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  1. so i got a hyperspin collection downloaded and all the controls are screwed up in mame, like p3 button 3 was set to p "P" and every knows P pauses the damn emulator. I messaged the guy who made the build and asked him why hes using P as a button and he laughs and says no it doesn't pause the emulator....it clearly does and everyone knows that P has always been reserved for pause button. Well i changed P to 6 and i wanna change all the joytokey profiles that came with the build to match that because also P1 has button 3 and 4 set to shift and space and if you mash buttons and hit those 2 at the same time it tabs you out of the game so i need to change those as well.
  2. whats up guys i built a 4 player pedestal with a trackball but im having hard time mapping all the buttons for all the players across all the systems and emulators. What is the best way i can go about doing this?
  3. Hey guys so I was looking for help on installing ICE-T RGB Trackball without an LED Wiz board. I'm not sure on where the wires go coming off the LED board and how to attach them to anything Its a blue, red, green, and a brown, i believe the colors are for the colors of the ball and brown for ground but idk where to hook them in. As for the trackball its got a single molex green coming off it which i think is a neutral but idk what to plug that into either. any help or tips is appreciated
  4. title says it all, i built a 4 player arcade using ipac 4 player and i have a trackball. I got the buttons working in attract mode on retropie but like none of the buttons work in all the other systems. Does anyone have any config files to share or can help me get all the systems set up? thanks
  5. extra buttons with x-arcade trackball?

  6. sup guys I'm building a 4 player pedestal arcade and I ordered a 3" X-Arcade trackball and it came with 4 buttons attached to it, what are those for and can I just cut those off ?
  7. setting up photoshop template for cabinet

    trying to make a template in photoshop for the arcade being built in that link. Im using same measurments but i wanna use my own artwork. how do i create a file in photoshop with those dimensions so when i add artwork to it i can just send the file off to be use an printed so they know what sizes to print.
  8. setting up photoshop template for cabinet

    and the most useless forums award goes toooooooooooooooooo
  9. Hey guys, so I'm making this build here http://www.instructables.com/id/4-Player-Pedestal-Arcade-Cabinet-for-MAME/ I'm trying to setup photoshop to make a template for the sides and the front to put artwork on so i can send it out for vinyl. buttttt i don't know how to do that. Can someone lend a hand, please and thank you.