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  1. ok cool cheers man yea i shell my windows with instant sheller also but i just seen some set ups on Android so just looking into that coz alot of problems with win7 a
  2. yea i use the ipac2 but when mine sits to long and sleeps i lose all controls and i need to restart hyperspin i love the hyperspin but not all the problems i havelol
  3. do u have this set up with a keyboard encoder?
  4. Yea keen to see if you found a fix also ???
  5. cheers man but yea i like the tekken one better but i made them for a friend not sure what iam going to make for my self yet i made a star wars one for my nephew for his 10th birthday witch was cool to
  6. Hey guys just want to thank everyone for all the help in getting my HS system up and running and just want to show my latest two custom builds. Street Fighter and Tekken cheers guys c
  7. wow never done one b4 but yeaill look into it. iam going to be getting some lightguns for this just easyer having it set this way b
  8. lol now iam really in love lol thanks heps mate been at this all day now i go go get some food lol thank you heaps a
  9. Yip Yip and where can i find that option i coulkdnt find it b4 cheers?
  10. yea runs fine just not when i try run it this way and its all games not just this one i run it in meme then though gun and it dont work
  11. dam it still getting this error
  12. lolol i love you bro lol i was doing every thing right apart for adding it it the msystem thank you from me and my poor table that got hit a couple of times lol
  13. Could you help me this please i though i was doing it right but i still cant get RL to pick it up ?? cheers heaps mate
  14. yea cool iam on the same track (i can get them to show up but i cant get them to run.) almost got it i think but now its saying rom match extension cheers but i mite start over again and try step by step lol
  15. can we have it so its on my main wheel tho not go into mame,gen,gun? i just want it on main wheel but RL wont lode the games ?
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