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  1. Where to update modules?

    Ok, thank you. I'm still using HL 3 with Mame 161. Would I have to redo all configurations in Hyperlaunch again? The parents are working now with arcade cabinet controls, but if I get the latest version romset and mame, would I have to redo the controls etc ? And is there a way to upgrade from HyperLaunch to RocketLauncher without losing all of my actual configuration? (I will tear my hair out if I loose all my settings and controls)
  2. Where to update modules?

    I have the same issue... launching parent roms is possible, but launching the clones give me an "AHK_Class MAME error". When launching the clones through MAME emulator, I have no issues. Only through HyperSpin... Do I need to update my MAME module? Another thing: how do I know what romsets I'm using? (sorry for the noobquestions...)
  3. MajorWeirdo