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  1. Hi all, I have been building a bartop arcade for a few weeks now, I have buttons on each side of the cabinet for pinball but the unit only houses a 4x3 monitor. I'm really wanting to get some tables on there and would prefer the visual accuracy of something like VP or FP but not realy sure if those would work ok on my set up or if I would be better going with FX3? I like the idea of making the most of the monitor space by having camera options and at this stage while I am prepared to put the leg work in, I don't want to spend another 3 weeks doing front ends etc. Currently the arcade boots directly into hyperspin, windows explorer is hidden completely so whatever I do has to have a wheel option via hyperspin/HQ. So what do you think? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Daz
  2. Ultra Street Fighter IV - Ashurax

    Hi there, Sorry I never came back to say thanks again after I got it working. Its a learning process for sure but I have had a lot of fun figuring it all out this week. I have got the theme up and running and it looks fantastic so thanks again
  3. Ultra Street Fighter IV - Ashurax

    Thank you for the share, I am struggling to get it all working however. Also, the video seems to be just a frame and no video content? Have I messed up somewhere?
  4. dazzlaa