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  1. Need help

    OMG, think i need a step by step instruction to setup the system. Must start by zero. Is there a good instruction that helps me setup HS and Co.?
  2. Need help

    Nothing happens. No reactions in HS..
  3. Need help

    I tried to configure the enter key with no success. Can you tell how to do? So, i activate joy2key in HQ and Rocketlauncher, then i deactivate the joysticks. But after starting HS i cannot spin the wheel only with the keyboard.
  4. Need help

    Ok, i will try it tomorrow. In Germany we have betime now and i have to work next day. At least i want to thank you for helping me, sometimes not so easy..
  5. Need help

    Ok, i next step i disable in HQ the joystick and delete the xpadder path. And what is the problem with HS? After the update, i cannot load a game? Is it really sooo difficult or am i sooo stupid?
  6. Need help

    I f....d up here. I made the HS update and now HS find no Launcher. To Enter a game is not my problem. I cannot choose a game, because the shit wheel is spinning all the time and i cannot stop it.
  7. Getting started trouble

    Explain the problems, need more infos. Perhaps search YT for more instructions, at first.
  8. Need help

    So, now i send some pics of my configuration. Please tell me, if you need more information. HS runs on Windows10, HS Version
  9. Need help

    Found the tutorial of Spawk. I will do step by step configuring joytokey and send the all my setups and some Infos of the cabinet,... At first a very big THANK to all who trying to help me.
  10. Need help

    I misunterstood you. I only use hyperspin startup script. With Panels i mean the controlers of my cabinet.
  11. Need help

    In HyperHQ i use the hyperspin startup script. When I disable the Joysticks in HyperHQ the Panels does not work anymore.
  12. Need help

    Yes, Joystick is enabled. Otherwise i can not spin the Hyperwheel. In HyperHQ i have joytokey enabled. What Infos do you need. I can make pictures of my settings.
  13. Need help

    Is there nobody who can help me? I am going crazy
  14. Need help

    here (hope) you can see my problem. After using the cabinet control panel, hyperspin is spinning and spinning, i can not do anything.. 20180517_175418.mp4
  15. Need help

    Yes, me too. I use the Controller of my cabinet with xpadder and joy2key. What do i have to seup? In hyperhq or Rocketlauncher? I can send tomorrow a shot video of my problem.