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Found 29 results

  1. Hi all I am currently trying something new with a pinball table build and need some advice ,help with the software.The pinball table changes from pinball to arcade setup in one cabinet it will be eventually powered to work at press of a button.What I need to know is there a way at the press off a button to switch from hyperpin to hyperspin and vise versa.excuse the build at moment as made with old TVs and old bits to keep cists down and is a project for me and my son.any help would be great.
  2. Version 2.1


    Pinball FX2 - Database (XML)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Pinball FX2 - Main Wheel Logo (Transparent) Enjoy
  4. Pinball FX2 - Main Wheel Logo (Transparent) View File Pinball FX2 - Main Wheel Logo (Transparent) Enjoy Submitter floatingvg Submitted 04/03/2018 Category Logo Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count 1 Credits Nicola Byron Larini  
  5. Version 12-25-2017


    This is a pack of wheels for future pInball an XML for Hyperspin and PInball Cab was included. I collected allot of wheels from various sources, and replaced any low quality wheels.Most of the replacements are redraws. Any generic logo that did not match the backglass was also replaced. Big thank you to JSinn for his contributions. Only 4 Missing wheels Alaska (Recreativos Franco 1978) Mad Race (Playmatic 1985) Pokerino (Williams 1978) Struggle Buggies (Williams)(1953) Sure Shot (Taito do Brasil 1981) Link to Updated XML http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/27571-future-pinball/
  6. Pinball FX2 Cinematic Video View File Pinball FX2 Cinematic Video 1080p60fps Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 06/18/2017 Category Main Menu Themes File Count Credits  
  7. Pinball Arcade Cinematic Video View File Pinball Arcade Cinematic Video 1080p60fps Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 06/10/2017 Category Main Menu Themes File Count Credits  
  8. Future Pinball - 16:9 Unified Main Menu & Default Themes View File Main menu and default themes for Future Pinball 16x9 HD in the style of the Unified theme. Submitter Neonrage Submitted 04/27/2017 Category Main Menu Themes HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  9. Future Pinball everything View File Here is the default theme I created for future pinball as well as the main menu theme I made with all the art work and videos to go with it. AS well I included Game themes not made by myself, rather I found them on a Spanish site somewhere and were to beautiful to not include. Wish I had more from whomever made these. they look awesome. I will post a megalink to all media, including videos ,239 tables and everything you need to set up future pinball in your hyperspin setup. Please leave me a comment. copy paste link into chrome browser : https://mega.nz/#!OxJRCS7I then copy paste decryption key: !CoYFYqFqr486d_KRJFjMd0QkKzpABekhCZPBDnACJ-0 Then click download through browser. Submitter godisnothere Submitted 04/21/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  10. Visual Pinball Everything View File I would like to share with you my personal setup of 188 best desktop visual pinball tables, fully running in hyperspin. With all the bells and whistles. Its not the full set of tables, cause their was some tables that had 5 variations of em and some i didn't include because I found allot of them lacked interest or simply look too generic,but I created the default theme in such a way that if you decide to add a table i missed out on you can add a 1024x768 backglass png image in the backgrounds folder, a 350x450 flyer png image in the artwork 3 folder a wheel in the artwork 4 and a video all with the same name as your table, and as long as you add it to the database with that exact name it will flt in flawlessly. I post here the default theme i created, and a main menu theme i did not create but altered to fit in better, as well as all the artwork i used: backgrounds (backglass) , artwork 3( flyers) , artwork 4 (wheel) plus larger wheels for the main wheels. database.as well as all the videos I have used. Thanks to a special youtuber's channel : Laylow's Virtual Pinball Gameplay Videos . Thank you so much. You the man! I will include a mega link to a 7zip file of everything including a very detailed how to install read me file. that I highly suggest fully reading before proceeding installing. Visual Pinball requires the use of a feature called alternate emulators in hyperspin but i have all set it up for you here just please take the time to read the instructions in entirety before starting. I cannot imply this enough. Lots of people have been having extreme issues getting this to work let alone getting it to be added in 1 wheel in hyperpsin. I did all the hard work for you in my megalink, as long as you follow instructions. If you fail to do so and skip a step you might end up with a bunch of errors . I took the time to write it all down for you so we could all get this right. This system had been a pain in my side for a long time , I personally couldn't get it to fully run for a very long time , So I know the severity of its difficulty setting up, its like no other system you have ever added. But I finally got it and made it very understandable for everyone. I personally could not have done this without reading so many articles in the forums here and at vpforums. Now it runs perfectly as intended and does not crash or get any error messages, and all the tables are set to have the exact same keys. I had to alter a few of their scripts to get it to do so but its fully functional polished jem and I am personally glad its all set up and done. And I bring it to you so all of you who have been having the extreme frustrations as I have can finally tame this beast once and for all. Thanks to everyone here in the hyperspin forums for the great articles and just overall great comunity. And everyone at Vpforums as well. oh and Laylow's Virtual Pinball Gameplay Videos on youtube, your channel had almost everything I needed only 5 or 6 of my tables i had to use a playfield image png instead of a video. great share and Im sure the people here will enjoy your channel as well. please go check his channel out, let's help encourage him to keep posting and sharing those amazing playfeild videos for all to enjoy. Please let us know if my setup and guide was helpful and you succeeded in setting it up for your self Or just simply leave me a comment , I rather do enjoy reading a small note of thanks once in a while, its why I do what I do. mega link: https://mega.nz/#!Ox50WByC decryption key: !6PrDuljgPIGnfdAiBUQzFkmQLTijKiRCF81j2YnO6Ek copy paste link into a chrome browser then when ask for a decryption key copy paste it and click decrypt. then select download through browser. Submitter godisnothere Submitted 04/08/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  11. Future Pinball Wheel Pack 1.0.0 View File Future Pinball wheel pack consisting of 700 images to go along with my XML database. Many of these images are very high quality and most are as close to the table logos as possible. Some have been fabricated by me an others but this group has the most corresponding videos I could find. The image collection is quite pleasing. Please let me know if you encounter any mistakes or errors. Submitter malarrya Submitted 11/14/2016 Category Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  12. Future Pinball Database (XML) Pack View File I've painstakingly compiled a list of 700 pinball tables for Future Pinball. This pack also includes genres for Originals, Recreations, Bally, Gottlieb, Sega, Data East, Stern, and others. I also have a matching set of 700 very high quality wheel images and nearly 700 videos. Please let me know if you find any errors and I will fix the as soon as possible. Note: the file naming scheme does NOT include the year. If having the year in the filename is important to you please let me know. I can easily change this or make a set that includes it. I've included the GENRE wheel art here on this post. Submitter malarrya Submitted 11/14/2016 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  13. Version 20150527


