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Found 6 results

  1. NOTICE: This module works with The Pinball Arcade up to version 1.50.10 (released 6/13/2016). Farsight completely changed the UI of the game (very much for the worse) with version 1.50.11 (released 6/17/2016) so this module will no longer work from that version on. If using the Steam version and want to stay on this version to use this module you will need to keep a backup of the 1.50.10 version of the game as Steam will auto-update and overwrite your files. With a backup you can restore to 1.50.10 if you want. If yours has already updated and you didn't make a backup already then you're screwed. THIS MODULE WILL NOT WORK WITH VERSIONS NEWER THAN 1.50.10 Pinball Arcade Tutorial This module lets you make a Hyperspin system wheel for the Pinball Arcade. The module will launch the game, automatically navigate the TPA menu, automatically scroll to the table you chose and select it and then give you back control to play it. It also lets you escape out to the hyperpin wheel like any other system. Works perfectly. Here's how to set it up. (1.) First update Pinball Arcade to (version 1.50.10 as of 6-13-16), run its config.exe to set your game settings and run the game outside of Hyperspin to make sure it's working right. The latest official RocketLauncher module 2.1.0 doesn't seem to work right so use my newest custom module & matching .isd linked below. Paste it into a text file and name it PinballArcade.AHK and the other PinballArcade.isd. Then place them in the RocketLauncher/Modules/Pinball Arcade folder (make sure to backup your old/existing files first). **This module has all fixes, navigates the in-game menu to the table you chose perfectly, works with both DX9 and DX11 versions, has the nag-screen/pop ups disabled (for both Steam and non-Steam versions) and is updated with every single released table from seasons 1-5. The final table released for Season 5 was TX-Sector. (2.) Regardless of Steam or non-Steam version, DX9 or DX11 version, your .exe must be named PinballArcade.exe to work correctly (capital P, capital A and no spaces). This means that to get the much better looking DX11 version to work you will need to rename the actual .exe file. Go to Programs (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/PinballArcade and rename PinballArcade.exe to PinballArcadeDX9.exe (or whatever you want to name it. This is just to make a backup). Then rename PinballArcade11.exe to just PinballArcade.exe. **This is the only file change you need to make. Nothing else needs to be changed or looked at in the Windows files/folders. **If you are using a "special" non-Steam version then you may or may not need to rename the exe and certain module setting may or may not work (such as no-nag breaking the script). You might also need to give Admin rights to both TPA and/or RocketLauncher to get it to work (most people do not). (3.) In RocketLauncher name the system Pinball Arcade and under the emulator tab set it to the Pinball Arcade module you want to use and check the Virtual Emulator box (for non-Steam versions of the game you must also add the path to your .exe), leave the rest blank. Then in RLauncher go to the Main Settings for Pinball Arcade. At the bottom of the screen change the Skip Checks setting to Rom and Emu (for non-Steam versions set it to Rom Only), Then under the Fade - General settings tab change Mute Emulator on Fade to True. (4.) In RocketLauncher make sure your module settings are correct (Full_Screen true or false, Pinball_Version DX9 or DX11, your Enter Key mapping, etc...). You can click on the individual ?'s to get more info about each setting. You also need to read and follow the other module notes. **I highly recommend that everyone keep the Start_Game module setting set to FALSE so that the module always starts you at the tables attract screen. This way you have a chance to press alternate Start Buttons (Safecracker, Judge Dredd etc...), Choose a multiplayer game or change table settings if needed. If you have Start_Game set to True it will bypass all those options and you will have to quit the table to get back to the attract screen. **It is normal for the tables to show up red under the Games tab in RocketLauncher. This is because this system does not use roms. (5.) If you own every single Pinball Arcade table (including the latest) then you're all set. Just change the All_Tables module setting to TRUE and leave the My_Tables module setting blank. If you DO NOT own all of the tables then change All_Tables to FALSE and you must list every table that you do actually have in the My_Tables module setting. The tables must be listed exactly as they are named in the database, separated by a | symbol and in the exact order