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Found 3 results

  1. This is the start of the WIP guide and Amiga Project thread DONT REPLY TO THIS THREAD REPLY TO THIS ONE(clicky) For now this will become a tempory guide to UAE4arm setup with the Ultimate Amiga Raspberry Pi Project a helpful source of information in google Step 1 - Install Uae4arm (beta) You need to follow this link to sign up to be a beta tester to gain access to the apk that can launch games directly from Hyperspin. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/atua.anddev.uae4arm Link above taken from the English Amiga Board and the post below http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=1158186&postcount=349 Step 2 - Install Kickstarts WIP Database taken from this thread post More to follow Amiberry Android progress threads https://github.com/midwan/amiberry/issues/206 https://github.com/midwan/amiberry/issues/241
  2. Hey Guys I know this isn't really a Hyperspin problem but I was hopeing someone has set up their PS3 controller on the shield without the problems I'm having. I can get the pad working fine with everything plugged in or using Bluetooth (HyperSpin, KODI, etc) but the red lights are constantly flashing (trying to link to something?) if I turn off my Shiled the lights carry on flashing until the battery dies in the controller. Is this normal? When I turn on the Shield TV after the lights go out (the following day) I have to re plug in the controller using the USB & re connect it all over again which is a pain each time I want to use it as a normal navigation control. Thanks for the help
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post. My goal is to emulate N64 on myShield TV device, nothing else. So, I've been trying for 5h to make HyperSpin work on my Nvidia Shield TV, and I'm about to give up. To start, I'm going to list all what I did so that we can eliminate a few error factors from me: -I first tried to run Retroarch (nightly build from their website) with my N64 roms (I didn't forget to download N64 core, etc.), only to have the games start and start with a black screen and a few bit of game sound sometime. I later learned in the forums that the N64 core from Retroarch is down for now. -Then I went for HyperSpin. I watched Simply Austin videos on how to setup HyperSpin with Rocketlauncher, how to upgrade HyperSpin 1.3.3 to 1.4, his Setup video to run N64. So I had HyperSpin working perfectly on my computer with N64 games. -From that I changed the ini.files in the Settings for the ones of Android. I installed Retroarch and HyperSpin on my shield from Google Play store. -I followed this guide (http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/9226-how-to-set-up-hyperspin-on-the-nvidia-shield-beginners-guide/), copied the HyperSpin folder on my shield. It didn't work (roms not found) -The N64 roms are not zipped, then I read about changing the path of the roms in the N64.ini files so that they match And then I see that in the download section of this website there is 2 patches for android, and I'm getting really confused as to what I'm supposed to do because I see about 25 different things I'm supposed to change in a certain order to make it work. So my question would be: how do I make N64 roms run on my Nvidia shield TV? Thank you (a guy getting confused by the amount of information to make it run) EDIT*** N64 roms are now working with Mupen64AE, you should use this until the core for the N64 is fixed for Hyperspin***
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