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  1. I'm getting better but I'm not going to get close to those fantastic scores. I should have a widescreen theme for this completed by tomorrow. Just a little pixel animation to complete.
  2. Here's my first go. It's a really hard game but I'm sure I can do better.
  3. The secret is to collect the diamonds in order from left to right (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple). If you do this then a secret door appears at the end of level boss. Each room holds two items, both worth one hundred thousand points. One of the items is a big diamond and the other is a special item that gives you a permanent power up. This means that if you have got the power up you will still have that power when you die. Loads of helpful rainbow islands information here. My best advice would be that you should remember to not fire the rainbows directly. Always try to crash and drop them on the enemies and that's how you get the diamonds. You should also remember that when you crash a rainbow it shoots slightly upwards before falling. This means you can plant a rainbow below an enemy on a platform, crash it and get the little critter. I am quite good at this but if you want to watch an expert, just go to the link below. Ben Shinobi clearing Rainbow Islands
  4. Here is my first go. I can get higher but I thought I would give you all a chance. [shameless plug] You might also want to check out my widescreen theme for rainbow Islands that I have uploaded [/shameless plug]
  5. After a few frustrating low scoring games I seem to hit the zone and ended up with this. So close to second.
  6. And after a few more games I managed to break the 100,000 barrier. I've still to get a perfect on the dancing stages though.
  7. My first go. I'm going to see if I can better this.
  8. Mekquake