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  1. Instant Sheller

    Well it works lol, I might have the day formatting though sadly. I of course do not read instructions, so went ahead and done it anyway. It booted up HS and I thought brilliant, so I exited out of there, expecting to go to my desktop, and how wrong I was lol I shall see if I can get back in tomorrow, I don't think that I have lost too much but if I can access the hard drive, then I can transfer files across. Last time I try that Regards Mark *** Update *** Yipee I am back I tried to do a repair from the windows disc, that did not work. I managed to get into my control panel and I done a system restore and that worked, so I am deshelled. If I was a turtle, then I would feel rather naked right now.
  2. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    What the hell are you doing? Rocketlauncher is ROCKETLAUNCHER for a reason, you just rename where it says c:\hyperlaunch to c:\RocketLauncher It is hardly rocket science is it?
  3. Change Wheel Position?

    OK thanks, I shall give that a try. I am only experimenting on a new theme so I can take some risks Regards Mark
  4. Change Wheel Position?

    An old thread, but as I am looking for something similar in 2018, I thought that I would update this. I am trying for more to the right, and yes it only goes so far to the right. I done what I have just read, I saw the horizontal, and thought ok I shall try that on vertical, and I used x y and z, but that made no difference. I have seen one persons video, where his does look as if they are far to the right, so I think that there is a solution somewhere, than people have said on this thread. The only thing that I can think off, is reducing the artwork even further, so at the moment you need 1078 x something, I think it is. If you are doing 16:9 you have to reduce the image by 15% or something like that. I shall try tomorrow to reduce it even more, and see if that works. If anyone in the meantime worked out how to do this, any help would be great. Regards Mark
  5. Cannot Launch Games in Hyperspin

    I bet you are copying simply waffle on how to set this up As said you should have it outside of hyperspin, if you are copying his waffle, also hyperspin should be in it's own directory so e:\Hyperspin\RocketLaucher\RocketLaucher.exe If you have moved the exe file, rather than using a short cut rocket launcher will not know where the file is, even a short cut can be dodgy, as that is a different file extension. Also you have the following 11:55:11 PM | Launcher Command Line is: E:\Hyperspin\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe "Sega Genesis" "Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (USA)" You shouldn't have hyperspin\hyperspin your directories are all wrong. Hope this helps. Regards Mark
  6. Keep Wheel on top?

    This is very easy to do. Firstly load HyperHQ Go to wheel settings Choose a wheel, for me I am choosing main menu Click on wheel Location ALPHA at near enough the bottom and put setting to 1 (the far right} This will now keep the wheel visable Hope that this helps Regards Mark
  7. HyperSync not working after Wndows 10 update

    The first idea is that you are mad for using windows 10, especially on a cabinet. I would rollback to windows 7. Second off, I think that hypersync has only just been updated to work with windows 10, so there will be bugs at some point. especially if microgreed produce bad updates, which they have done since the launch of 10. I used to be a beta tester and it was fine and dandy, until they came to the public release, and then everything slowed down. I de installed and a year or so later, I reinstalled 10 to see if it was any better, and in the end I got rid of again. If you are using a dedicated arcade system, just stick to windows 7, it really is a waste of time using 10 if it is just for retro gaminhg. Regards Mark
  8. Mark Norville

  9. Should be Aeon Nox XIII official theme of Hyperspin?

    No offense to Dark13 great skin for a HTPC. However for you I suggest you stop living off your name, and stop taking drugs. The theme would look totally rubbish on an arcade cabinet.
  10. Help needed with jerky videos

