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Files posted by sevenseal

  1. Arcade64 no nag 0.191

    personal patched Arcade64 no nag 0.191



  2. Arcade64 no nag 0.189

    personal patch



  3. Mame no nag 0.188

    my personal patch of 0.188



  4. Arcade64 no nag 0.188

    personal patch of arcade64



  5. Arcade64 no nag 0.186

    personal patch of no nag arcade64 0.186
    PS: lol how come no one remind me to compilied this, lmao i have a busy schedule reminder are helpful...



  6. Arcade64 0.185 no-nag patch

    personal patch of arcade64 0.185



  7. Arcade64

    personal patch of no nag



  8. arcade64 0.181 no nag patch

    personal patch of arcade64 no nag



  9. Arcade64 no-nag 0.180

    here is my personal patch of arcade64 of 0.180



  10. Arcade64 0.179 no nag

    not my personal compiled, but here is one from Insertmorecoin, enjoy and thank him if you know him
    I will compiled the next release with my own edit of Arcade64, so until next time!
    hope thing get resolve soon



  11. Arcade64 no-nag patch

    Arcade64 no-nag patch 0.178
    copy over to mame 0.178 install then run arcade64



  12. Arcade64 0.177 *Reborn Mameuifx*

    first release of the project thanks to Robert for continuing where Mamesick has left off. Mamesick is not gone but just not greatly active
    this has my personal patching for no nag



  13. *Dual-Lightguns fix* Mame 64 bit 0.176

    Personal no nag patch + Patch with pitou's fix for dual lightguns
    joystick 1
    lightgun 1
    multimouse 1
    offscreen_reload 1
    lightgun_device lightgun
    lightgun provider = auto



