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  1. 360 controllers and hyperspin

    Ah ok within the ini? I saw an entry in the startup script of 255 and set it to 50 which seemed to work but as above are we not supposed to use the script anymore and only enable joypad in hyperHQ without xpadder? Cheers,
  2. 360 controllers and hyperspin

    Hi, Yep, i have disabled the startup script in hyperspin and ensured that the joypad is enabled in HyperHQ, main issue i have is that the controller is extremely unresponsive in hyperspin main menus unless i use xpadder, is their anything i should check or change so i dont have to use xpadder in hyperspin main screens? Cheers,
  3. 360 controllers and hyperspin

    Hi, Been trying to get a pair of 360 controllers working with xpadder but when playing games such as KOF etc when you are hitting the buttons frantically (as you do in most fighters) it can trigger either an exit or the game goes back to the main menu? Does the new syperspin start script eliminate the need for xpadder etc? Cheers,