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  1. Yup. Just figured that out when I heard my gmail ding me from your reply. Thanks for the quick response.
  2. Folks, I already have a cab I built three years ago working and has done without any issues. Building a new one, and I am having issues with the ROMs Only filter in HyperHQ. It isn't working... no games listed and simply reverts back to the main wheel after attempting. I have farted around with the settings (extensions and wheel checkboxes) after watching vids and searching the forums, but still have not had any luck. I installed Hyperspin 1.3.3 and updated to 1.4.15. If I can't get it working, I will simply copy my 3 year old install over to the new machine. MAME.ini settings [exe info] path= rompath=D:\Hyperspin\ROMs\MAME userompath=true exe= romextension=rar|zip|7z <-------- should be separated by commas not pipes parameters= searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true [filters] parents_only=false themes_only=false wheels_only=false roms_only=true Directory Output of ROMs directory: Directory of D:\Hyperspin\ROMs\MAME 04/23/2017 07:46 PM <DIR> . 04/23/2017 07:46 PM <DIR> .. 04/23/2017 07:46 PM 315,138 gaunt2.zip 04/23/2017 04:57 PM 165,063 punchout.zip Logfile Output 07:47:28 PM | HyperSpin Started 07:47:28 PM | Going FullScreen 07:47:28 PM | Checking for updates 07:47:28 PM | Update Check Complete 07:47:28 PM | Startup program unavailable 07:47:28 PM | Playing intro video 07:47:29 PM | Error intializing joysticks 07:47:29 PM | Menu Mode is multi 07:47:29 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 07:47:29 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 07:47:30 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 07:47:31 PM | Loading MAME.xml 07:47:31 PM | roms_only is true, checking files 07:47:31 PM | No roms found and roms only is true 07:47:31 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 07:47:31 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 07:47:32 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 07:47:35 PM | Exit program unavailable 07:47:35 PM | Quiting Hyperspin 07:47:35 PM | Bye! MAME.xml excerpt for Gauntlet II and Punch-Out <game name="gaunt2" index="" image=""> <description>Gauntlet II</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Atari Games</manufacturer> <year>1986</year> <genre>Maze</genre> <rating>AAMA - Yellow (Animated Violence Mild)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> <game name="punchout" index="" image=""> <description>Punch-Out!!</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Nintendo</manufacturer> <year>1984</year> <genre>Sports/Boxing</genre> <rating>AAMA - Yellow (Animated Violence Mild)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>