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  1. Awesome CHEAP hypermarquee setup!

    Cool thanks for sharing the info, cool set up!
  2. Pedestal 2 player build

    Nice work like the angles and style! Great build, I'm almost ready to build my second cab and really want to do something similar to this.
  3. Awesome CHEAP hypermarquee setup!

    I'd love to own an Icarus Avenger! But as for using a projector inside a cabinet you could always use a first surface mirror to bounce the image and increase size. I have a modest home theater in 10'x11' room and with the mirror I have a screen size of about 120". I'm thinking with a set up in a cab you'd only need a 4"-6" mirror to add some throw to the image.
  4. Vewlix Cabinet

    Incredible craftsmanship, looking nice!
  5. SPEEDrive Project (JammaRacerCab)

    Amazing work, looks like tons of fun to play too!
  6. R-Pod MkII Driving Simulator

    As if being bad ass wasn't enough you had to add VR! Nice man, amazing to watch the progress of your build, keep it up!
  7. Ready Player One cabinet (completed with link to build gallery)

    Amazing work, must be a blast to play games on that!
  8. first time building an arcade

    ^What he said on the Tank Stick. Now don't get me wrong the tankstick is a decent plug n play product and I have one. But looking back now I would rather have built my own CP with better quality components. The wiring really is simple with the right controller board, like hooking up a pair of speakers easy.
  9. Cabinet start up button

    For simplicity I just wired my PC's power/reset buttons to a DPDT momentary toggle switch thats mounted in the top of my cab. Throw it one way for power the other to reset if needed.
  10. new control panel build (first timer)

    Thats really cool, love the retro style.
  11. Recently finished 80's space-themed arcade with LCD marquee

    That is one awesome looking cab, nice work! Love the marquee, wish I could come up with the cash to build something like that!
  12. Hyperspin Lightgun Cab

    Nice work wish I had some light guns, big fan of shooting games! IMO you need a big display like you have for good light gun action.
  13. Custom QBert HyperSpin Cab!

    LOL Every time I play Qbert on my cab the regular joystick layout screws me up! Cool project.
  14. My first cabinet

    If your skills are 2 on a scale of 1-10 you're being much to modest. That looks great love the X-Men theme.
  15. (Project) Gamejunky Cab

    ^LOL same here my cabinet only gets two player usage when we have parties at the house. Any other time its me playing Tapper, Qbert or Marble Madness my single player go tos!