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  1. Does hyperspin not include Gamecube?

    Thanks! It seems I will have to do some googling to find the art and theme stuff for it though.
  2. Hello, I was looking to emulate Gamecube games for hyperspin. However, it would appear that hyperspin does not have gamecube in its database and such. Is this true? If so, how would I add gamecube to hyperspin?
  3. What exactly does a emumovies and hypersync do?

    Thanks for the help. What do you mean by "creating my own database"? I have all of my games in folders designated by system. Then, in hyperlaunch, I click the "generate database based on rom path" button. Is this how I should be doing it?
  4. What exactly does a emumovies and hypersync do?

    For this to work, I am guessing all of my game titles need to match some exact title for the game, so I would have to make slight changes to game titles to make hypersync be able to find their art and stuff. Correct me if I am wrong though.
  5. Hey, so I know getting the upgrade of emumovies and hypersync allows me to get the little videos for each game. However, does it also do other things like the wheel art, or am I own my own to do those? If I am on my own, where can I find the themes for a lot of the games? Thanks!
  6. Where is the rest of the Chicuelo theme?

    I am pretty new with hyperspin, and especially with animations and such on the computer. I think I might just stick with the default theme. Thanks though.
  7. Where is the rest of the Chicuelo theme?

    OK, ill try to do that. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, so I just went to add the Chicuelo theme to my hyperspin. I noticed that some themes were missing, however, such as Sega CD. Is there any way to find these, or did the creator never fully finish? Also, I am finding it difficult to find global themes. Does anyone know where I can find any? Thanks.