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  1. combining all gun games from all platforms

    @dougan78this is exactly what i wanted! does anyone have a XML yet of all the games from all consoles? have you started your aimtrak wheel yet?
  2. combining all gun games from all platforms

    ah ok. thats what i was missing. i tried to add all emulators together. lets see how it goes now
  3. hi, would it work if i wanted to add all gun games together as a main menu wheel with aimtrak compatible games from MAME to playstation 2? i thought i could just add all the emulators needed to the 'gun games' system in rocketlauncher. create a mixed XML. and make a Roms folder with all the games in it. would this work or would i run into problems?
  4. Games missing from wheel

    so i had PC games working completely fine but all of a sudden theyve disappeared! i was in HyperHQ adjusting the image sizes at the time. i cant remember if i edited the PC wheel at the time, i thought it could be an incompatible image resize or something but i change the size back to default and it still didnt work. -they are recognized in rocket launcher. -I have opened the database and copy and pasted the game text and used it on my wheel images -there are no wheel settings activated such as "roms only" the games that DO appear on my wheel are... - Nier Automata - Double dragon neon - Shank 2 the rest are missing. ill attach the files just in case it helps Update: FIXED! The games list was doing some weird shit. I deleted the xml and created a new one with Dons tools and everything was working again. PC Games.xml
  5. bigray