    No offense taken old chap, but with my cheap on board graphic card at least my Sonic can beat yours in a race lol I see that you design wheels, so you would be doing a lot of close up artist work and staring at a screen a lot of the time, so your eyes could be tired and it depends on your age as well. If you haven't already have your eyes checked as I have spent most of my life on computers and at 45 I struggle to read text on my iphone as you say though it is harder to tell from a youtube video mainly because unless it is glaring obvious the human eye can miss a lot. I am now going to console my cabinet just because she doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, that is on board graphic card snobbery that is, good job I won't report you to the admin Peace
  11. Help needed with jerky videos

    lol sorry but if it makes you feel better, I just tried on mine and compared to yours, it looks as if your sonic is running backwards lol I haven't got Hyperspin on this computer as yet, and not going to boot up the cabinet, but I loaded Sonic with Fusion 3.64 and my frame rate was 58/60 it looked pretty much the same as yours and I am on an i3 with on board graphics and 4 gig of memory. I will boot up the cab tomorrow and give it a test but hard to notice a difference in those videos. Regards Sonic I have just watched the video on a 60 inch screen sitting about five foot away, and a couple of times during that video it looked as if sonic had slowed down and done a turn but still carried on forwards, I am not sure if that is what you are referring to? One was near or on the ramp, and the other time was just about getting into the tunnel.
  12. Help needed with jerky videos

    I'm not going to watch that again, the only thing that I didn't do was stand on my head. It looks fine to me. You cannot really compare a video software with hyperspin, hyperspin will probably be using more processing power than windows media player. I shall be dreaming of Sonic tonight
  13. legalities of cabs in public places?!

    Copyright is copyright no matter if you are having it at home or in a public place. The intellectual property rights remain with that company. You do not have every game on that machine and hence will be frowned upon as piracy and infringement of copyright. Say for example a local arcade comes into your premises, or a rival pub wondering why they are losing trade then they might go to trading standards to complain, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Sega still own Sonic, Nintendo still own Mario and a cabinet with for example 5,000 games that have not been paid for works out to be a lot of cash lost in revenue. It would be even worse if you have arcade stickers with copy righted material such as Mario or Mortal Kombat etc, in the old days you could sell back ups and reasonably get away with it, but once you start printing labels then you are buggered as you are deemed to be fooling the public using the actual art work of that packaging and selling them as originals. I honestly would recommend you don't but technically you should be 90% ok, but there is always that 10% chance that something bad would happen. I also think that you would either get one fine, or I think that they can fine you for every single game, so pretty much unless you want a court case that you cannot afford if worse came to the worse then pretty much you will end up bankrupt. The easier option would be for them to send a letter for you to remove the cabinet and all content. Again say for example you have a cabinet in your home, and the police entered your property if they wanted to, they could get you done as well, if they wanted to be idiots to which some are. Although I am answering a year old question but it showed new for me for some reason. I hope that this helps. Regards Mark
  14. Daemons Tools Lite 5 no is compatible with Hyperspin

    Short answer a 2013 update of HS might not work with a 2015 release of DT you need to do the maths really, one system moves on another doesn't. We have a saying in England if it work's don't fix it
  15. Bliss-box Kickstarter has been launched

    Total waste of time and money on this and many other kick start projects. How many remote controls do you have in your house? I know that I have about five one for the TV, one for the surround sound, two for voice activation and probably another one that is lurking around doing nothing. A lot of people brought all in one remotes. A lot of these kick start/geek projects will never get off the ground apart from geeks. E.G you make a donation of say $100 and then you spend another $50 for the controller so you have for example spent $150 for something that will just sit doing nothing once the novelty has worn off. I would say that a kick start project would have to sell at least a million units to even break even will it achieve that target probably not. We are a dinosaur race and one that although geeky time moves on. I am purchasing an arcade cabinet tomorrow and spending money I don't have, but it will make me happy from being a kid. I would not purchase a device that has four connections for controllers. I am like you that wishes that we could have our child hood back but we cannot, we can only pretend and pass on to the next generation. I have to say that for us brought up with 16k of ram and black and white graphics I am more used to old skool than new skool I mean come on how many would admit to bopping to Britney Spears? Ok so thinking about it she seems so retro now, this kickstart is not worth the money it is printed upon.