they scroll past in the in-game Pinball Arcade table selection menu. For example: Getaway, The - High Speed II (Williams)|Goin' Nuts (Gottlieb)| etc... The easy way to do this would be to copy the My_Tables list I've added below in the code box (which is already correctly ordered and named) paste it into the Module settings and and then just delete the tables you don't have (just be sure to get it exactly right). If you don't have every table you own listed correctly, the module will not work. **If you are using an older version of the game (prior to 1.50.6) that is lacking some tables, then you must manually delete the missing tables from the My_Tables list in the module and from the XML database. You also need your starting table listed and named correctly in the Module. By default it is set as Addams Family, The (Williams) so if you own the Addams Family table you're all set. If not then you must change it to whichever table your game starts on alphabetically. There is no RocketLauncher setting for this so you must open the module itself in notepad, find the starting table line and manually change it matching the name exactly as it is in the database. **If you aren't using the official Steam, up-to-date version then you're on your own making sure your database, My_Tables list and settings match your older "acquired" version. (6.) Use my updated version of the database below. It is fully updated with all tables released. **One change from older database versions is Starship Troopers is credited to Sega instead of Stern. Sega actually made the game, Stern just owns the rights to it. So if you're coming from an already setup Pinball Arcade version you'll need to re-name your Starship troopers Wheel, Art, Themes etc... to match this module/database. Starship Troopers (Sega) If you would rather keep it as manufactured from Stern, then just change Sega to Stern in the database and My Tables list within the module itself. Module: PinballArcade.ahk http://pastebin.com/eesyJ7pJ ISD: PinballArcade.isd http://pastebin.com/hZvBHkmw Database: PinballArcade.xml http://pastebin.com/rv460E6f The complete and correctly named My_Tables list: Addams Family, The (Bally)|Attack from Mars (Bally)|Big Shot (Gottlieb)|Black Hole (Gottlieb)|Black Knight 2000 (Williams)|Black Knight (Williams)|Black Rose (Bally)|Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams)|Bride of Pin-Bot (Williams)|Cactus Canyon (Bally)|Centaur (Bally)|Central Park (Gottlieb)|Champion Pub, The (Bally)|Cirqus Voltaire (Bally)|Class of 1812 (Gottlieb)|Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally)|Cue Ball Wizard (Gottlieb)|Cyclone (Williams)|Diner (Williams)|Dr. Dude & His Excellent Ray (Bally)|Earthshaker (Williams)|El Dorado (Gottlieb)|El Dorado - City Of Gold (Gottlieb)|Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally)|F-14 Tomcat (Williams)|Fireball (Bally)|Firepower (Williams)|Fish Tales (Williams)|Flight 2000 (Stern)|FunHouse (Williams)|Genie (Gottlieb)|Getaway, The - High Speed II (Williams)|Goin' Nuts (Gottlieb)|Gorgar (Williams)|Harley-Davidson, 3rd Edition (Stern)|Haunted House (Gottlieb)|High Roller Casino (Stern)|High Speed (Williams)|Hurricane (Williams)|Jack-Bot (Williams)|Judge Dredd (Bally)|Junk Yard (Williams)|Last Action Hero (Data East)|Lights... Camera... Action! (Gottlieb)|Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega)|Medieval Madness (Williams)|Monster Bash (Williams)|No Fear - Dangerous Sports (Williams)|No Good Gofers (Williams)|Party Zone (Bally)|Phantom of the Opera, The (Data East)|Pin-Bot (Williams)|Red & Ted's Roadshow (Williams)|Rescue 911 (Gottlieb)|Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern)|Safe Cracker (Bally)|Scared Stiff (Bally)|Space Shuttle (Williams)|Star Trek - The Next Generation (Williams)|Starship Troopers (Sega)|Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams)|Taxi (Williams)|Tee'd Off (Gottlieb)|Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Williams)|Theatre of Magic (Bally)|Twilight Zone (Bally)|TX-Sector (Gottlieb)|Victory (Gottlieb)|Whirlwind (Williams)|White Water (Williams)|WHO Dunnit (Bally)|Xenon (Bally)Here are the links to the themes and wheel I made for this system: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11084-pinball-arcade-main-menu-theme-169-metalzoic-20150527/ http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11085-pinball-arcade-default-game-theme-169-metalzoic-20150527/ http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11086-pinball-arcade-main-menu-wheel-169-metalzoic-20150527/ That should do it. Now that they've changed the UI this module won't work with 1.50.11 or future versions. It's been real. EDIT: Updated 6/18/2016 with a notice of the UI change. 8/4 with clarification of some instructions.