  14. Mame 64bit + NoNag 0.176

    no nag patch only


    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 06288: [interface] UI:: Selecting "Category" after listing "Favorites"
    causes exception (Vas Crabb)
    - 06291: [interface] (carpolo.c) carpolo: Unable to view recorded video made
    with -video bgfx/-window (Jezze)
    - 06286: [Misc.] (segaorun.c) shangon: Captured AVI video from this game shows
    only sound, no image (Angelo Salese)
    - 06263: [interface] UI: Choosing any filter which has no data makes the UI
    unrecoverable (Maurizio Petrarota)
    - 06280: [interface] PLUGINS: The plugin.ini file is created in the current folder
    when it should be created in the "ini" path. (crazyc)
    - 06279: [interface] PLUGINS: pluginspath does not resolve $HOME (crazyc)
    - 06285: [Gameplay] (vendetta.c) esckids, esckidsj: Slowdowns in gameplay (Osso)
    - 06284: [interface] Watchdog dialog is not able to be captured (cuavas)
    - 06246: [Graphics] (legionna.c) cupsocsb, cupsocsb2: Black screen (Angelo Salese)
    - 06268: [Crash/Freeze] MAME can crash when switching languages (Vas Crabb)
    - 06266: [DIP/Input] (seta.c) metafox: Bonus_Life DIPSETTING values and labels are incorrect (Tafoid)
    - 06262: [Crash/Freeze] All sets using SHARC drc: Crash when running DRC (Linux only?) (Ville Linde)
    - 06305: [Crash/Freeze] (atpci.c) at586, at586x3, ficvt503: Use of -kbd slot options
    3270pc or pcat causes crash (crazyc)
    - 06304: [Crash/Freeze] (mac.c) macse30: Crash when attempting to use any slot option for -pds030 (Osso)
    - 06309: [Crash/Freeze] (mac.c) macsefd: Crash on Exit using -pds slot (Osso)
    - 05534: [Crash/Freeze] (pc8001.c) All sets in pc8001.c: Crash after OK (Robbbert)
    - 06324: [Crash/Freeze] (funkball.c) funkball: Fatal Error at Start (Osso)
    - 06323: [Debugger] (psikyosh.c) gunbird2, s1945iii: Crash when attempting to use -cheat (AJR)
    - 06313: [Crash/Freeze] (victor9k.c) Crash when using -fdc:5d:0 and -fdc:5d:1 slot with '525ssqd' option (Pernod)
    - 06312: [Crash/Freeze] (osborne1.c) Crash when using -mb8877:0 and -mb8877:1 slot with '525sssd' option (Pernod)
    - 06311: [Crash/Freeze] (myb3k.c) Crash when using -fdc:0 and -fdc:1 slot with '525sssd' option (Pernod)
    - 06281: [Crash/Freeze] astrocde [280zzap]: 280Zzzap/Dodgem Cartridge Resets (Duke)
    Source Changes
    -Scorpion4 7segment displays mostly fixed [John Parker]
    -Fixed coinage in Touchmaster 2000-8000 [MASH]
    -z80scc: fix dropped character problem for sun4_75, and fix edge cases
    where datasheet recommendations are ignored allowing sun3/sun4 to
    recognise keyboard and hk68v10 to work with correct SCC clock
    [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
    -pc9801: fixed mouse buttons [rzero9]
    -coco3 improvements: [milliluk]
    * improve palettes and support alternate composite mode
    * GIME fix for scanlines in legacy graphic modes
    -m6809: Improve debugging support for 6809/6309 cpus [milliluk]
    -GNU/kFreeBSD support [stevenc99]
    -Add arch defines for Linux alpha and mips64el. [Jordi Mallach]
    -Take pkg-config path from env if defined [bernhard Frauendienst]
    -Name Neo-Geo AES, NeoGeo CD and FM Towns Marty buttons [shideravan]
    -Updated *nix man pages. [Cesare Falco]
    -poisk1: unbreak after "Memory fun", add B623 sound card (skeleton) [shattered]
    -r9751: Add save state support, document progress and clean up, add PROM
    version 4.2 [brandon Munger]
    -ym2151, ym2413: Isolate, objectify, integrate [O. Galibert]
    -add Net-DIMM 3.03 firmware [letoram, gamerfan, Mark F., Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    -Netlist improvements: [Couriersud]
    * nltool now accepts -Ddefine=value to pass on to netlists
    * improved option handling and added "dummy" options to add grouping
    and examples in help output.
    * improved --cmd=listdevices output
    * Fix dynamic timestepping. This will work with breakout using real
    capacitor modelling instead of delay devices. Really slow, but
    very useful to calibrate timings.
    * Fix an awful bug in timing for delay devices.
    * Switched to clang 3.8 and made code compile with aggressive warnings.
    This exposed serious issues with implicit constructors.
    * Removed trampolines (OUTLOGIC, INPLOGIC and friends).
    * Started using doxygen comment and documentation style. Added
    doxygen files to documentation folder.
    * Refactored code triggered by doxygen output.
    * Moved internal and support classes into namespace detail.
    * Use an unordered map in parser.
    * Added iterators to pstring.
    * Moved two macros, added more RAII and improved exceptions. Fixed
    some bugs in parser code.
    * Fixed a number of bugs in parser code and exception handling.
    -Forte Card: Switched the ver 110 (spanish) to parent set since it's a
    newer version. Also cleaned up the driver. [Roberto Fresca]
    -Render module improvements: [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]
    * Direct3D HLSL: use aviwrite to record AVI movies
    * Cleanup patches for Direct3D renderer
    * BGFX: fix crash when bgfx effect folder is not present
    -Fixed priority issues in Legionnaire, Heated Barrel, Denjin Makai and
    Godzilla [Angelo Salese]
    -opwolf.cpp: fix all the gameplay problems by improving the c-chip
    protection simulation [bryan McPhail]
    -Miscellaneous modernisation: [Nathan Woods]
    * File create and format refactoring, better name/path validation
    (with POSIX implementation from Vas Crabb)
    * Use string objects in in core_file static functions, menu items,
    strconv functions, image device extensions and softlist classes
    * Consolide default implementation of create_option_guide()
    * Filesel cleanup
    * Migrate softlist code from simple_list to std::list
    -Added crt-geom and crt-geom-deluxe shaders for bgfx including several
    aperture grille/shadow mask patterns (designed for RGB subpixel order)
    -Added option hide ROMless machines from the availables list.
    [Maurizio Petrarota]
    -sun4 updates:
    * Added SPARCStation 1+, 4/110, and 4/4x0 ROMs [Al Kossow]
    * SPARC CPU core fixes [Ryan Holtz, Vas Crabb]
    * Preliminary counter/timer support [R. Belmont]
    * Separated sun4 and sun4c, started implementing unique original sun4
    features. [R. Belmont]
    * Support both 8 and 16 context variants of sun4c arch [R. Belmont]
    * Improved original sun4 architecture support [R. Belmont]
    * Initial FDC hookup [Ryan Holtz]
    * Improved timers, logging - sun4_40 runs FORTH programs at ok
    prompt [Ryan Holtz]
    -Add high-level emulation of Sun type 3/4/5/6 keyboards [Vas Crabb]
    * U.S.A, Great Britain, Sweden and Japan layouts for Type 5
    * Layout selection settings for Type 4 and Type 5
    * Identification selection for type 4
