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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys! Inspired by this great forum, I am planning to build a nearly "bezel-less" fullscreen cabinet with a 46" lcd playfield, 30" lcd backbox and 19" lcd dmd monitor. I will revive an empty star trek:tng widebody cabinet for this project which I got for a few bucks. ...check out my new pinball project! - cabinet empty star trek tng (sttng) widebody cabinet new legs new widebody lockbar new "old" williams siderails black painted coindoor (illuminated) wired and fully functional coin acceptors (gives real arcade feeling when you hear the coin drop) original pinball service buttons new playfield and backbox glass blank williams speakerpanel / grill - screens (if you need high-res backglass pics (2560res, 6mb each) for your cabinet check out my other thread at http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8860) 46" playfield lcd sharp fullhd 1080p 1920x1080 screen (sharp LC46D65 - almost no inputlag/delay (< 10ms), awesome viewing angles, auto power on) 30" backglass lcd hdready 720p 1280x768 screen with DVI (noname tv brand, medion) 19" scoreboard / multicolor dmd lcd screen with DVI (benq tft pc monitor) - pc-setup (check out our "How to get the best performance for your cab thread" at http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8595 and "fps comparision thread" at http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12846) optimized win XP SP3 - 32bit (check vpin performance thread above) intel quad core i5-750 overclocked to 4x 4.0ghz msi P55-GD65 mainboard (easy overclocking, very stable) 2x2GB RAM DDR3 1600 (8-8-8 timing) 2x nvidia GTX260 1792MB GPU (1x for playfield and dmd / 1x for backglass, overclocked to GTX280+) 32GB SSD (nudging approved. os booting / table loading / hyperpin browsing. just awesome!) soundblaster x-fi music soundcard (model SB0460. creative crystalizer. great enhancement for pinball sound plus more cpu power left) 2.1 teufel concept c100 quality soundsystem with huge tower-subwoofer (better sound than a real pinball machine, amazing bass effect) 550W 80+ arctic psu / 86% efficiency (pc power consumption is averagely about 350watt) - additional details (for ledwiz wiring diagrams, electronic tutorials and more visit maxxsinner's "pinball electrical 101" at http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12459) ledwiz usb board for rom controlled pinball output. virtual pinball is coming more real as you can imagine! check out http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10980 for software and tutorial. you can drive rgb flipperbuttons, blinky start-, launchball-, extraball-buttons. extra force-feedback for flippers, bumpers, slingshots, replay-knocker and game specific events. pinball shaker motor, gear motor, real flasher/strobes, topperlights... all rom controlled (via original pinball rom) extra 150W 12VDC 12.5A power supply for all ledwiz toys (meanwell SNT MW150-12) 8 siemens 12VDC contactors (inside solenoid/coil) for flipper, slingshot, bumper... force feedback - to hear and feel the mechanical pinball action on your virtual machine. 5 cree mc-e RGBW high power LEDS on top of the backbox, covered with transparent original pinball flasher domes to emulate every pinball flasher color/position of each pinball machine. they are so bright that it reflects to the whole room and the playfield glass. 1 shaker vibration motor for all original shaker pinball tables (like godzilla, harley davidson, last action hero, jurassic park, tales from the crypt, wwf royal rumble, apollo 13, corvette, roadshow, earthshaker, elvis, spider man, indiana jones stern, batman dark knight, csi, 24, lord of the rings, nba, big buck hunter pro, iron man, avatar, rolling stones...) and for special custom mods (medieval madness troll hit, castle destruction, sttng/t2 cannon shot, cactus canyon bandit hit, funhouse rudy hit...) which are not available on the real pinball machine! 1 dualbridge pwm driver to change the intensity (0-100%) of the shaker, for awesome custom mods. 1 car wiper gear motor to emulate the typical pinball gear sound (funhouse rudy's mouth motor, medieval madness drawbridge, addams family bookshelf,sttng/t2 cannons, indiana jones path of adventure...) 1 big analog 1500W stroboscope for special events (attack from mars strobe multiball, theatre of magic captive ball hit, medieval madness castle...) 4 LED strips on the bottom side/underside of the cabinet, wired parallel to the shaker (cool takeoff effect ) 1 pinball replay knocker for the original replay "knock"! 4 RGB LED illuminated transparent pinball buttons to match the button color of each dedicated pinball with original leaf-switches (= no lag/delay. no microswitches) for the right feeling (2 for flippers and 2 extra buttons, like magna-save/extra function for black knight, black knight 2000, grand lizzard, haunted house, jhonny menmonic, judge dredd, jungle lord, medusa, pharaoh, shadow, solarfire, starship troopers, strange science, world cup soccer...) 6 LED illuminated "arcade-like countersinked" frontbuttons with plotted inlays: start, exit, extraball, launchball, howtoplay, pause (rom controlled blinky start-, extra-, launchball buttons...) 