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  1. Mame v0179 no nag screen

  2. Special artwork

    hehe, as you guessed there would be requests for different layouts Seeing the one you did for ninja with those animated buttons..man I would love something just like his but with white buttons and different layout. -Main layout up top -System layout on the bottom
  3. Standardizing future pinball

    scoodidabop had a great start on this...don't know what happened or if he is still planning on continuing http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/3984-anyone-have-future-pinball-themes-for-each-table/?hl=%2Bfuture+%2Bpinball
  4. Awesome FP setup scoodidabop!! Did you get the stuff up on the FTP? I don't see a folder with your name?