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  1. Generic USB controller HyperPin Menu

    Finally figured it out. Joy = 1 disables joystick?!?! This seems backwards to me but... to enable joystick; Joy = 0 To be clear Joy must be set to 0 for joystick to work. I hope this helps anyone else.
  2. Generic USB controller HyperPin Menu

    Also note I have tried every number from 0 to 50 set for up or down in [Pinball Wizard] Joy = 1 Start = 9 Exit = 8 Up = 2 Down = 10 SkipUp = 3 SkipDown = 11 Flyer = 4 Insruction = 5 Genre = 7 Service = 15 And the controller works in Windows, VP and FP without issues. Anyone?
  3. Is there a way to map buttons of a Generic USB controller or XBOX controller to the HyperPin menu without using xpadder or joy2key?
  4. I would like to know how... I don't want to use xpadder or joy2key.