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  1. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    meh. me too. grrr. bloody steam.
  2. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    Apparently its the latest version of steam. Just out of interest how are you launching FX3? Im using a module based on the FX2 in Rocketlauncher....I can launch the full fat FX3 client through PCLauncher no problems.
  3. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    Hi Folks, anyone else getting the annoying dialog pop up message in steam when using Pinball FX3? "Allow game launch?". More to the point, anyone got a fix?
  4. Gun Games anyone got a good setup?

    Well, the aim track gun is just a mouse, so it should be simple enough to get it running in Mame.
  5. Gun Games anyone got a good setup?

    lol - Operation Wolf, sadly enough, is just awesome - lost on my kids though. If you haven't bought a gun Id thoroughly recommend Ultimarc.
  6. Gun Games anyone got a good setup?

    I initially intended to use my Aimtrak with my Pi3 setup under Emulation Station but quickly put that to one side as the emulation capabilities of the Pi3 arnt well suited to many popular gun games (Time Crisis, HOTD etc). I moved to a Windows 7 Hyperspin setup and typically use MAME and PC native based games. I find PCSX2 a complete and total pain in the arse, so have given up on Time Crisis - its a time sink. Blue Estate works well on Steam, as does HOTD3 for the PC (With the Giga Guide to assist with setup in Rocket Launcher). All that said, these things are not without their issues but generally work well most of the time.
  7. Taito Type X Problems

    Ive recently had problems with the Type-X games too - but the advice your getting is good advice. Make sure the games work outside RockLauncher first (my problem was I had Bezels switched on Globally, rather than just for Mame)..also watch the youtube tutorials, Giga has a great tutorial on these games up there, as does Simply Austin (which also have good Mega download links). All Id say is if you watch these, download Austins Mega links and they STILL dont work outside rocket lanucher then - as stated already - you might want to consider putting an NVidia card in your system.
  8. Hyperspin on Bootup

    Thanks! Ill give that a go.
  9. Hyperspin on Bootup

    Hi Folks, Ive gotten to a point where I want Hyperspin loading on PC start-up. However, while it loads up ok it looses focus and needs to be ALT Tabbed back into the foreground - any ideas? I simply dropped Hyperspin into my startup folder - my guess this isnt the best approach?