    * Adaptor for connecting to RS-232 port representing level translator
    * Hook up to sun3, sun4 and sun4c
    -zeroteam: improve sprite/sprite priorities [AJR]
    -feversoc.cpp: Hook up EEPROM; remap buttons, hook up lamps and serial RTC [AJR]
    -denjinmk: hack sound comms to work without ROM patch [AJR]
    -vt100.cpp: Add the older vt102/vt131 romset to the vt131 driver as
    another bios set [Lord Nightmare, Al Kossow]
    -Corrected many Mahjong dip switches and settings [system11]
    * Fixes for: Mahjong Focus, Nozokimeguri Mahjong Peep Show,
    Mahjong Fantasic Love & Ojousan
    * Various Video System Mahjong dip switches
    -Final enhancements to HP TACO driver [fulivi]
    -Further IRQ passthrough cleanup [AJR]
    * Remove irq_line methods from M6502, M6800, M6809, S2600 and replace
    uses with DEVCB_INPUTLINE
    * Remove a few IRQ passthroughs from spiders.cpp
    * Add several aliases for M6800_IRQ_LINE
    -Increase uismall.bdf coverage: [Vas Crabb]
    * Complete coverage of Latin Extended-A, most of Latin Extended-B
    * Monotonic Greek
    * Full ISO-8859-5 Cyrillic, many other Cyrillic characters
    * Half-width katakana
    * Some IPA Extensions
    -UI refactoring: [Vas Crabb]
    * Move most main launch menu stuff out of the base menu class
    * Move some common code from selgame and selsoft into selmenu
    * Eliminate the troublesome static members in ui::menu
    * Eliminate some function statics
    * Move palette menu drawing code out of base into palette menu class
    * Use std::bind, references where nullptr is unacceptable, and const
    where appropriate
    * Improve encapsulation of class members
    * Reduce repeated string allocation in audit code
    * Don't play so fast and loose with integer types
    * Eliminate some expensive deep copies of vectors/maps
    * .h -> .ipp for things that aren't really headers
    * Remove members that have lifecycle associated with operation
    -DPS1: system boots up, working [Robbbert]
    -bankdev: pass through the debugger flag from the incoming space
    argument [R. Belmont]
    -Apollo changes: [Hans Ostermeyer]
    * Keyboard mapping adjusted to fit current MAME
    * Fixed screen raw parameters
    * Fixed disp.dex Test 20 (Video SYNC Gen. Add. Test) for color
    -3c505: The Ethernet frame check sequence is now appended to transmit
    data [Hans Ostermeyer]
    -input_common: fixed 0.172 regression for non-US keyboards
    [Hans Ostermeyer]
    -fix item hilighting in debugger state view when scrolling [Vas Crabb]
    -Introduce validity checks for RGB utilities and fix bugs uncovered [Vas Crabb]
    * Fix rgbvmx on Linux ppc64 and ppc64le targets with GCC 5
    * Added several missing functions to rgbgen
    * Fixed logical shift right in rgbgen
    * Fixed sra that should be sra_imm in rdptpipe
    * Added some simple SSE4.1 optimisations in rgbsse
    * Re-organised rgbsse, rgbvmx and rgbgen to be in more logical order
    * Fixed return type on some modifying operators
    * Made some more reference parameters const
    * Removed inline qualifier from a number of methods as it's implied
    when body is present at declaration
    * Mark some constructors explicit
    -null_modem: rtscts flow control + relevant fix to i8251 [shattered]
    -Updated driver with new information related to ID and gamelist for
    tourvis.cpp [system11, Tafoid]
    -Fix archimedes disk format [O. Galibert]
    -apple2: don't allow debugger to trigger slot switching [Peter Ferrie]
    -tiamc1: Kot-Rybolov implemented sound, documentation updates [MetalliC]
    -Tia-MC1 driver: Added support for KR580VV55A parallel peripheral
    interface (clone of i8255), added technical notes about some odd
    behaviour with some ports, listed the specs of Kot-Rybolov hardware,
    and added all clocks via #define. [Roberto Fresca]
    -amstrad: fix undocumented mode 3. [barry Rodewald]
    -bbc: added monitor configuration (Colour, B&W, Green, Amber) and
    preliminary slots for expansion [Nigel Barnes]
    -Flaming 7's, original custom hardware improvement: [Roberto Fresca]
    * Reverse-engineer protection to bypass the requested serial number.
    The iButton device still needs to be hooked. Promoted these games to
    working with their correspondent flags.
    * Added tech notes, comments and instructions to boot the machine for
    first time.
    -Flaming 7's, Taiwanese hardware: Reverse-engineer protection to bypass
    the requested serial number. The iButton device still needs to be
    hooked. Promoted the game to working with its correspondent flags.
    Added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]
    -hiscore.dat: Updates [Leezer]
    -alto2: Hunting the jiggly cursor bug [Juergen Buchmueller]
    -chihiro: added 837-13551 jvs input device, completed the communication
    with jvs devices through usb [samuele Zannoli]
    -chihiro: game crtaxihr "Crazy Taxi High Roller (Rev B)" boots too [samuele Zannoli]
    Translations added or modified
    Chinese (simplified/traditional) [YuiFAN]
    Greek [braiNKilleRGR]
    Japanese [Vas Crabb]
    Portuguese (Brazil) [Ashura-X]
    New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Swing Gal [bET] [system11]
    Player's Choice (M4C1) [blair Quinney, The Dumping Union]
    Gorodki [shiru8bit, IgorR76, '15kop' arcade museum]
    Kot Rybolov [MetalliC, shiru8bit, IgorR76, '15kop' arcade museum]
    Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Main, 50 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
    Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Main, 500 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
    Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Main, 2000 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
    Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Egyptian Gold, 2000 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
    Flaming 7 (Taiwanese Hardware, unknown version) [Roberto Fresca]
    TeleVideo 990 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow, Carl]
    TeleVideo 995-65 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow, Carl]
    Rainbow-100B [bavarese]
    MBC200 [Robbbert]
    New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Beastie Feastie (Epos Tristar 9000 hardware) [The Iron Goat]
    Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Japan set 3) [ironGiant]
    LTM Portable (B+) [Nigel Barnes]
    LTM Portable (Master) [Nigel Barnes]
    Bubble Trouble (World, Rev [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union]
    Sensory Chess Challenger 9 (set 2) [anonymous]
    Operation Thunderbolt (World, rev 1) [Muddymusic, The Dumping Union]
    Digital Equipment Corporation VT240 [Carl]
    Elektronika MC7105 [shattered]
    Intergirl [f205v]
    New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
    Tomy Prin-C [TeamEurope]
    Datamax 8000 [Robbbert]

