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  1. Focker99

  2. Hyperspin Startup Script / Xbox1 Controller

    I have them set to the correct buttons and I get zero response in hyperspin.
  3. Hyperspin Startup Script / Xbox1 Controller

    So can I assume that the startup script isn't intended to allow the xbox1 controller to work like it does automatically with the 360 controller ?
  4. I have had my system running 100% fine with a Xbox360 and Usb wireless adapter. Everything runs and work great. I recently upgraded to xbox1 controller and new wireless adapter. I have been unable to get hyperspin to respond to this new controller setup. Im able to navigate with the keyboard in hyperspin and launch an emulator and the controller then works in the emulator, So am I missing something I need to do to get hyperspin to recognize this new setup. I initially ran the startup script with the 360 hardware and it all worked when I first set this all up a year ago. Any help would be great..