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Mame XML full lists generator 0.0.191beta2

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About This File

This is the mame xml databases full lists generator application :

Generate Mame xml full lists of any version you want.

Auto-Download all ini files necessary for generate Mame xml full lists.

You can create your own Files from mame (official) sorted by :
working or All games(including non-working)
number of Players (from 1p to 9p)
Genres (48 genre lists + 1 "new" genre list for games added from the current version)
Manufacturers (26 lists of the most important manufacturers)
Years (5 lists by decade of years)
Extras (Controls,Buttons,Sound Channels,Screens,Languages,Versions,Best games,In/Not in Dir,Others...)


Same thing for Folders:
Manufacturers , Genre , Years , Players , and all Extras :
These lists will have the same directory/lists created :
For ex : Genre "Fighter","Soccer","Adventure","Capcom","Sega","1970-1979","2p sim".... will have :
working or All games(including non-working)

Genres (49 genre lists)
number of Players (from 1p to 9p)
Manufacturers (26 lists max)
Years (5 lists max)
Extras (Controls,Buttons,Sound Channels,Screens,Languages,Versions,Best games,in/Not in Dir,Others...)



What's New in Version 0.0.191beta2


2017-11-05 - Fixed - Pinball Genre was not detected. (Not Electromechanical - Pin)

2017-10-30 - Fixed - Version 0.191 doesn't write Working lists