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Found 3 results

  1. (FYI having trouble with upping some screenshots and the new formatting so please excuse the wierd format) Converting 16x9 Themes for Hyperspin Android List of theme animation compatibility https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1-8Ofa_GrAdnQ22nf7W7QYVeQoKBQxA_- (I am in NO way competent with artwork resolutions but my method works and looks good to me) Why... Because sometimes that theme you really liked just doesn’t display correctly The main reason for theme problems is the use of animation and scripting of the .swf assets in the “theme”.zip (It’s best to replace themes that cause Hyperspin to crash out, but you can try to convert them) What’s covered... 1. Extract PNG assets from swf files 2. Reduce HQ artwork to be compatible with Hyperspin 3. Further reduce artwork width to allow for Hyperspin 4x3 -> 16x9 stretching 4. Recompile your theme What is Needed: Update on resizing tool. Fotosizer is now advised against because of the compression/quality loss it causes. pPlease use Photoshop or this program recommended by @IceLancer https://sourceforge.net/projects/easyimagesizer/?source=typ_redirect A A Fotosizer (http://www.fotosizer.com/) batch resize image files B. Flash Decompiler (https://www.free-dec...flash/download/) extract png’s from swf C. Time and Themes I have done a little testing for Main Menu themes. This spreadsheet shows what I have tested and its Android compatibility status. The sheet has download section links for all themes I have tried. Let’s get to it... So grab a theme zip you want to play with and Unzip it. Any 16x9 Main Menu, Game or System Default theme will do. BakerMan provided me a guide to extracting the PNG’s from SWF but it has since been lost. These are the steps 1. Open JPEXS once downloaded and installed from link above 2. Click on the “Open” tab and browse to the offending .swf file from your unzipped theme SCREENSHOT 3. 3. Right click on “Images” on the left and click “Export Selection” (At this step you may find multiple images. If these images are only parts of one image, say the arms and legs of a character, you will have to lose that image completely from the theme or replace it with another one) SCREENSHOT2 4. Click “ok” to PNG file type then choose a location for the exported images (Default is Desktop. Only export one at a time and then move the PNG out of the output folder as it overwrites each one if not) SCREENSHOT3 5. Now browse to that Output location and you will find your PNG’s in an “images” folder. You are now ready for phase 2 – Resizing the images Note, fotosizer does cause a reduction in artwork quality. If your sensitive to this you may want to use another method. (If you know of a better program please comment) I only run a 37' screen and don't mind myself. (Resizing Artwork is covered comprehensively by Avar in his tutorials found HERE) Open Fotosizer Add the Artwork that was converted to PNG Reduce the images to 68% KEEP MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO TICKED (this is the best size for the ones I have done) 4. Move the right side settings bar down and select an Output Folder 5 Remove that Artwork from Fotosizer 6. Add the newly resized artwork back into Fotosizer 7. Reduce the Width to 75% (to allow HS to stretch it back when its loaded) 8. UNTICK MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO 9. Now add this finished art back into the theme folder and zip it up again 10. Name the zip file the same as you have it in the “Main Menu.xml” database Final Thoughts... Now when you try this theme out you may find the artwork has slightly changed location. If so adjust the Artwork positions in the theme.xml file within the theme.zip OR load it into Hypertheme and adjust it as required Hope this helps someone. HS Android Theme Animations.txt
  2. 16:9 - GX4000 - Main Menu (16:9) 20170511 View File SWF-smoothed HD widescreen 16:9 adaptation of Klopjero's original 16:9 Amstrad GX4000 main menu theme. Enjoy! Submitter Avar Submitted 05/11/2017 Category Main Menu Themes Media Dimensions Credits  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    SWF-smoothed HD widescreen 16:9 adaptation of Klopjero's original 16:9 Amstrad GX4000 main menu theme. Enjoy!
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