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  1. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    any possibility of being able to specify a background image and then hyperlogo would use it as a background image for the text and make the text fit? I was thinking something like the nes wheel images would be kind of nice. I see some options in imagemagick for stuff like that so I wasn't sure how hard that would be.
  2. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    I think thats just being resized to fit in the available space, you can see the shorter words are larger while longer words are smaller
  3. Relative Paths

    ok for a temporary "solution" you can use notepad++ to do it pretty quickly using regular expressions. Get Notepad++ from here http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/download.php after you download it start it and press the open button and navigate to your hyperspin settings folder and highlight all the files in here and press open. All of your ini files should open up at once in seperate tabs. Press ctrl + H to bring up the search and replace dialog. Select the regular expression radio button at the bottom and then paste this in the search field rompath = C:\\HyperSpin\\Emulators\\([^\\]*)\\roms and this in the replace field rompath = H:\Emulation\Games\\1 of course replacing the path with your own path but the \1 must be at the end. The \1 inserts whatever was in the parenthesis in the search. Press find next to make sure its highlighting the correct part. Press replace and make sure it replaces it like you want. If it does then press replace all in all documents open and it will change that value for all the ini files at once saving a bunch of time. This also assumes that your rom folders are named the same as what HyperSpin sets up by default like "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" mine are named like the no-intro dat names so I have to add modify the lines slightly when it is finished but the hyperspin default names are pretty close so it just takes a bit of adding and adjusting. Much better than typing the whole thing out on each file. in my case the path line only needs a slight change from C:\HyperSpin to H:\Emulation but if yours is more complicated this program is really nice and should be able to fix you up just fine. What this ([^\\]*) does is it it keeps choosing text elements that are not \ the carot means not and there are two \\ so that it searches for \ instead of treating it as a regular expression term. So it chooses the emulator folder name since it is between \ \ The \1 inserts whatever was in the first set of regular expression parenthesis. If we had done several sets of parenthesis then we could of inserted text from the second set of parethesis with \2 and so on.
  4. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator 0.1

    cool, thanks brian
  5. Relative Paths

    yeah I'm not messing with those solutions, thanks though I just don't want to have to set that up every time. I thought about just mounting the drive as a folder to but I'm not messing with any of that. I was just thinking if it was something that could be added easily it would be nice.
  6. Relative Paths

    I know this was discussed before but I forget what was said. I just want to say though that I think relative paths would be a great addition. I find myself reinstalling all the time for various reasons, and I install hyperspin on an external drive so the drive letter changes. relative paths would make it work no matter what the drive letter ended up being. Yeah I know I can force a drive letter but this would be nicer. Not anything crazy important but it would be nice.
  7. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator 0.1

    its because the gba xml is using the pocketheaven naming definitely a sign to switch over to the no-intro dat I kid, I kid(not about switching ) I'm pretty sure the no-intro naming is fairly lengthy also for the 2 in 1 games and such so it probably wouldn't help solve this problem if name length is the problem.
  8. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator 0.1

    yeah imagemagick is nice, very nice. I kind of had something working but it was just a simple command line script thing that read a directory and you had to specify the options each time. Nothing at all as nice as this program. This page has some nice examples too like, backgrounds and gradients http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/text/ Thanks fata1err0r
  9. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator 0.1

    I have no problem just using the tool if its alot of work to add and then might end up causing lag.
  10. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator 0.1

    This tool looks like it will work just fine but it is something else that must be run. If you add a couple of games then you would have to run this again and generate the new images and so on. If BBB adds wheel text then nothing extra needs to be done just set a couple of options in the config and hyperspin takes care of the rest for whatever games you add at any time in the future. But this tool is just what I wanted for now. I had started to work with image magick myself to do this but this is nice and easy and already finished. What might be kind of cool is background support. being able to specify either a border and a pattern or a border and a background image for each wheel image it generates. Don't know how much work/how hard that would be for your program. Thank you fata1err0r
  11. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator 0.1

    I'll give it a try later. Thank you. I had worked for a short while on making a little image magick script to do this but didn't get a chance to finish it, now it looks like I won't have to I wonder what is easier for hyperspin to do, load in a bunch of images like this or, if bbb does go ahead and add this functionality, for hyperspin to auto generate the wheel text like he was thinking about.