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  1. Psx Roms Not Loading

    I finally got it to work. Thanks!
  2. Psx Roms Not Loading

    I am using the core you mentioned. Where would I find the cue sheet and what app would you recommend for editing ini files? Sorry I'm new at this. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Psx Roms Not Loading

    Here's my psx Roms folder....
  4. Psx Roms Not Loading

    The roms load in RetroArch fine on their own the issue seems to be with Hyperspin thinking the roms are missing. Like I said I've made sure they are in the right folder and named correctly.
  5. Psx Roms Not Loading

    I am running Hyperspin on an Nvidia Sheild Tablet and have been able to setup most systems with RetroArch. However when I try to load PSX roms, Hyperspin always says the rom is missing deapite it being in the correct folder and named properly. I've tried loading the roms in RetroArch alone just to make sure they work and they do. I've even loaded wheel art for the PSX wheel with no problems. Everything seems correct but roms on the Playstation wheel won't load.