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  1. Organize my PC Games

    what about the issue with set use_indexes=false that is in the PC Games.ini settings? it is set to FALSE but i still need to put the xml in alphabetical or else it does show up correctly
  2. Organize my PC Games

    ok thanks, any ideas y i had to add a blank entry to the bottom of the .xml to get the last game to show up on the wheel?
  3. Organize my PC Games

    So would the <game be all the way touching the left column? and indent be made at the first dotted lines?
  4. Organize my PC Games

    ok thanks Bungles, how would you suggest i format it so it doesnt hurt your OCD lol? is there an easier way to do the xml's? i don't mind rewriting it before the list gets very long
  5. Organize my PC Games

    Thanks Bungles, so the only way for me to get to show the last game in the database was to add an empty line at the bottom. not sure y i had to add that but it worked once i did, i have attached the PC Games xml. i have also included the PC Games.ini i found from settings like u mention where it still doesnt allow me to alphabetize my list. so i did it manually PC GAMES.xml PC Games.ini
  6. Organize my PC Games

    ok So i found my Pc Games.ini in the settings and it does already show set use_indexes=false. but it still wont put everything in Alphabetical order for me? Now Also today i started adding more games to the database but for some reason the last game in the database does not show up in my hyperspin wheel. Rocket Launcher shows 58 roms(games) and when i go into hyperspin and go through the games only 57 show up and its the last game on the list???? is there a limit to how many games go in the list(is there a setting somewhere to increase the amount of games)??? thanks, Vince
  7. Organize my PC Games

    Hey Bungles, thank you for your help, however i have yet to find the set use_indexes=false in any of my folders? Pc Games.ini in databases shows the games info/metadata and within Rocket Launcher folder where the Pc Launcher folder is located that is where my other PC Games.ini is located and that only shows game titles and file path to exe? Am i missing Something or still looking in the wrong spot? Thanks, Vince
  8. Organize my PC Games

    Hey Guys, I'm just wondering which database do i need to edit in order to get my games within my PC GAMES WHEEL in alphabetical order? is It PC Games.ini within databases or the rocket launcher/modules/pc Launcher/Pc Games.ini? thanks, Vince
  9. vincez28