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  1. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    OK so how do i add a video guys? I have tried to upload to photo bucket to link, but it has uploaded but not shown in from PB
  2. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    OK so next up was to see that everything fit inside the case
  3. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    So time for a bit of an update as there has been a lot going on, I have not had time to post so here we go! I put the hard drive on a diet
  4. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    So shiny new 2.5 drive and caddy turned up yesterday. I now have to backup my drive following Hono's notes that he left me. I have decided to make the power switch functional and use this to power off the STV. I will not have to use it, but it will give me the option should the device crash or I want to shut off the drive from running 24/7. Time to bust out the soldering iron again
  5. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Its a bit of a cheat. Like i said, its not functional. I have a USB Y cable inone of the ports. One side of the Y is for pad charging, the other side, i cut, stripped and soldered across the switch contacts and LED. I dont know if i can make the USB ports switch off with the shield asleep maybe? That would then mean that the LED would only work when the STV is ON. The other option, would be to cut the incoming power from the power pack and run that through the switch to power the STV, then take my modified USB directly to the LED. Only issue here is that woulf power the STV on and off all the time.
  6. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    As you can see on some of the pics, there is a little damage on the lid section where the clear has reacted with the paint below. I have had to leave that as is because my paint stills dont stretch far enough to do too much with that. I'm going to have to get a new HDD as the 3.5" with the caddy means i cant quite get everything into one housing
  7. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    So a few updates on the Super NES. I did some soldering and faffing and now have a working LED power light that was something I wanted to work. It does only light up as opposed to actually "DO" anything, but I wanted it:
  8. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    I hear what your saying and I'm new here so dont test me on the technical, but Hono has done a cracking job of getting the GC running on my STV. Some games run better than others sure but Mario Kart is now running at a playable speed although the sound does suffer at times. Had a quick try of Metroid Prime the other day and mostly runs well unless you change form and the camera moves (1st person to 3rd person) and thats when it struggles. For such a small device im massively impressed
  9. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Just having some issues with physics now. I want to house the 2 power packs indide the nes but not sure its going to work with the worlds biggest HDD caddy
  10. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    That will be cool. I have not got a photo yet, but i have the LED working on the power button as well
  11. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Dude. Your baby as well. You know i can not cover the geek wizzardy side of it. Painting is easy