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  1. No chance, Game doesn t work..
  2. OMG over 3 Mio. points. What is your secret? Please give me a hint to beat the 100.000 points.
  3. Larry is a German, not Belgium..
  4. The 230 Points was played by my 4 years old daughter :o)
  5. No chance to get more. Pacman wants to go his own way. He doesn't realize my directions. I played it with keyboard, that's why i got the 9500 points. I will try it perhaps today again.
  6. I will send today my score.
  7. I think so, but i don t know it exactly.
  8. @Lucky1 please send a screenshot, i can not find the settings for the 4way controler.
  9. It is impossible for me to play. Where can i change into the 4-way Controller?
  10. Oh Shit, i saw that i Play PacMan Plus? I have to install the correct PacMan first. This will be a Problem.. I will try it..