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  1. Tutorial How to config Ledwiz-PacDrive

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread. Can I still use a Pac-drive with visual pinball for rom-controlled lighting of my start and launch button, or are the files of the tutorial not valid anymore ? Anyone here who uses a pac-drive ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I'd like to use a Pac-Drive for lighting my start button and launch button (rom controlled) maybe the coin slots as well. This is the pinball controller that I've made I found 2 tutorials, and I've read that you have to use an old version of the ledcontrol.vbs file to get it working ( because the pac-drive wasn't supported anymore ) and some other files. But the tutorials are a few years old. Has there been any changes regarding the files, maybe it's supported in the newest ledcontrol.vbs ? Is there anyone here who uses the pac-drive for rom-controlled lighting of their leds ? I hope I can use the pac-drive for this. For altering the script of the tables, do you have to use a certain tool ? ( like the dof config tool, or is that for something else entirely ? ) Probably just manually edit each table script ? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. How To: UltraVP Config

    I have the exact same issue.