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  1. Can't get game to start in hyperspin

    Nevermind I finally figured it out! The rocketlauncher path was wrong in the hyperspin ini file. It's working Yay! All in the proper google search terms. lol
  2. Can't get game to start in hyperspin

    So I still can't get games to start. Can someone please help me with this? I have tried everything I could think of. Games lunch perfectly from RL - games tab. I assume enter is the correct keystroke to launch a game from HS correct? I tried with and without roms only checked. with and without a rom path. tried normal and hyperlaunch. what am I missing here? Please, someone, I"m so close. I just don't understand why I can't launch games from HS.
  3. Can't get game to start in hyperspin

    decided to try checking roms only and specify roms path and extension as zip, but still can't get game to start. I'm so confused. why would you even need to specify anything in HQ if you already specified all that in RL? what is the point of one or the other. I thought RL was handling the launching of the games and HS was the front end? Obviously I"m captain clueless. lol
  4. Can't get game to start in hyperspin

    just found it but Roms only is unchecked. ??
  5. Can't get game to start in hyperspin

    ?? where is the setting "roms Only"? I don't see that option anywhere. I'm brand new to all of this so forgive my ignoramous. Not quite following. thanks
  6. Can't get game to start in hyperspin

    Pretty sure by default start is the enter key but nothing happens when I hit enter. I can see my two games and the associated videos but they won't start when I hit enter in HS. I set up RL per the video tutorials. Must have something set wrong in RL setup?
  7. got full screen but still need to figure out monitor part. thanks
  8. finally got HS and RL working together. However, when I open HS, it opens in a small window in the middle of my pinball table monitor. I can't figure out how to move it to the backglass monitor and make it fill the screen. Please help. I"m so close. Checked ini files but can't find anything.
  9. bpjacobsen