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  1. Dynamic Marquee Displays

    These things are so cool! Let us know the quote if you don't mind. They practically match the true marquee size. I was looking at the 21:9 ultrawide monitors but the are too fat compared to these 16:3 monitors.
  2. computer CRT in new cabinet?

    I am still shopping for an arcade CRT but while I'm looking I bought one of these new in the box. http://www.elotouch.com/products/discontinued/CRTs/1945c0608.asp It has the rack mounting tabs in four places so I can secure it to a cabinet really well. The resolution only goes down to 800x600 on my windows 7 slider. I plan on using it on a vertical build to play the classics. I hope to find a new arcade CRT for horizontal games. Thanks for the reply. It was very informative. It does cause me to want to ask more questions though. X-Arcade says to stay away from the tri sync but do you think they are okay if I run a ArcadeVGA? I don't know much about it but if I need a video card that's the one I'm buying. Thanks again, Andy
  3. All, I would like to use a CRT in a new cabinet. Is finding a new or used computer CRT going to give the cabinet the look and feel of a tradition arcade cabinet if done right? Is the computer CRT "too good (higher resolution)" than the old arcades used? I can find a computer CRT for $50-$200 depending on size. which is way less than $600+ for a Makvision which I'm afraid will feel too big but what do I know at this stage of my plans. Thanks, Andy
  4. Monitor question

    How's the new Makvision monitor? I want to purchase one soon but would like to hear your most recent feedback. Thanks, Andy
  5. Getting a monitor, dont call me crazy!

    So I read all 23 pages of this thread and it seems that these active marquees will display on any monitor. I am worried about buying the LG M2900S-BN because it's obsolete and over 30" wide compared to the UltraWides of 27" and of current technology with warranties and such. Has anyone tried the 21:9 UltraWide monitors? Is it worth the gamble to get the LG 17:6? Thanks, Andy
  6. Getting a monitor, dont call me crazy!

    Is this still the best monitor (LG M2900S-BN) for active marquees? I see companies are making a new ultra wide screen 21:9 like this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009554&cm_re=ultra_wide-_-24-009-554-_-Product BBB's is 17:6 and was wondering if the marquee art fits better on BBB's LG Stretch monitor or the ultra wide screen monitor readily available online. The reason I ask is that I want to invest in one but don't want to buy the wrong one. This thread started 3.5 years ago and I didn't know if the technology has changed for the better or if the old LG M2900S-BN is still the way to go to get active marquees up and running the best way. Thanks, Andy
  7. 4:3 monitor, horizontal or vertical?

    I already bought a 20" 4:3 Dell Ultra Sharp LCD monitor on Craigslist for $50.00. I might try a bartop with that but I'm ok with going big on a Makvision 27" CRT too. I somehow stumbled upon the hyper marquee idea floating around and would be willing to try a stretch screen to go with the Makvision CRT. I'm glad to see that vertical games display well on a horizontal 27" CRT. Thanks albert_c.
  8. 4:3 monitor, horizontal or vertical?

    Thanks for the replies and opinions. I was going to try a bartop size cabinet but if I go big and get a Makvision 27" arcade monitor I could mount it horizontal and it should be big enough to play vertical games too. Any thoughts on this big CRT idea? Thanks, Andy
  9. 4:3 monitor, horizontal or vertical?

    All, I am considering building my first cabinet. This is probably a dumb question but do I mount the 4:3 monitor horizontal or vertical (on its side)? I had an arcade a few years ago that had a vertical screen but didn't know which way works best for MAME games. Thanks, Andy
  10. See your pm , thanks!

  11. I sent a Paypal donation of $35.00. I want to get started! I don't know when I will need FTP access but can it be turned on with my donation? Here we go! Thanks, Andy

  12. iMac or all-in-one Windows computer?

    I don't have a Mac but I agree that a cheaper Win7 machine would work as well i'm sure. Like I said, ultra low key is my goal. Thanks, Andy
  13. iMac or all-in-one Windows computer?

    Crazy question here. Would a new 27" Apple iMac run Hyperspin if it is running Bootcamp or Parallels + W7. Or any big all-in-one Windows 7 computer? I've got an idea to have an ultra minimalist emu machine with a plug in control panel that would live on a shelf when not being played. Has anyone ever built such a machine? Thanks, Andy