  2. Dear Hyperspin Community. Before I go any further, can I please apologise for posting this request for information. I have no doubt that this has been covered thousands of times on thousands of posts on this website and I am indeed sorry. Feel free to scream at me profusely and use a range of poo emojis to communicate your frustration with me. I guess I'm a little overwhelmed with all of the content and I'm a bit unsure where to start. I'm definitely new to Hyperspin and need some help. I have an Nvidia Shield, complete rom packs (at least I think they're complete) for a range of consoles, have the Retroarch emulator working and have a range of other emulators to play all of the games I want. I have a 2TB hard drive that am using as shared (or emulated) storage device and this is dedicated to the shield (non-removable). Ok......this is where you get pissed. 1.) Hyperspin tells me "Warning.....attempting to launch missing rom". Because my HD is emulated the path in ES explorer reads: 'storage/emulated/0/hyperspin/emulators ( …….then all of the console folders (eg: MAME)……. then all the rom folder)'. Roms are placed in this folder. Can someone please tell me what I need to write in the individual setting file (eg: Nintendo 64.ini) as I have had no luck at all with any of the games on the Hyperspin interface. I believe this to be my major problem. 2.) This is where you're really going to get the shits. I downloaded the base pack for the Nvidia Shield (from the Hyperspin site) and the start menu is great. When I enter a console I have a warning triangle telling me "Video Previews available at emumovies.com". How do I sinc the videos with the individual menus (I think they are referred to as 'systems' but I have no idea how to install these)???????? Soooo...……..where can I find these and how and where do I install them?? 3.) I believe that the fonts and images associated with roms are called 'wheels'. I have downloaded a few of these but how would I install these on the shield? Basically, what I'm asking is...……... how can I setup Hyperspin on the Shield using a shared storage device so that it kicks some serious ass. A huge thank you for anyone that can help me. Feel free to kick my ass in the comments but I've already done that over the past couple of weeks so I'm well ahead of you. Thank you so much Hyperspin and hope to hear from you soon. Soup Pants.
  3. I made this last night. May help someone. It's the 1st things I do when setting up retroarch after install. then I do this to sync everything up with Hyperspin
  4. SETUP: Hyperspin (for Android) InstallInstall Android .apk on your NVIDIA Shield portable, tablet, or TV/console Copy data to internal storage or insert sdcard or connect USB hard drive with Hyperspin data Run app Android additions Hyperspin will seek and prioritize /usbdrive/Hyperspin first, then /sdcard1/Hyperspin, then /sdcard/Hyperspin for your data Optional additional database file called "Main Menu_Android.xml" offers a subset or superset of wheels Optional additional settings folder called /Settings_Android allows both Windows and Android launcher/rompaths to co-exist. Within settings .ini files, you can define multiple emulators on the exe= and parameter= lines (i.e. 2600.emu and Retroarch/Stella) and it will launch the first emulator that is installed. See the example Android .ini files posted in the download area..
  5. I made this for my project and thought that it may help people here setting up Hypersync?
  6. salve a tutti. sto acquistando l'hardware per il mio cab e prima di spendere un po' di soldi vorrei chiedere qualche consiglio. il mio cab dovrà utilizzare mame, supermodel ma soprattutto il famigerato demul che richiede un bel po' di hardware. come configurazione avrei in mente questa qua che nedite? Scheda Madre MSI 970A-G46 Socket AM3+ DDR3 SATA3 USB3 ATX 83,00 CPU AMD FX-6300 6-Core Vishera 3.5GHz Socket AM3+ 14MB 95W Boxed 107,00 Corsair Memoria Pc Vengeance Performance 4 Gb Ddr3-1600 - Pc3-12800 - Cl9 (Cmz4Gx3M1A160​0C9) 37,00 Sapphire HD7750 Scheda video (PCI-e, 1GB GDDR5, HDMI, DVI-I, DisplayPort attivo) 65,00 Samsung HD502HJ Spinpoint F3 Hard Disk Interno 3.5" 500GB - 7200rpm - Cache 16MB 56,00 Alimentatore PC Thermaltake Berlin 630W 80+ ATX 56,00 Samsung SH-222BB Masterizzatore DVD-RW, versione Bulk 26,00 totale 430 euri.... che ne dite??? posso risparmiare qualcosa? è meglio se spendo qualcosa in più? fatemi sapere!!!
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