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Found 13 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Have you noticed that some of the vertical games for Sega Naomi look terrible stretched out (even to 4-3 aspect ratio)? Well, this is an attempt to address that. If you have bezels turned on in RocketLauncher, and set the aspect ratio to 'stretch' in the Demul module, it should display correctly for vertical games with this bezel. So far, I've only tested a few games. Here's a before and after: As you can see, in the 'after' shot the Naomi logo doesn't look distorted. When I was tweaking the display, I simply compared a Naomi logo (with the correct aspect) with a screenshot, and I made adjustments until it was close to perfect. (note that I cut out part of the bezel to make sure the sides are lined up properly). So while I am not entirely sure if this is 'perfect' vertical aspect, Demul has no setting to do so, and this was a trial & error attempt at improvement. I've updated the files, and figured out all (I think) of the vertical games. All you will need to do is unzip this download into your \RocketLauncher\Media\Bezels\Sega Naomi folder.
  2. 2,267 downloads

  3. 2,628 downloads

  4. Version 1.0.0


    A button for the Sega Naomi 2 system.
  5. Version 2.0.0


    ----- Info ----- Emulator: Demul v0.5.8 (Sammy Atomiswave & Sega Naomi) Config For: Pre-defined controls for Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controllers ------------- Installation ------------- -Put the nvram folder into your Demul Emulator folder and choose to overwrite any existing files. -Put the Demul (v0.5.8).ini into your Demul Rocketlauncher Module folder and overwrite any existing file. ------- Notes ------- -Includes PDF's detailing the standard controls for each game. ---By urbangangsta101---
  6. Dude12345


    DOA2 View File Thought I'd make a more accurate DOA2 theme with actual character sprites used from this game. Theme can be used for Mame, Naomi, Dreamcast, PS2 etc versions. Submitter Dude12345 Submitted 05/09/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  7. Hi im new in the forum. I am contstructing an Arcade Cabinet Machine. My idea is play arcade games from Nes to Naomi. Naomi is the top of game i want to play. I have a pc gammer to test with gtx970 and 16gb rams and Naomi Runs great but i think this is tooo much in money and hardware for only recreative of this type My question is what is the best hardwar fot the lowest cost to play Naomi with Full graphics on the best fps. RAM? VIDEO? and MICRO? Sorry for my english i speak spanish and i do my best Thanks for all for this comunity its look pretty cool
  8. Version 1