2 original pinball tilt-bobs for nudge-left and nudge-right and 1 mercury-switch for front/top-nudging original star trek tng plunger gun (sensitive ball shooting / skillshot also possible) ipac/interfasd buttoninterface (ps2 keyboard connection = no lag/delay, no gamepad emulation) 3x 22cm fans for cab ventilation. silent & powerfull 600rpm, 161.61m³/h (2x cabinet / 1x backbox) - faq some direct-links to frequently asked questions. please use also the search this thread option fans 22cm, brand and model number my flipper force feedback contactor diagram, without ledwiz control (model number is on the pic) how to change the dmd color measurements of playfield screen and cabinet cut-out playfield screen mounting pics how to connect a pinball tilt bob extra 12vdc power supply for force feedback (pic/model/make) ledwiz wiring connections, from ledwiz manual preparing the shaker motor preparing the shaker motor 2 diodes for the siemens contactors (force feedback) how to install a replay knocker wiring the ledwiz how to config your ledwiz force feedback how to config your ledwiz force feedback 2 how the ledwiz output works (preview vids, funhouse) how the ledwiz output works (preview vids, funhouse) 2 how the ledwiz output works (preview vids, funhouse) 3 how to resize your dmd-resolution below 640x480 ideas for a Gear Motor (force feedback) how many contactors do you use? (pic) what's the specific relay you are using? are the contactors active during hyperpin table select browsing (when using ledwiz)? how to config the ledwiz outputs (via excel file)? which leds are you using in your frontbuttons? what are slingshots and bumpers? what stroboscope do you use? pic of my fuse holder more playfield mounting pics with extra monitor support measurements of a widebody wpc pinball cabinet usb/cardreader/headphone output jack idea powder coated lockbar/legs/siderails measurements of my dmd speakerpanel how to hide your windows login/boot screen and more how to show the fps in visual pinball which sort of wire do you use? 5 flasher setup/position pic what's the advantage of siemens contactors for force feedback? Is it possible to use a standard pacdrive instead ledwiz? show me your 5 flasher rgb setup in action (video) what are optocouplers and for what do I need them? how critical do you guys figure having 2 flipper buttons on each side what rgbled lit ones are you using for your flipper buttons? another wiring diagram for easy ledwiz setup (with fuse) how to change the buyin/extraball key is it possible to use the cree extrawhite leds instead a strobe? what's the idea behind your 3->5 flasher setup? cree rgbled wiring pic shaker/knocker/gearmotor wiring schematic where can I find the ledwiz/pacdrive software, tutorial and config-files for rom controlled pinball output? wire diagram for the dual h bridge and more information where can I buy all the ledwiz/pacdrive stuff like shaker motor, flipper buttons, contactors, relays, leds...? useful links for VP/HP installation, downloads, shops etc. mwongs awesome VP/HP setup guide another setup guide for VP9 / HP / UVP / DMD official VP/VPM installation guide full screen table download essential visual pinball files (visual pinball download source) hyperpin frontend download cabinet & hardware FAQ pinball electrical 101 - ledwiz wiring diagrams, pinball cabinet electronic guide and tutorial linklist of cab part suppliers all over the world - videos check out my youtube channel for all videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/getmoresun#p/u. Here is a first digital camera video of the machine. the quality isnt the best (switch to "360p -> 480p" @ youtube for a better quality) F_ILihnUCMc&hl First test with rom controlled outputs via Ledwiz 3 rgbw topper flasher, 8 force feedback solenoids/contactors for flippers, slingshots, bumpers, outholes, kickers, autoplunger, diverter and additional special effects, 1 pinball shaker motor, 1 original replay knocker, 1 gear motor, rgb button leds for the right button color... The 3 topper lights are mainly for pinball flasher. Every pinball has flasher, so you can emulate each color and position. They are so bright that it reflect to the playfield glass and to the whole room. Amazing effect - you have to see this in real! All these toys adds so much fun to gameplay! I think this was the missing part of visual pinball. Thanks again to manofwar! ElS7v5Kq2zc check out my new big old beast stroboscope at the end of this video (up to 15000lumen per flash) 3844JcOK-gk Another Vid of Lord Hiryus fantastic Indiana Jones Table kaeWTNyN3Gs Here is a video of the virtual flipper sound and force feedback (siemens contactor + 2.1 subwoofer system) vs. a real medieval madness flipper. I think the virtualmachine sounds better _wTm5ECX10E Fine adjusted my 2 tilt-bobs, works very well now. check out the smooth nudging... you can nudge left and right separately. Here is a youtube-vid for you: CBa_uX69hTQ - trackback Found some Links, Threads, Articles about my Vpin Machine... http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2009/roundup012_2009.12.htm Full screen visual pinball project (Radioshow...Go to News) http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380642 This is the most amazing emulation project i've seen in a long long time. http://loading.se/forum.php?thread_id=73554 Ett flipperspel byggt för gudar http://iddqd.blog.hu/2009/11/25/a_vilag_legjobb_asztala A világ legjobb asztala http://www.evilavatar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100736 The Most Amazing Emulation Creation Ever http://forum.dvdtalk.com/video-game-talk/565362-greatest-custom-emulator-cabinet-youll-ever-see.html The greatest custom emulator cabinet you'll ever see.. . http://shogungamer.com/news/real-pinball-wizardry-virtual-pinball-machine This is real pinball wizardry: a virtual pinball machine http://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=21077.0 Intégration Visual Pinball dans un flipper - pics - some pics during construction
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