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  1. On 5/11/2020 at 7:24 AM, Gothicplsur said:

    I noticed that sometimes when I go to Task Manager an instance of Hyperspin or sometimes a couple Hyperspin are running in the background, even sometimes HyperHQ if I've been working with that keep HS from launching. I'm current with my Windows updates constantly and never had a problem with running HS. I do have it running as administrator from the .exe "properties". Only thing I would suggest if you haven't tried already is re-download Hyperspin 1.5.1 place it for now on the desktop and running that fresh .exe to see if it runs. Another thing I suggest which may or may not be the issue, uninstall and instance of "Java" from your machine, from the add/remove list of programs. Hope that helps.

    Sorry, i know I am a little late in replying. I havent been on here in some time. Anyhoo....you can create an ahk converted to exe to run when closing HS. something like:


    If ProcessExist("hyperspin.exe")
      Process, Close, hyperspin.exe


    this isn't tested, and I am not home atm.... but I use the process close function attached to hotkeys on many scripts on my pooter . You can change the process name as you like or add additional process to be checked and closed. Again, I am not home to test if I am right with this, but its a start and the AHK forums will get you sorted out if this isn't right. I am pretty certain it is though. Take care!



    IF !errorlevel=



    Run example2.exe



  2. On 5/12/2018 at 6:20 AM, Aorin said:

    Yeah, people should move on, there are other alternatives.

    TonesMalone, this is not directly to you, it's just some words I often think of when I read people complaining about some stuff and it's not even directly only for Hyperspin.

    There's a misconception of the word "old" in general, stating "old" as bad or useless is a general way of thinking.

    Even technology, which is a field that gets "old" so fast, like, say, computers still relies on old stuff, just because they were great ideas to begin with.

    Do you have a replacement on par with your old mouse or keyboard? Touch won't do. Decades come and go, and probably they will still be kicking in the next decades to come. I bet people still complains they don't like mice or keyboards, because they just want to complain about something. Satisfaction may be hard to achieve at times. So just move on to what can possibly do it for you. I often read people that aren't even satisfied with the new choices, so the problem is so close it can hardly be seen.

    It seems that we're addicted to constant updating , yet we still play old games and find they amazing, again because they were great ideas and fun is fun, on 1920 or 2020. A lot of things break when constant updating happens, one of them is my patience. People are too much anxious and anxiety is not a good thing, blame it on constant updates.

    @Aorin I can't agree with you more. Love love love your content BTW.

    @tonesmaloneFunny, if i have an issue with how something works, i don't complain. I learn and try my hand at fixing it. Everyone complaining about when hs 2.0 is getting released, are a bi-product of the society we live in. the society of instant gratification. Unwilling to work for what they want.....nothing but cry baby pussies. If they want to leave, fuck em, let em... we don't need that toxicity. This is a great community of TRUE retro gamers. A generation of gamers that lived the slower, lifestyle. We walked to the pizza place to play mortal kombat, so we can appreciate the time it takes for greatness. Then we got older and watched everything change and the crybaby generation come into the world with the fast paced, instantly served on demand, always updating. "don't gotta go anywhere" cause its all here and if its not, 'i will cry until i get it'

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