    A pointer for the Sega Naomi system.
  9. Hello Hyperspin Community I'm having some issues getting Hyperspin to load my Sega Naomi games. (Placed some images below, not sure if I put them on the page correctly but if you right click and open link in new tab they are very readable.) I am running Demul 0.7a with Demul 0.7a roms downloaded from a reputable source. Using the Database XML from HS provided by Circo Games Launch with Demul and I can fully play them. Games Launch with RocketLauncher even though a game audit shows every rom red. All of my CHD files are in their respected unzipped folders. All of my Rom files are Zipped still. I'm not 100% positive I have my Hyperspin HQ setup correct for this Emulator. I'm probably missing something simple but this is the error i'm getting. I have tried to change the chd file name to match what it is asking for but then it says it can't find the ini file with the original file name associated with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide any other info needed.
  10. Hi guys! i'm having a problem when i try to launch Demul, using RocketLauncher, to play Naomi games, if i set the demul 0.5.8 ahk when i launch a game a message shows saying that "gpu plugin is not supported" i can't figure how to fix this, and if set demul 0.7 ahk this error shows up, plaease somebody who can tell me how to fix this so i can finish with this headache.
  11. Hi, I bought for some months ago a Naomi Virtua Striker 4 2006 Cabinet for 220€. Wanted to rebuild it to an Mame Cab. The first job in my todo list was to change the CRT I found a used rarely Philips 29 PT 9521 73,7 cm (29 Zoll) 4:3 100 Hertz PIXEL PLUS with 720p/1080i for 50€ But i was disappointed about the Video Quality. For Games it was ok . It wasnt pixelate but for configuration of mame in windows mode at 1080i or 720p it wasnt sharp enough. So i decided to change the CRT with an LCD. I bought a used 26" LCD with guarantee and 720p<for 110€. SAMSUNG 26" FLAT TV LCD ,HDMI, 16:9 , Chinch, Scart, VGA, HF, OSD, HD Ready ... It was easy to fit the LCD between the Front and the Legs of the Naomi Cabinet. Here some current Images . I emptied the Cabinet from Triforce and Powersupply, Sega i/o and all the Looms. Bought a little ShuttlePC XPC for Hyperspin etc for 60€. Shuttle XPC GLAMOR SN95G5B Athlon64X2 3800+ 2GB Changed the Controlpanel . New RGB Led Buttons IPac-FS32 + Pacled64 Now the Bezel with Protectglass and mount new Speakers + amp is still todo. And new Artworks. Here a 3D Model of the Naomi Candy Cabinet of the SitDown and StandUp version. https://sketchfab.com/models/5176f1f4aa5e47e68aa879aa4f4d7550 Thats all for the Moment. Greetings uNkeLo
  12. Boa tarde, me desculpem se for ignorância, mas tenho tido uma dificuldade fenomenal com o Demul. Depois que consegui uma versão que funciona 90% bem sozinha, tentei configurar o Hyperspin pra reconhecer o emulador e eu poder rodar direto pelo front end. Já tinha feito coisa semelhante com o SNES e o Genesis, depois de aprender online como fazer com o MAME e apesar da minha total falta de capacidade, consegui fazer Mame, Snes e Genesis rodarem bem. Acontece que quando tento rodar pelo rocketlauncher (e efetivamente, Hyperspin) recebo o erro ".Zip is not a supported file type for this demul (v0.5.7) module." Sou meio novato e tentei com vários módulos, varios modelos de DEMUL e o capeta, mas pelo jeito é um erro tão noob, que não achei info na net. Meu RocketLauncher é o (DLL UI Minha estrutura do hyperspin é Hyperspin -Emuladores --demul0582 -Roms --DC ----Atom ----Naomi Somente o emulador, roda normal (naomi 1, 2 e Atomisware) Consegui gerar a lista pelo Don's Hyperlist, mas veio o erro de não reconhecer o arquivos zip. Tentei criar uma nova categoria, mesmo erro. Dentro de Emuladores, as ROM extensions estão "7z|zip|gdi|cue|cdi|chd|mds|ccd|nrg", mas mesmo só zip, ocorre o mesmo erro. Configurar o mesmo no HyperHQ mantém o erro. Já tentei todas os ahk do Demul. O que devo fazer?
  13. If you ever used Demul, you've probably seen that it's VERY slow. However, there actually is a way to change that. Here, I give you, my guide to making DEMUL run at a half-decent speed! Enjoy! Step 1: Download the newest version of DEMUL(.582 as of this writing). Extract it to a folder. Step 2: Open Plugins and Paths. Make sure the plugins are set as follows: Video plugin: gpuDX10 Sound plugin: spuDemul(only choice) GD-ROM plugin: gdrCHD Controls plugin: padDemul(only choice) Untick Activate BBA if it is checked. If there is nothing in Roms and Bioses Paths, create the folder "roms" in the Demul folder and click Add. Navigate to the roms folder in the window that pops up and click on OK. Once done, close Plugins and Paths. Step 3: Open the Video tab in Demul. Set the Windows resolution to 640x480, and internal resolution to 1x. Tick Disable Auto Sort, Disable Opaque Modifier, and Disable Translucent Modifier. Click on OK. Step 4: Open the Sound tab. Set the Buffer size to as high as it will go, and tick Disable DSP. There you go! There may be a few issues in 1-2 games but, otherwise, I have yet to discover any problems with it. ______________________________________________________________________________ Issues (fix-related): Missing lifebars in KOF XI/ Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum, otherwise fully playable Capcom vs. SNK 1 intro missing text & cutaway from galaxy, otherwise fully playable Green lens flares in KOF XI Graphical errors in DolphinBlue, otherwise fully playable These are all related to Disable Auto Sort, and while turning it off fixes these, it also runs at 1/6 of the speed if you turn it on. Seriously, just don't use it. ________________________________________________________________________________ Issues (DEMUL-related, not related to fix) Sound bug in DolphinBlue Buggy Hikaru Emulation No sound in Hikaru Inital D won't boot (CARD R/W ERROR!) Post any questions/comments/issues in the comments, and I will update the post as needed.
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