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  1. Front-End GameEx prepares something Very important

    I think HyperLaunch is a great project. With the new GameEx we have support for "AddOn's" which are dll's you can use to interact directly with the rendering engine. In other words you can display stuff inside the FE. I know HL does most of its work after launching a game but that is something to think about. It could be expanded to support disk swap etc. while inside the FE. Great project though either way.
  2. Front-End GameEx prepares something Very important

    Thankyou Draco for your succinct explaination of our position over at the GameEx forums. I just want to say that I have the utmost repsect for BadBoyBill and team. Evolution is by no means an attempt to take any of your hard work away. But we are here to share and I think media, such as the HS themes, can be used in a way to benefit us all. I am sure BBB and associates are working towards something. Hopefully we can provide something great in the mean time.