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  1. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    haha never got into dragonball, closest thing to that I liked as a kid was the manga greats like fist of the north star/Ninja scroll/akira/appleseed
  2. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Ah yes much better, browsing them one by one but started to get that blair witch sickness @ninja2bceen Power is 9000? never used one before, just know what they are
  3. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    have you thought about using screen capture software also
  4. Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Just watched your intro video, will check out some more when I get some spare time on my hands, just an observation and may be just me, but viewing on my laptop the audio is really low if there is a way to bump up the sound level, as you can always drop the volume but only raise it so much. trying to listen to you with my 2 kids running about was nigh impossible!! keep up the good work pal
  5. bigdic