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  1. Seriously !

    Cool no bother, I'm in New Zealand at the minute and not working yet so just PM me when your back
  2. Seriously !

    What do you need done, I'd be more than happy to put a few hours per week into it:top:
  3. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    I dont think this tool is needed for hyperspin anymore as hyperspin now includes its own wheel text(changable in hyperhq)
  4. sneak peak - my new cab... er...

    Yeah I reckon it could be done though, possibly by building one of these into it
  5. sneak peak - my new cab... er...

    Deadly, Think an N64 will be my next project
  6. Announcing HyperPin Digital Pinball Frontend

    When my tv go's out of date I know what im doing with it
  7. Announcing HyperPin Digital Pinball Frontend

    Brillant, I'd love a pinball cabinet
  8. HYPERLAUNCH.EXE virus ?

    AVG is the best free scanner i've used. Personally I dont run one at all
  9. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Having the same issue as Dazz I'm using mame .128u5
  10. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    Only using comic with a navy edge and turquise filling, its only a stop gap till all themes are created, now all I have to do is modify the background to fit the videos a bit better. before i found this i've been making individual wheel images, of which i'll still use till better are available great work lads BTW
  11. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    Thanks guys Just ran the program from my laptop with Vista and put in the unc path to my xml file and wheel folder and worked a treat feel stupid for not doing this in the 1st place
  12. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    Looked into this error online and the only thing I could find said to install fileup which fails to install anyone else having this trouble?
  13. HyperLogo Wheel Image Generator

    Cool App Any ideas, getting this error