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  1. I wonder why he split off a 2nd version
  2. yea its a 30 day trial version of win 8 pro... i mean installing a new os from a usb drive of some type shouldnt be all that difficult. you may just need to turn uefi off for older os's and im not sure if thats an option or not. LSDguy windows loader will activate windows 7 and newer
  3. LSGguy have you tried windows loader yet?
  4. well as far as i can tell these devices are able to be formatted (turn uefi off?) and have any os installed on them... right now they claim the android build boots but is really buggy so thats why it isnt available right this second
  5. the meego has bluetooth as well, this one does anyways... http://maketheone.com/product/meegopad-t01-32gb-windows-8-mini-pc-travel-kit/ and you can get it with the non trial windows
  6. yea appears the activated windows version is $159 usa
  7. Some Marquee Magic

    long time lurker and thought id chime in and let you know you can find the same monitors he's using randomly on ebay in very good used condition for dirt cheap! i just got mine for $145 shipped! i gladly cut into my hyperspin cab case without hesitation! it looks great!!!