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- HyperLaunch Modules

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  1. Atari 2600 HyperLaunch Module (Stella)

    Atari 2600
    by BBB
    Info:Some things you might do to make this emulator more cab friendly1.Since the exit emulator key does nothing you should setup an escape keywithin the emulator using the input options, the default is alt+x, so changeto esc. But since esc is the default key to bring up the fullscreen menu thenyou should change that to something else such as Alt+M. The exit emulator menukey is disabled to allow for game saving etc...<exit>Esc</exit><toggle-menu>Alt+M</toggle-menu>2.You can set this emulator to start in fullscreen using the options, or open thenestopia xml file and change these settings:<start-fullscreen>yes</start-fullscreen>3.Disable exit confirmation<confirm-exit>no</confirm-exit>4.Since pressing escape still flashes the upper menu in fullscreen brieflyyou can minimize the effect by changing the menu's color in fullscreen bygoing to Options -> Preferences -> FullScreen Menu Color and change it to blackor<custom-color>0x00000000</custom-color><use-custom-color>yes</use-custom-color>



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