    Main menu wheel for The Pinball Arcade. Widescreen 16x9 Black bordered Re-uploaded from old site
  14. Version 20150527


    Main Menu theme for The Pinball Arcade 16x9 Widescreen The backgopund is a shot from the Twilight Zone table which hovers vertically. The TPA logo fades in and pulses while the small pinball bounces around the screen. I use this as my video: But there are several other decent trailers you can use straight from YouTube.
  15. ninja2bceen


    Version 1.0


    Someone was asking for Hyperpin. I looked in my backup folder and sure enough, I had a copy of hypepin. I haven't used it before but I have the program. You need to 7z it and it will asking you for a root folder to throw up everything in there. Enjoy?
  16. 555 downloads

    Pinball fx2 letters
  17. 255 downloads

    Letters for Pinball wheels. Chrome, yellow border, I like em.
  18. Version 1.0


    this is a default HyperPin inspired theme for all desktop Pinball systems, Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX2 and Pinball Arcade. each system has its own unique pointer. Make sure to select Pinball style wheel and move your pointer to the location specified in the picture if you like to make screen captures, or videos. Make sure you capture your videos in full screen. They will look much better. don't make the emumovies standard of 480 captures.
  19. hi folks, i don't know if it's due to my issue but i couldn't access to the pinball projects here http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/251-list-of-pinball-cab-projects-by-our-members/ when i click in project browser redirect me to HS home page
  20. mockup So I'm finally going to build myself a Vpin, I know some of the purist are going to be upset that i'm going to use this classic machine to do it with. I picked it for 150 bucks in the summer, it has been well used and dont really wanna put the time and effort in restoring it for one game and i have limited space I already did a restoration in the summer and it was fun learned a lot, you can see some of it here http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/9054-to-gut-or-not-to-gut-that-is-the-question/page-2 old Harlem globetrotters seen its days but i'm giving it new life
  21. I'm having a hard time getting Pinball FX2 and Pinball Arcade to load without steam. They play by themselves without steam, but through RocketLauncher and Hyperspin, it says cannot find Steam etc... Any suggestions on what to do?
  22. Im looking in to building a Virtual pinball machine and wanted to get the most out of the hardware and was thinking about making a 2 in 1 cabinet. Has anyone done this? I've done some sketches of what i was thinking.... just wondering if anyones has got any thoughts.
  23. Version 2.01


    The Pinball Arcade - Classic pinball tables recreated for the iOS, Android, Playstation, xBox, PC and Mac.
  24. Hi there everyone, I finally gathered all the parts to build my very own virtual pinball cabinet, and I say finally because I have been wanting to build a VP machine for over a year now. Of course, Murphy's laws seem to be working against me once again...to my surprise I came back to this website after a year or so only to find out that there are no files to be downloaded in the Hyperpin section of the website
  25. Version 20150604


    naming scheme matches Marxkemps Pinball Arcade XML version 201. many of wheels in this pack have been re-cut and cleaned from lower quality wheels found elsewhere. some are complete redraws. files where not re-sized to the required HyeprSpin dimensions. This was intentional avoid since some of us have Pinball Cabinets and a larger files (the biggest file is 1553x438 and 813kb) look better on a 46 inch monitor.
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