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  1. Check the script for the table, It probably has the DMD position set in the script. Just delete or comment out the DMD X and Y Pos lines.
  2. Terminator 3 Groni FS Mod (RPG Fixed)

    All ".SetDisplayPosition 1830, 460" does is lock where the DMD is dislpayed. When you comment it out you can move the DMD wherever you want and UVP server will not crash.
  3. Table Announcement: Monster Bash by unclewilly

    This table is amazing UW!! I know this had to be your most complex recreation by far!! Thanks for the awesome table!!
  4. Hello, Iceman! I come from Canada! I would like a nice evening, and also a nice morning! Rod.

  5. Terminator 3 Groni FS Mod (RPG Fixed)

    This table not working with uvp is a problem with your script in the table, not with uvp server.
  6. Terminator 3 Groni FS Mod (RPG Fixed)

    This table doesn't work properly with uvp server. I am trying to find the problem.
  7. Hello, Iceman 500 ! I come from Germany! I want a nice evening! saschav

  8. 46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    The answer is simple, Go for a 46" and use the widebody lock down bar, Right Chriz99?
  9. 46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    I agree. bezel-less, better viewing angle. This is also my preference.
  10. 46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    That is the best cabinet I have seen! Awesome work!!
  11. Table Announcement: Monopoly by PD/BBB

    Rawd, what version are your video card drivers? My system is way underpowered compared to yours. i'm getting about 120-160 fps on Monopoly with version 1.8250 Drivers. With 1.9x drivers i was getting less than 10pfps.
  12. Table Announcement: Monopoly by PD/BBB

    53Kemper: Could you give the specs of your HP/VP computer?