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HyperLaunch Modules

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  1. Atari Lynx HyperLaunch Module (Mednafen 0.9.15)

    Atari Lynx
    Mednafen 0.9.15
    by BBB
    This module assumes you have lynxboot.img in your mednafen directory.
    Below are some basic params you can change, there are many other params
    located in the mednafen documentation that you can add if needed.
    Some people experience screen flickering or black screen
    and mednafen will not stay in fullscreen, you can changed
    vDriver below to -vdriver sdl and it will possibly fix the issue.
    There is no error checking if mednafen fails, so if you try to launch
    your game and nothing happens, then check the stdout.txt in your mednafen
    installation directory to see what went wrong.
    To remap your keys, start a game then press alt + shift + 1 to enter
    the key configuration. Also see mednafen.cfg to change other keys such
    as the exit key.


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