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  1. Wiimote and dolphinbar ??

    ok , solution Touchmote
  2. Wiimote and dolphinbar ??

    Hi , I am a little stuck here to get lightgun games to work . Now i am busy setting up Sega model 2 . B is Shoot and A reload . What i see , because i am also checking to buy a gun then for the wiimote . Is that the trigger on the empty guns is always done with the buttons of nunchuk . So i will be stuck for games like house of dead . I can't map the buttons . Other problems is that i mode 2 i can only use 1 wiimote . So i put the dolphinbar in mode 2 then i can use my wiimote as a mouse . But you only have two buttons A and B . Nunchuk don't work ? anybody knows what is the best solution for shooting games . Is Aimtrak the only way to go , to make it all easy ? Mode 3 is controller support on the dolphin bar , but how to set this up with the wiimote . Can't seem to find any tutorial . Could anybody help , how did you manage to setup everyting ? thx
  3. hi Fizen ,

    I just downloading some of my missing collection , many thx for this .

    But there i 2 themes i can't seem to download . Project Zero 2 and zelda skysword ?


    1. Fizen


      thanks for letting me know 

      Have fixed them

    2. defre1976
  4. outrun 2006 coast to coast

    Hi , After two evenings messing around with this game i give up . I need help So out run 2006 in my pc games hyperspin collection . Really like to have this game in there . But i have a big problem with it . There is forcefeedback mod out for this game . But its really difficult to set up my wheel G25 . I control hyperspin with my XBox 360 controller . Buuut i must disconnect my xbox 360 controller to able to work with outrun . In hyperspin i must then first disconnect my the 360controller , before i start outrun . And when i exit outrun . 360 controller control lost over hyperspin . In outrun itself , even if the 360 controller and my g25 is connected . I choose G25 wheel as default . Next time i start the game xbox 360 is back default . Don't know where i can change this in config file or so , but where . If somebody has any ideas . thx
  5. AutoKustom backgrounds

    ah ok , its just the backgrounds . Found it . Will create theme myself . thx
  6. AutoKustom backgrounds

    I am really sorry , i am searching under dl page , but i could not find this pack . Under what i must search in third party section ?
  7. AutoKustom backgrounds

    Hi , where could i please get this system wheel art pack ? Thank you
  8. defre1976