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  1. Database parse improvement request

    When improving the XML parser, it would also be nice to have Hyperspin parse the XML and recognize the <enabled></enabled> tag to show or hide and entry for the systems and games! This would help with consolidating XML files since I am currently having to create a second one and delete entries to clean up the wheels for games and systems that are incompatible at the moment but may be compatible in the future.
  2. Adding a new sysyem, not working

    If everything is in the correct folders and the structure is fine, It would have to be related to either the extension or the database file that you have for Atari 2600.xml. When it says it is missing, may just be the name of the file isn't matching, or the extension that you have defined in the Settings\Atari 2600.ini file. You have yours looking for bin files for the roms, I use the zip extension.
  3. Adding a new sysyem, not working

    I noticed you have core with a space and then .so Shouldn’t have a space there.. And your structure says Emulators/Atari 2600/roms so it would expect to find them treating Hyperspin as your root. Are they at for example /sdcard/Hyperspin/Emulators/Atari 2600/roms? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Adding a new sysyem, not working

    Which version of the Nvidia Shield TV did you get? I let my shield re-format mine so I could treat it as internal storage versus external storage. It depends on what you are wanting to do. If you re-format it as internal storage, then if you have the 16GB model, your internal storage increases to the size of your external drive! But, the drive is now encrypted and can only be read by the specific Nvidia Shield TV that formatted it. I use my network to copy files to and from my Nvidia Shield TV. If you are wanting to unplug the drive and connect it to a computer to copy files to it, you may want to leave it as FAT and treat it as external storage. I'm sure smarter people in the forums can provide more insight to the pros and cons of both methods..
  5. Adding a new sysyem, not working

    Did you also modify the "Main Menu.xml" inside of the Databases folder to include it?
  6. Daphne libretro core test

    Does anyone that setup Daphne on their nvidia shield have access to the core library that it downloaded? I didn't root mine and didn't tell it to store the cores on my sdcard! Since the repository is down, can someone send me the core files? I want to rebuild another shield but don't know how to get to the files to copy them over since the repository is gone.
  7. Daphne libretro core test

    I was able to get this working on Android but I just tried to see if there was a core update available and it is now getting a "404 Not Found" error for "http://hush.andressm.org/cores/android/armeabi-v7a/". Has this been removed completely or has it been moved to a new location?
  8. Can’t get Reicast to launch in hyperspin

    I PM’ed you some instructions! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Can’t get Reicast to launch in hyperspin

    I just went through that process and i had to use the chdman that has v4 support. I tried the newer chdman and the version of reicast that i use didn’t seem to like them! You can download the chdman from The Killer Instinct Project website. You can also write a quick batch/cmd file on Windows to go through all of your gdi folders to convert them to chd.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro