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Found 6 results

  1. Hi my fellow Hyperspinners. I've been planning to build a cab ever since I discovered Hyperspin. More than a year ago I ordered all the necessary parts for building the cab of my dreams only to discover that the design I went for wouldn't fit through the doors to my apartment and my plans to make it separable would be way to expensive to do in Denmark. Since then I discovered the Vewlix styled cab and instantaneously fell in love. I scoured the web for the perfect plans to fit my needs as well as woodworking abilities. Some time passed. I kept myself occupied by helping my brother out with his bartop build. Then finally Donnei contacted me regarding a design called the Newlix. A few days later I had the plans in my possession, ready to build. What's special about the plans on ArcadeFromScratch is that you receive prints of the parts in a 1:1 scale, which makes it incredibly easy to draw the plans onto the MDF without having to measure anything. Only downside is that everything is in French. I managed to translate the plans myself and the guy behind the site is very friendly and helpful. I'm almost done cutting out the pieces with a circular saw. Below is a couple of pictures some of the pieces I cut out (sorry for the quality - will improve these later). External and internal side of the cab. Side of the bottom part of the cab as well as a side piece for the control panel. Next step is to flush trim the opposite sides to get an identical piece. As well as using a 45° chamfer bit to achieve that iconic beveled edges the Vewlix is known for. Wish me luck! I'll try to document my progress as much as possible. Feel free to ask any question, post tips and comments regarding this project.
  2. hi guys i live in Brazil , this very hard to find vewlix arcade projects , I want a project with plan for cnc in corel draw .dxf into vectors , can someone please help me...
  3. Hi All I have been lurking on these forums for a few months trying to get my head around Hyperspin with varying degrees of success and then more failure however i have put that on the back burner for a while whilst i build my 32 inch vewlix clone provided from Troy at Arcadeworx ( Perth , Australia). Just a quick background with regards to the machine build is as follows . I was searching the internet for plans to build a cabinet to house a PC running Hyperspin and an Xbox 360 running RGH so i can copy all my current games onto it . Whilst i was doing this i found Arcadeworx and after some searching of their designs i decided to buy it and get the ball rolling . The price for the cabinet was approx $600 Australian dollars plus $ 100 delivery to Sydney which i had no issue with . I should have stopped there however i spent another 20 minutes looking through the internet and found a Vewlix machine machine ( 32 inch 2 player ) about 2 hours from me that a guy wanted $700 for , The Machine has a 600 in one jamma board installed which is nice but misses out on all the Mortal kombat games which is extremely dissapointing A decision was made that i should buy it and suffer my Wife's drama after , she was actually pretty happy with it once i got it home and even played street fighter 2 for an hour hahaha. In an ideal world i will build the MDF clone and sell the Vewlix at the end to recoup some costs however my 9 yr old does enjoy playing so i may keep both . I have put together the arcade cabinet now which took about an hour and i will keep you all updated on the build as it progresses . thanks all
  4. hi guys iam korea gamer my hyperspin cabinnet by vewlix https://youtu.be/JzsEpaG1BgA see you
  5. Here is the beginning of the construction of my other cab, this is the second of 2 custom vewlix cabs based off of the Kraylix and Donnovan Myers Vewlix cabs Kray is building the Control Panels for both cabs and should be done in about 3 weeks... http://www.kraylixarcade.com/ http://www.donovanmyers.com/ here is the link to the vert slim 1 player build http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13030
  6. Well I have been reluctant to share my work on here since I find forums to be hyper critical but I figure its about time I show this thing off. I started this project last Feb. and am nearing completion. I wanted to build something unique but still very Japanese and also practical. It comes apart into two pieces at the base of the screen. I designed the thing in Adobe Illustrator working to scale. I'm still debating on what color to paint it. I really like the way it looks with white primer but a semi gloss epoxy paint coating would be nice as well. Let me know what you guys think. The latest thing I worked out was the backlit custom marquee at the top. Making the sticker mask and painting that was way more work than I wanted it to be.
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