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  1. Your comment about changing ini files gave me an idea...I persevered and thought id give the transitioning tool a go incase not everything changed over properly. Ran the tool, the report at the end said it changed 7 lines in some ini's somewhere. So i went in hyperHQ and changed Pinball Arcade wheel setting to hyperlaunch and now it works! Thanks for your help Metalzoic.

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  2. Yeah, have set Skip Check to Rom and Emu but still freezes. It loads using rocketlauncher and goes into full screen, selects table no problem. But its when i try to load the table within hyperspin itself is when i have the freezing problem. Game wheels freeze but video still plays. I have to minimize hyperspin then maximize it again to gain back control of the game wheel scrolling

  3. I have followed all the steps..works perfect when tested in rocketlauncher, but when i load hyperspin, select the system (Pinball Arcade) and scroll through the menu of tables, i select the table i want to play and the screen freezes. The only way to get out of this is to minimize then maximize hyperspin and the scrolling is active again but will always freeze when selecting a table from the wheel art

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