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  1. Hi there, i'm setting up a hyperspin system mainly with the help of Simply Austin's guides. I think i'm getting the hang of it, and wondered if I could add Netflix and Plex as a wheel. I saw on HyperHQ that you could create a wheel to point to an exe, which looks like it'll work, but has anyone tried to do this for the Netflix app downloaded from the windows store? I can't find the exe anywhere, or is there an easier way to do it? Also, i'm assuming the next issue i'm going to have is navigating the interface with my controller, and being able to exit out and get back to hyperspin. If anyone has done this on there own setup i'd appreciate the advice. I'll want Plex on there as well, but assuming the setup will be the same, and am going to have a go at the artwork. Thanks in advance, Allan