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Found 5 results

  1. DISREGARD - FIXED, don't see how to delete a post here. It was Hyperbrite. Had I searched directly here instead of just Google I'd have found it right away. My fault. Hello, I am getting the error "usb error please check sign is connected" every time HyperSpin starts, once I click OK it shows up again any time I make a wheel choice. What have I done? I don't /recall/ making any changes. My log from my Hyperspin directory is pretty empty: 02:50:12 PM | HyperSpin Started 02:50:12 PM | Going FullScreen 02:50:12 PM | Checking for updates 02:50:12 PM | Update Check Complete 02:50:12 PM | Startup program unavailable 02:50:12 PM | Error intializing joysticks 02:50:12 PM | Menu Mode is multi 02:50:12 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 02:50:12 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 02:50:13 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 02:50:19 PM | Loading MAME.xml 02:50:19 PM | roms_only is true, checking files 02:50:21 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 02:50:22 PM | MAME wheel loaded successfully 02:50:26 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 02:50:26 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 02:50:27 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 02:50:34 PM | Exit program unavailable 02:50:34 PM | Quiting Hyperspin 02:50:34 PM | Bye! I'm using a Tankstick using keyboard emulation and have no marquee sign or anything like that. Any ideas?
  2. I am currently in the process of converting a PandoraBox cabinet into a Mame machine and so purchased a Jamma -> USB card. The card is seen in windows (10 64 bit) as two 3H Dual Arcade controllers but when I go to check the joysticks or buttons the PC is not receiving any of the inputs. I could have a broken card or the wiring in this cabinet is not standard Jamma. Can anyone tell me if the wiring for PandoraBox is standard? (When I connect everything back up it all works with the PandoraBox cartridge). I have uploaded a pic of the card incase anyone recognises it. (All I did was remove the Pandorabox cartridge and connect this card in its place.) Appreciate any help / support!
  3. Hi folks. Don't know if any of you use Dr Venture's ControllerRemap to deal with usb devices and mame, but I've knocked toegther a GUI for it that should hopefully help with its use. You can find details here: https://controllerremapgui.codeplex.com/
  4. Hello everyone, The Howler Arcade controller is now live: Check it out on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2034467396/howler-arcade-controller Here is the Video: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2034467396/howler-arcade-controller/widget/video.html Here are a few details: The Howler Arcade Controller is a 4 joystick, 26 button, gamepad controller, keyboard controller, mouse controller, 96 channel LED driver USB composite device designed for interfacing to controls on a home arcade system. Thanks, Josh
  5. I have been talking about building a cabinet for years and finally have started. I will be building a 4 player control panel style that hooks up to any TV with an HDMI cable. One cool thing about my cabinet is that I designed my own controller. I want to be able to light all my buttons and joysticks with an RGB LED and configure my buttons and joysticks as keyboard inputs, mouse inputs or joystick inputs but there was no controller that could do everything an it would have cost over $250 to get what I wanted and required 5+ circuit boards. I am an Electronics Engineer so I said screw it and I designed my own! So the Howler Controller was born: Here are what the specs WILL be for my controller (Hardware 100% operational, working on firmware now): 4 Joysticks (each with RGB LED drive) - Each joystick consists of 4 inputs and 3 LED drive outputs (for RGB lit joysticks). Inputs can be configured as buttons if joystick operation is not needed. - Each joystick can be configured as a USB keyboard, USB Digital Joystick, USB Analog Joystick, USB mouse (for spinners and trackballs) 26 buttons (each with RGB LED drive) - Each button consists of 1 input and 3 LED drive outputs (for RGB lit buttons) - Each button can be configured as a USB Keyboard keypress, USB Joystick button press, or USB Mouse Button press Other features: - Each LED has 255 levels of brightness for 16 MILLION color combinations! - Working on config program which allows unlimited configuration combinations of USB Keyboard, USB Mouse and USB Joysticks (multiple). - Requires only 1 USB connection per circuit board. - USB controller is powered from USB and LEDs are powered with external supply (+3.3V to +12V, whatever user chooses) - Total number of LEDs that can be individually controller (255 levels) is 92! 3x as much as other controllers! - Working on command line program to set LEDs so that it may be integrated with Hyperspin to set button/joystick colors for each individual game. (NES games will light up 2x RED buttons, TMNT arcade will light up each controller as the original arcade did (purple, blue, orange, red!). I will be posting more pics of my cabinet as it gets built. If anyone is interested in my controller, let me know!
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