    New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
    BT Merlin M2105 [Nigel Barnes]

    New WORKING software list additions
    pc98_cd.xml: Final batch of additions [rzero9]
    pce_tourvision.xml: Added a number of new dumps (15) [system11, Tafoid]
    poisk1_flop.xml: Added basic softlist [shattered]
    New NOT_WORKING software list additions
    gamate.xml: Volcano Panic [Juan Felix Mateos and Mr. Postman]
    gamate.xml: Hot Hero; Baseball [Peter Wilhelmsen]
    gba_ereader.xml: Starting work doing the GBA e-reader software-list [shideravan]



  15. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag

    please go download the 0.175.1 release



  16. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag 0.175.1

    Updated to MAME 0.175
    * Changelog from 0.175
    - Added shortcut keys to all Menu actions in the Interface
    - Fixed small bug in Lightgun and Trackball Folders creation in the Interface (As reported at the Forum)
    - Fixed MAMETESTERS bug ID 06261 (polepos2: Crowd Cheering sounds are messed up)
    - Included source code from MAME SVN 52265 [Angelo Salese]
    - Included source code from MAME SVN 52283 [Bryan McPhail]


    June 29, 2016


    MAMEUIFX 0.175 released.

    Updated to MAME 0.175
    * Changelog from 0.174.1
    - Distributed in the package the new BGFX CRT-Geom chain effect (cgwg, u-man)
    - Fixed a couple of GUI bugs (As reported by Big Karnak at the Forum)
    - Renamed mrdonight romset to donight and made it a parent set
    - Removed old buggy option "Hide mouse in interface" and reduced global mouse lag in the Interface



  17. Mame 64bit + NoNag - Hi-score - Raw-input

    patch with MKChamp + more
    will be updated later



  18. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Directinput

    patch with no nag, replace original exe on the fresh install of mameuifx 0.174.1



  19. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Raw-input 0.173

    no nag code added,
    must be install over a fresh install of 0.173 setup, NO PREVIOUS INSTALL can be used
    - Added support for all core options related to INTEGER SCALING in the GUI
    - Added support for all ProgettoSnaps screenshot packages in the GUI
    - Increased refresh rate in Nebulas Ray to "fix with an hack" MAMETESTERS bug ID 3488 [dany777]



  20. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Raw-input 0.172.1

    patched with no nag and updated to 0.172.1



  21. Mame 64bit + NoNag - Raw-input 0.172

    no nag patch



  22. Mame 64bit + NoNag - Hi-score - Directinput

    patched with no-nag and no white windows, Hi-score support, forced Directinput



  23. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Raw-input

    patched no-nag with removed white windows



  24. MameUIFX 64bit + NoNag - Directinput

    Patched with forced Directinput and no nag screen with removed white windows



  25. Mame 64bit + NoNag - Hi-score - Raw-input

    Patched Raw-input with No-Nag and hiscore support