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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Spinners & Pinners, It's been all good since the VPcabs debut on Shark Tank this past May. Brad Baker from VPcabs was hired by Universal Studios to create a stand-up Vertigo arcade 'Back to the Future' themed machine for Michael J. Fox's Parkinson Disease Foundation. I got to design the entire build with licensed artwork from the movie. What a great project to be part of! Ebay posted the auction, all the proceeds from this event went to the charity. It was showcased with the actors Fox, Christopher Llyod and Lea Thompson at the Chicago Wizard World convention this past summer. The design was so well received from Universal that a second matching virtual pinball machine was commissioned. Also designed by me. The brother and sister set look the part and have been a popular design for BTTF fans all over. If you have an idea for a project or would like something totally all your own please let me know. I'm always looking for something super cool and one of a kind to work on. Thank you, all the best! Josh http://www.backtothefuture.com/news-events/latest-news/Wizard-World-Debuting-Back-to-the-Future-Pinball http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/great-scott-vpcabs-teams-up-wizard-world-universal-ebay-josh-white
  2. Hello Spinners and Pinners, Wow what a hiatus for me. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. It's good to see people still making machines and sharing ideas. This website is still my favorite to get a pulse on custom arcade machine builds. I do still answer emails and contacts so please if you need anything let me know. Keep up the excellent work! VPcabs out of Ohio is going to be on Shark Tank next month. As you can imagine Brad Baker's 3 year journey to get to this point has been a long haul (literally). His annual visits to arcade shows throughout the country has been a lifeline to what Hyper Spin and Hyper Pin represent. Good old arcade fun in a new age cabinet build. I'm fortunate to have been the designer dude for all his commercial free artwork during this trek. It's been keeping me incredibly busy. I can't wait to see my logo I designed for his company on television. Wow, my design work on tv... wait a minute I've been doing designs that have been on tv for 20 years?? Never gets old VPcabs has brought to market a new stand-up arcade cabinet called Vertigo. It plays both classic arcade games as well as Steam Pinball FX2 pinball games. It's a great design to house both formats into one machine. It's been selling lot hot cakes and makes us feel good that old school and new school arcade gaming is alive and well. Check out VPcabs new website: www.virtualpinball.com I'm still making designs for clients all over the globe. It's been a busy past few years and wouldn't be fortunate to have done so without the good people of this community. I'm lucky to have been part of so many projects. I just needed to give everyone hear a tremendous shout out and let you folks know I'm still in the biz of getting custom ideas brought to life for our community. I worked with BBB on the Hyper Pin 2.0 project. We created a fantastic new logo and I'm anxious to see it's debut. I look forward to a resurgence in our gaming community and hope more and more people will visit and keep this community strong especially with the exposure VPcabs will bring to a larger market in the coming months. Big shout out to Lucian045; my good friend Brad Bowman is still my main man in the print world. Out of the 100+ design projects I've designed they have all gone to Brad. His work and attention to detail are second to none. I've always admired his positive attitude and ability to get the best possibly product to clients all over the globe. Also big shout outs to Dazz & Mameman. It was a blast to see them again at another Texas Pinball Festival last month. I really enjoy playing old school pinball machines. I love seeing all the different designs through the ages. Especially playing games I hadn't in the past and also all the newest arrivals like the Big Lebowski and Stern's Ghostbusters. Although my all time favorite is the new KISS pinball. I'm still a member of the Kiss Army! A few pictures of some recent work and some shots from this years TPF. Please contact me if you'd like to hire me for your next project. I hope to continue having fun getting your ideas onto cabs all over the globe. Much like my career in broadcast television it never gets old. Thank you. All the best! Respectfully yours, Josh http://www.jwgfx.com
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