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bear with me on this i am not a computer expert so setting up hyperspin is too difficult and complicated for me i have gone to a few friends and family to see if they could help set it all up but they seemed to have a hard time with it themselves all i want is to have hyperspin downloaded with every system every game for said systems and all the bells and whistles for it so i can play all the games i want if there is anyone who could point me to someone someplace and or a website that can get me all that that would be great


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What you want dosen't exist, there isnt just one download you can get that will work. Setting up hyperspin is a manual process and takes time to get right. You're also on your own finding roms for your systems. 

What I can help you with is finding resources that will help.

I started off using this blog for setting up Hyperspin, Rocketlauncher and Mame. Take your time and read through the guide. If you do it as he says you shouldn't have any issues



If you prefer video tutorials, I also used videos from this guy's channel,


These were SUUUUPER helpful and I wish I found this earlier but both resources were extremely helpful in setup. Aside from those, the community here and the hyperspin subreddit have been awesome to supplement issues I ran into while setting everything up.


Good luck!


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