages since ive been in this scene but i promise to do a full list of every single system available in the list of hyper sync and go through every single bit of content and list what is in their and whats not it will be a huge project but im gonna get it done thanks regards relic.
  7. Hi there! Circo does a great job by informing us about the Emumovies updates. I thought to start something similar here, to provide a quick reference of the latest additions, before you even think of updating. I use Hypersync for almost all systems, but some have been downloaded apart from it. Also note I do not have every single system installed, or even all the games, so your help is appreciated. Here goes: HyperSync Update 20.02.2016 Just 3 MAME game videos: elevator.mp4, mk2.mp4, umk3.mp4 HyperSync update 16.02.2016 Sega Game Gear - 239* Game Wheels following HQ update, see announcement thread Nintendo Game Boy - 806 Game Wheels HQ update (or maybe because I recently installed the system, but did not sync it previously) *) Actually 334 HQ wheels available, found out I still used the 1.1 database, while 1.2 is the newest. Also notice that it took 2 days for Hypersync to show up the HQ wheels compared to the download section. Probably even faster because I did not update earlier than the 16th. A big thank you for that! Also huge thanks to the Wheel Machines Sub-Zero JayC bartmarley dougan78 Iggy J-Sinn
  8. On Hypersync, under the sync tab menu, the system pull down menu is not showing all my systems that are linked and set to "sync system" under the Arcade icon/Media config menu. My steps: 1. Launch Hypersync, log in and click arcade icon 2. select a system (say, Apple II), assign the system, turn on sync system, hit close 3. Click Sync tab and click systems pulldown menu 4. Apple II is not in the list Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Hey guys, There are quite a few guides out there, but I have not been able to find a noob or intermediate guide for HyperSpin, Hyperlaunch, HyperSync, and MAME in one place. I built one and hope it helps. http://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/ Please let me know if there are other pieces I should add to help others. Thanks,
  10. I made this for my project and thought that it may help people here setting up Hypersync?
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