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    • thatman84

      Uploading Content   12/15/2017

      Please Read Before Uploading.... Thank You to everyone that shares their creations in the Upload Here section. There is some outstanding contributions to check out. Some simple things to help people find your content and admins to manage uploads. Post a topic in HyperStudio forum before uploading Upload to the correct Sub Section Use tags Please add details to your Title Good Title: -   World of Warcraft (PC Games) (16:9)
      Bad Title: -   World of Warcraft Aspect Ratio = (16:9), (16:9ST), (4:3)
      System = (Hyperlist Names)
      Details = Main Menu, System Default, +Wheel, Animated BG, Universal Theme.......
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About This File

Hi, I needed a tool to tell me what amount of work I had in front of me and where to put efforts in. I tried HyperAudit but it doesn't work for me (old app / folder structure.. english windows only? no idea why... don't care). So I made my own and if anyone needs something to audit its hyperspin installation, give it a try, it might help you as well.

10/09/2013 added a button to switch HyperSpin directory to inspect, in case you've got more than one install. You can now put HyperDetective files wherever you want in its own directory, you no longer have to put it inside HyperSpin directory.

10/02/2013 added a check for default video paths (empty [video_defaults] 'path' string in system's ini file), correctly reporting videos found in system's Video default folder (thanks to potts43 for spotting this)

09/13/2013 added a case sensitivity check functionality. Now the detective tells you if it found a good name but wrong case (like CombAt (USA) instead of Combat (USA)), that file will be in a "not found" table with crimson color. I also removed the jpg check since HS only wants png.

09/12/2013 fixed a little bug (xml without was disabling audit for the current audited system, but also for those selected that were left to audit)

09/10/2013 for those who downloaded this prior to 09/10/2013 11:23pm (Paris Time) , you should update the download because first release had a minor bug that is fixed now (seen only in Firefox with high number of results)